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Chapter 11: Stats Increase, The Rampaging Pool Salamander
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Chapter 11: Stats Increase, The Rampaging Pool Salamander

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Boom, boom, boom!

A white veil several meters wide cascaded from the top of the cliff with a deafening boom. It crashed against the pool at the bottom, causing countless pearl-like water droplets to splash about. The water in the pool was clear, and one could see right to the bottom. Surrounded by dense and luxuriant woods, it formed a beautiful and picturesque scene!

A “crocodile” ten meters long sprawled on the sandy ground beside the pool, basking comfortably in the sun. Its eyelids were hooded and its breathing steady as it laid there leisurely and carefreely, very pleased with itself!


A loud sound suddenly rang out at this point, however. A bolt of lightning that was as wide as an arm came from the sky all of a sudden and struck the crocodile with great precision. At once, the crocodile’s enormous body started to convulse and spasm violently as though it had consumed Ecstasy pills!


The next instant, three well-built men sprang out of the bushes and attacked the convulsing crocodile!

“Millo, block its way and don’t let it go into the pool! This will become very troublesome the moment we allow it to enter the pool!

“Yale, Bobby, restrain it from the sides and keep it busy!”



Then, Alison, the female Magician, started to chant magic spells!

Yes, that’s right!

This group of people was exactly the four-men team out for training that Meng Lei had encountered earlier. However, what was different was that there was now an additional “lost” person... Meng Lei!

Hehe, they’ve started fighting again!

As he hid in the bushes, Meng Lei watched Alison and the other three, who were engaged in fierce battle again. A look of anticipation flashed across his eyes!

This was the third battle that he was witnessing since he had joined the four-men team!

The first was an intense battle against eight Iron Fire Ants!

The Iron Fire Ant was a First-Grade Fire-Elemental Magical Beast. With herculean strength and bodies as tough as iron, Iron Fire Ants could kill even a normal Second-Grade Magical Beast when they teamed up. Their battle capabilities were fairly fearsome!

The second was a fierce battle against the Poison Swamp Frog!

The Poison Swamp Frog was a Second-Grade Water-Elemental Magical Beast. Apart from being skilled in water-elemental magic, it could also launch highly toxic attacks, as well as sound wave attacks. With endless tricks up its sleeve, it was a Second-Grade Magical Beast that was extremely hard to deal with!

The third one was a battle against the Chrysanthemum Sky Pig!

The Chrysanthemum1 Sky Pig was a Second-Grade Earth-Elemental Magical Beast. Skilled in earth-elemental magic, the stench of its fart was terribly foul, so much so that normal wild beasts could pass out just from the smell! It wasn’t a beast that was hard to deal with, but it was extremely disgusting!

Also, it was proven that Meng Lei had made an extremely correct choice!

After personally witnessing the three battles, apart from having watched three thrilling blockbusters with visual effects, Meng Lei himself had also received great rewards!

And wasn’t that so? Because his personal stats had increased!

Host: Meng Lei

Race: Human

Wealth: 239 gold coins

Physical Body Constitution: Trainee Warrior (75/100)

Spirit: Normal Human Being (9/10)

Magic Power: Normal Human Being (7/10)

Spell(s): Fireball Technique, Thorn Vine, Water Bubble

Be it his Physical Body Constitution, Spirit, or Magic Power, all of them had increased significantly as compared to what they were in the past. At the same time, he had also picked up a new spell—Water Bubble!

Although it was also just a first-grade spell, Water Bubble was still magic, after all. There was great value in it!

As for his Wealth that had reached 239 gold coins, Meng Lei had gained them from killing two Iron Fire Ants...

Cough, Meng Lei wasn’t capable of killing Iron Fire Ants, of course. However, giving the heavily injured ants a fatal blow when they were on their last breath and on the brink of death after being beaten up was something achievable for him!

And in the eyes of the system, this was no different from Meng Lei killing the Iron Fire Ants with his own hands!

Thus, Meng Lei had gained 200 gold coins after he killed two Iron Fire Ants. One could consider this as having exploited the system’s loophole, but it could also be counted as a pleasant surprise!

I wonder what I can pick up this time?

With his past experience, Meng Lei was full of anticipation toward the battle taking place this time. According to Alison and the others, the crocodile in front of them... No, to be more accurate, it was a Rampaging Pool Salamander!

It was said that this beast had a bit of Water-Elemental Colossal Dragon blood in it. Not only was its physique strong and powerful, but it was also skilled in water-elemental magic. Thus, it was a considerably strong Second-Grade Magical Beast!

This was especially true when it was nearby pools of water. Such an environment was extremely advantageous to the Rampaging Pool Salamander in bringing out its strength. Thus, it wasn’t that easy to kill!

“Ding! Dropped item detected. Will you pick it up?”

Hehe, items drop the easiest during fierce battles. What has dropped this time?

“Pick it up! Hurry and pick it up!”

“Ding! Assimilation successful. Host’s Physical Body Constitution +8!”

Tsk, tsk, physical body constitution again... With that, my Physical Body Constitution field has reached 83 points. Soon, it’ll break through the 100-point milestone!

The 100-point milestone was indicative of a First-Grade Warrior!

Although a Trainee Warrior was only a grade short of a First-Grade Warrior, there was a huge difference in their strength. Meng Lei already couldn’t wait to become a First-Grade Warrior!

Boom, boom, boom!

At the other side, the battle was exceptionally intense!

The Rampaging Pool Salamander might look dumb, but it was extremely agile and nimble. With its thick and muscular limbs moving swiftly and its strong and forceful tail matching their movements, Millo and the other two somehow just couldn’t take much advantage of it.

“My warrior god! This beast’s armor is too tough. I can’t split it open at all! What should we do? C’mon, think of something!”

“Neither can I! Looks like we can only attack its weakness!”

“Alison, use your magic and paralyze the Rampaging Pool Salamander! I’ll attack its eyes!”


At the end of Alison’s spell-chanting, a lightning dragon struck down from high in the sky and struck the Rampaging Pool Salamander viciously!

The lightning dragon’s power was obviously a lot stronger. The Rampaging Pool Salamander’s back where it had been struck was charred black, revealing crimson-red bloodied flesh. At the same time, it also began to convulse!

“Here’s my chance!”

While taking advantage of the split-second where the Rampaging Pool Salamander was paralyzed, Bobby, the small and skinny young man, seized the opportunity and instantly appeared where the Rampaging Pool Salamander’s head was. His dagger flashed across the air and stabbed right at the beast’s right eye!

“Die, beast!”

Bobby’s eyes were icy cold, with victory well within his grasp!

However, what he never expected at all was a wall of water suddenly appearing in front of the Rampaging Pool Salamander during this moment of life and death, and blocking the sharp dagger!

The dagger stabbed into the wall of water as though it was stabbing into a ball of cotton, and its speed was abruptly halted. The Rampaging Pool Salamander seized the opportunity, and its head ducked to the side, evading the lethal blow!

The dagger grazed the edge of the Rampaging Pool Salamander’s eye and stabbed into its neck, causing a series of sparks to fly about. However, it didn’t manage to cause any real damage to the Rampaging Pool Salamander!

“I missed!”

Shocked, Bobby retreated with a burst of speed, no longer pressing on with the battle!

“What a shame that such a good opportunity went to waste!”

“If Bobby’s attack had been successful, that beast would have died for sure!”

Upon seeing what had happened, regret filled the eyes of Millo, who was holding a giant axe in his hand, and Yale, the other muscular man with a large sword. After missing such a golden opportunity, it would be difficult for them to find another chance to kill the Rampaging Pool Salamander. Or at least, they would need to wait till Alison’s magic preparation was ready.

It was hard to say just how the Rampaging Pool Salamander might go berserk during this short period of time!

What a shame! thought Alison, the tall and slender freckled Magician, too.

However, what all of them didn’t expect at all was the Rampaging Pool Salamander suddenly letting out a sad and shrill cry. Then, its enormous body started to rock and sway forcefully!

“What’s going on?”

Alison and the other three received a huge shock. It was then that they noticed someone on the Rampaging Pool Salamander’s back. That person had a dagger in his grip and was stabbing the beast’s back forcefully with it, causing blood to fly everywhere!


Millo, Bobby, and the others’ eyes widened dramatically. They had realized that the person was actually Meng Lei, and his dagger was stabbing right into the area where Alison’s lightning dragon had struck and mangled earlier. The area was charred black, revealing crimson bloodied flesh.

“Die! Die!”

As though he had gone mad, Meng Lei stabbed the Rampaging Pool Salamander again and again with a vigor that was almost crazed. However, he wasn’t just stabbing randomly without any target. Rather, his strikes were aimed at the Rampaging Pool Salamander’s... spine!

He had watched quite a few outdoor TV programs in his past life—some guy named Bear Grylls1 had cut and broken an alligator’s spine and easily killed it after that!

Meng Lei wanted to try and see if this would work on a Rampaging Pool Salamander...

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