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They went to the same restaurant as last time. The owner of it did not give them free food, but at least she gave a discount. Annen said she would pay for Arthur’s food, and he agreed.

“I brought three more friends, as you asked,” Annen said as they came up the stairs.

“Can we trust them?” Arthur said.

“Of course. These girls are from my group.”

Arthur did not want the entire school to know about his thing. Who knows what the president would do if she discovered it. Frostpeak was a paradise, and Arthur would like to stay there.

These three girls did not talk much. They kept quiet the entire way, and when they entered the restaurant’s second floor, they attacked. One of them pushed Arthur towards the couch. The other two used their hands to lock Arthur in place.

They took off his clothes, and before Arthur could mutter a word, one of them said, “don’t say a word, master. We will take care of you now.”

The three girls take turns sucking Arthur. Two sucked the dick, and the other worked on his balls. And to make things even better, Annen and Evel came to help.

“Master, suck my pussy,” Evel said.

This time, Arthur did not need to move a muscle. Evel came running to get her pussy sucked. She had it yesterday and was already missing it.

Annen joined the other three girls, but instead of only sucking, she also used her two big boobs, rubbing Arthur’s cock between them.

“Ahhh,” Arthur said. He was enjoying the moment.

The position lasts for a couple of minutes. Evel moaned as her pussy got sucked, and the others played with Arthur’s dick.

“All right. Who’s pussy wants to taste my cock first?” Arthur said.


“Me,” all of them said.

Annen, who did not talk much, stepped up and said, “I brought all of you here, and I’m the leader of our group. So, I’ll get the dick first, do you girls understand?”

“Don’t worry girls,” Evel smiled, and said, “Arthur has enough energy to fuck us for days.”

Annen took the lead, mounting on Arthur. She moved her hips wildly, swallowing Arthur’s dick with her pussy.

“Ahhhhh,” Annen moaned. The other girls watched everything, and all of their pussies were wet, dreaming about Arthur’s dick inside them.

Arthur fucked all of them until they could not move anymore. He moved his hips, thrusting his dick inside of them. The room was starting to get filled with some liquids, so Arthur ordered them to lick the floor.

“Look how much liquid from your pussies is on the ground. Lick that while I’m fucking here. I’ll fuck more the one who licks the most.”

All of the girls smiled and started to work.


After they finished, all of them could barely walk. Arthur and the girls parted ways after leaving the restaurant. He did not ask the names of the three girls Annen brought along. They kept quiet and wanted to fuck only, so Arthur fulfilled her wishes.

Arthur checked his level and was happy to see that fucking was surely a form of training.

[Name: Arthur Willians(RANK F)

[Level: 4]

[Health: 160/160]

[Mana: 0/x]


[Strength: 2]

[Agility: 1]

[Vigor: 3]

[Wisdom: 3]

[Charm: 6]

[Free points: 9]

“I gained two levels. That’s huge. I have nine free points in total, hm,” Arthur thought. At the moment, he was inclined to take the melee path. Wisa told him she would teach him, so that was a reason to get more points into the stats that helped him fight with weapons.

Arthur also did not know a single spell, so wisdom would prove to be useless to him. So, he invested his points into strength, agility, and vigor. Arthur wanted all of these three statuses at five.

[Name: Arthur Willians(RANK F)

[Level: 4]

[Health: 180/180]

[Mana: 0/x]


[Strength: 5]

[Agility: 5]

[Vigor: 5]

[Wisdom: 3]

[Charm: 6]

[Free points: 0]

After he spent all of his points, Arthur could sense that his body was different. He used few points, yet it already made a difference.

Anyway, after what happened, Arthur returned to his dorm. Jane was anxiously waiting for him.

“Arthur, finally,” Jane said. She got up from the bed as soon as Arthur entered the room.

“Did something happen?” Arthur said.

“I’m not sure. Marget is calling us in her office, so let’s go.”

Marget was the president. There was no way Arthur or Jane would keep her waiting. They left as quickly as possible, aiming for the main building.

They passed by a lot of students and they always gazed at Arthur. He was the hot topic of the academy, and that would surely last a long time.

The main building of the academy was huge. It was where a lot of classrooms were. Marget’s office was on the last floor, so Arthur and Jane had to walk a lot to get there.

Jane knocked, and a voice said, “come in.”

Marget was behind a desk, gazing at the door. She told them to sit, and they did.

“You must be wondering why I called you here today. I’m sure that you’re both nervous,” Marget laughed.

“I called you here because we have a mission. You see, Arthur is the first known human from the Dream Realm. There are a lot of people who would want to get their hands on him and harm him,”

“I’m not one of these people. Jane is like family to me, and you are her familiar. I’ll protect you no matter what,”

“This academy is no longer safe. You must know that when you came out, a lot of students saw you,” Marget said that looking directly at Arthur.

“Students cannot leave the academy as of now, but they will be able to in about four months. The information about you will leak when that happens. I’m sure of it,”

“We have four months to prepare to leave this place.”

Arthur and Jane listened to everything, and could not mutter a word. She was right. Arthur knew that. No human came out from the Dream Realm, so he was fated to face danger. He felt glad that he got summoned inside that academy. That fact got him four months to prepare before leaving.

“We cannot stay in this country. I’ll come up with a plan. You two only need to get stronger and prepare to leave in four months. And, there’s also another bad news,”

“A tournament will be held two months from now. First, we will do an inner tournament with all of the first years students, and the winner of it will be fighting outside of the academy. You two can see where I’m going, right? Marget said.

It was bad. Jane had to win the tournament. If another student does that and leaks Arthur’s existence, the plan would be doomed.

“Jane, we will be having more private classes,” Marget said.


They left the office with a bad taste in their mouths. If it was not bad enough that they had to leave in four months. Things got complicated, and both he and Jane needed to get stronger.

“Can we do this?” Jane said. She was not confident in winning against all first-year students. Some of them were stronger, and she only had two months to prepare.

“Why are you doubting yourself? Aren’t you the prettiest girl around here with a rare mana core? Cast thunder on them, and wipe their asses,” Arthur said.

Jane smiled after hearing that, and her spirits lifted, “you are right. Thank you, Arthur.”

Things got a lot more complicated. Arthur thought he could stay inside the academy for at least a year, and get tons of levels, but that was not the case anymore. He wanted to get stronger and have fun fucking some hot girls, but if he stayed there, his life could be in danger.

If he died, it was over. So, he had to prepare. Marget said she would take care of the plan, and this sort of thing, so Arthur could focus on getting stronger, and help Jane win the tournament.

“Well, at least this will allow me to explore the world, and find more hot girls,” Arthur thought.

The two of them got back to the dorm. Jane still had some classes to attend during the afternoon, but Arthur was free to do whatever he wanted. There was still time for Wisa to start teaching him how to use a sword, but maybe he could start the training alone.

So, Arthur left the dorm, going directly towards the woods. He wanted not only to start his sword practice but also to learn how to survive. This would help him a lot once they left the academy.

The woods were somewhat far from the main building. Arthur walked, enduring the hot sunlight that made his body sweat. Once he got deeper into the woods, a water sound entered his ears.

Arthur followed the sound. He wanted to take a shower after sweating so much. But what he found was even better.

A waterfall with a naked girl on it. She was not only taking a shower, but also playing with her pussy, and moaning gently.

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