Picking Up Attributes From Today

Chapter 32: Challenge, First Showdown
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Chapter 32: Challenge, First Showdown

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Three types of spells!

“First-Grade Spell, Thunder Ball!

“Second-Grade Spell, Thunderbolt Spear!

“Third-Grade Spell, Thunder Barrier!”

Dirk Norway stood within Training Ground No. 11 and gazed at Meng Lei with an expression full of approval. He said, “Not only do these three spells show off your excellent spiritual power, but it also exhibits your precise manipulation of magic power, which was discharged in a considerably perfect manner. I give you full marks!”

“Thank you, sir!”

Meng Lei bowed slightly.

“Keep up the good work. I look forward very much to how you’ll mature in the future!”

After Dirk Norway patted Meng Lei on the shoulder and gave him a few words of encouragement, his gaze swept across all the Class 1 students. His expression became stern as he said, “All of you have also seen it for yourselves. Do you understand the gap between him and all of you now?”

Various different expressions adorned the Class 1 students’ faces!

The human teenagers hung their heads, looking ashamed of themselves!

Most of the Dragon People teenagers had their chins raised, very unwilling to admit defeat!

“Not willing to admit defeat?”

Dirk Norway gave them a cold smile and said, “Magic cultivation places a lot of emphasis on talent in the beginning, but how far you’ll go in the future is entirely decided by your subsequent diligence!

“Your classmate, Meng Lei!

“His talent is better than all of yours!

“And he’s also more diligent than all of you!

“In just a short three months, he has already had several breakthroughs and become a Third-Grade Magician. How do you even find the cheek to not admit defeat? It isn’t wrong to be proud and arrogant, but blind arrogance is no different from foolishness!”

“Sir, I don’t accept this!”

A Dragon Person teenager stepped forward, and he looked straight at Dirk Norway without any hint of fear in his eyes at all!

“What the hell!”

“He’s talking back to the teacher!”

“Is Aardman out of his mind?”

An uproar went through the crowd when they saw the Dragon Person teenager’s actions. The students were greatly astounded as they gazed at Aardman’s back. He was actually talking back to the teacher! Was this guy a fool?

All the teachers frowned one after another, and they looked at Aardman rather hostilely. Fire Dragon Magic Academy had a complex student body makeup, where most students came from very influential backgrounds.

Managing a group of students like that... wasn’t an easy task!

As such, the kingdom, and even the academy, gave teachers absolute authority. Be it any student, as long as they dared to affront the teachers, they would definitely have a terrible end!

Aardman’s act of talking back to the teacher on the spot could already potentially be considered offensive!

“What are you unable to accept?” asked Dirk Norway in a cold and loud voice.

“Mr. Dirk, I don’t have any intention of offending you!”

Aardman went on in a deep voice, and said, “I just feel that as a Magician, knowing how to perform spells doesn’t count as much. What’s important is... Practical combat! If it’s only good for show, but of no use at all, then it can only be considered fancy fighting techniques at best!”

After saying that, he glanced at Meng Lei and said with some disdain in his eyes, “Meng Lei’s spells certainly look good, but how his practical combat ability is is something we don’t know yet!”

“What do you want to do?” asked Dirk Norway with a cold snort.

“Battle with him!”

Aardman looked straight at Meng Lei and asked, “Meng Lei, do you dare to battle with me in front of all the teachers?!”

“Preposterous! Don’t you know that the academy prohibits fighting in private?!” berated Dirk Norway furiously as he slammed his palm against the table and got to his feet.

Aardman replied loudly, “The academy indeed prohibits fighting in private. However, public showdowns with a teacher acting as a witness are permitted. With so many teachers present today, this shouldn’t be considered a private fight, right?!”


Dirk Norway was so furious that he was glaring at him. He was about to reprimand him again when Baldi Tylon, Class 2’s head teacher, spoke up. He said, “Department Head Dirk, although this student is rather impolite, he does make some sense. Practical combat ability is ultimately still what matters in the end for magicians!”

After he said that, he looked at Meng Lei and said cheerfully, “I believe that if Meng Lei doesn’t display his practical combat ability, even if he takes top place in the examination this time, the rest of the students won’t admit defeat wholeheartedly, either, right?”


“We don’t accept this!”

“We’ll know if he’s the real deal after we take him out for a spin!”

“What’s the big deal about knowing how to perform spells? You’re only truly strong if your practical combat ability is strong!”

“Magic is used for battle, not to perform fancy tricks!”

All the Dragon People teenagers spoke one after another. Their eyes were full of provocation as they looked at Meng Lei. They had found Meng Lei an eyesore since a long time ago. All of them wanted to teach Meng Lei a good lesson right now, and show all the teachers one thing—”So what even if he has good talent? Isn’t he being pummeled to a pulp by us all the same now?!”

“Mr. Baldi, this isn’t part of the mid-term examination!” Dirk Norway’s expression darkened and turned rather awful-looking.

“Isn’t the purpose of the examination exactly to assess the students’ improvement and results of their studies during this period of time? As long as it achieves that purpose, the process isn’t that important!”

Baldi Tylon chuckled and looked at Meng Lei. He asked, “Meng Lei, are you willing to accept his challenge, and show all of us your practical combat ability?”


For a moment, everyone’s eyes fell onto Meng Lei. Aardman even said provocatively, “You don’t need to worry at all. I’ll only use magic, and won’t make use of my physique, lest everyone says that I’m bullying you! You... Do you dare to?”

Meng Lei smiled lightly and replied, “What’s there to fear? However, since we’re going to battle, shouldn’t we have some prizes?”

“Hahaha! I just like how bold and forthright you are!”

Aardman was overjoyed upon hearing Meng Lei’s agreement to the battle. With a flick of his wrist, he took out a purple magic crystal card. Then, he grinned and said, “There are 10,000 gold coins in here. You can consider it the prize for this battle. What say you?”

“That’s too much! I don’t have that much money!” Meng Lei shook his head and added, “I only have the scholarship grant of 5,000 gold coins!”

“That’s more than enough!”

Aardman waved dismissively. He didn’t take Meng Lei’s 5,000 gold coins to heart at all. His objective wasn’t the money, but to teach Meng Lei a lesson and embarrass him!

“Since that’s the case, then let’s battle!” replied Meng Lei calmly.


All the other students scattered and left the training ground to the two of them.

“Sigh! How muddleheaded of him!”

Dirk Norway sighed as he watched the two boys that were about to get into a battle. Although he had high hopes for Meng Lei, he didn’t think that the current Meng Lei could defeat Aardman.

Given his experience, he naturally had a good picture of the situation. Aardman’s body was comparable to a Fourth-Grade Warrior’s, and his magic power reserves were also incredibly abundant, making him a solid Third-Grade Magician!

Adding to this a Dragon Person’s naturally strong battle instincts, how could Meng Lei possibly win?

Nevermind, it’s good for him to experience the gap between humans and Dragon People! That way, he will definitely be even more hardworking in the future!


Aardman and Meng Lei stood in the center of the training ground.

One of them was 1.6 meters tall, thin, and frail!

The other was muscular, tall, and strong!

Just by looking at their body types alone, they were in two completely different leagues!

“Go for it, old bro!”

The fatty and Daniel were nervous and anxious. They secretly broke out in cold sweat over Meng Lei. To be honest, they didn’t think that Meng Lei could win, either. Aardman wasn’t just any ordinary person!

He had pure Black Dragon blood in him and was naturally gifted with a strong and mighty body. His magic talent was also very high. He was ranked in the top few even among the new students this year!

With him as an opponent, how could Meng Lei possibly win?

“Meng Lei, you’re a human, so I’ll let you have the first move!”

Aardman crossed his arms in front of his chest and was all smiles as he looked at Meng Lei with his chin raised. He had the expression of someone confident that he could handle everything with his wit and intelligence on his face. He didn’t think much of Meng Lei at all!


The corners of Meng Lei’s mouth quirked upward, and he snapped his fingers lightly.


A thunder ball, the size of a basketball, suddenly appeared!

Then, he snapped his fingers again!

A second thunder ball also manifested!

Then, followed by the third, fourth, fifth...

In the blink of an eye, nine thunder balls had appeared in front of Meng Lei!

Electric currents surged and flowed, emitting loud crackling noises!

Brilliant silver light dazzled everyone’s eyes!

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