Physician's Odyssey

Chapter 896 - Speeding up Branches
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Chapter 896 - Speeding up Branches

Su Tao had been pondering over the task assigned to him by Vice-Premier Xiao. Not only did he feel his blood boiling, but he also saw an opportunity in this task. In the end, he made up his mind to implement this project as soon as possible.

He requested the driver to pull over when he passed by the shopping mall. He wanted to go in and buy some tea.

He had a high requirement for tea, but good tea couldn’t be found in your average tea shop. So he hoped to find some decent tea leaves in the mall. But before he walked into the mall, he saw a group of people standing at the side of the road along with the voice of a girl crying. He knitted his brows when he heard the voice. When he walked over, he saw a girl lying on the ground crying. She was roughly eight to nine years old with another lady approaching twenty dressed as a nun.

“Is this a scam?” The onlookers questioned. Both of them were dressed as nuns. So they couldn’t help being eye-catching in modern society. Most people who saw them would consider them as fraudsters.

“Little girl, what’s the matter?” Su Tao separated the crowd and squatted beside the nun.

“My Senior Sister suddenly fainted! Please! Help her!” The little nun was at a loss.

“It must be a scam. There have been so many similar incidents on the news. So whoever gets themselves involved in this matter is out of luck.”

“They’re both so pretty! What a pity... Shall we call the police?”

The onlookers whispered. Most of them were just coming to watch without any action.

Turning around, Su Tao waved his hand at the crowd, “Please stand back. If you guys aren’t guys aren’t going to help, then please don’t be so cold-blooded.”

The onlookers suddenly felt embarrassed and backed off. Suddenly, a granny in her sixties came over and asked with concern, “Is she alright?”

“She’ll be fine after a few needles.” Su Tao shook his head while taking the nun’s pulse.

But when the little nun saw Su Tao taking out his acupuncture needles, her face instantly turned pale, “Please don’t hurt my Senior Sister.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just performing acupuncture on her. It won’t hurt at all.” Su Tao smiled bitterly.

Su Tao took out the silver needles from the box and inserted it into the nun on the ground. Looking at this scene, the little nun was terrified as she covered her eyes.

A brief moment later, the nun lying on the ground slowly regained her consciousness. The little nun wiped the tears off her eyes and called out, “Senior Sister, you’re finally awake! You scared me to death. I have no idea what to do if something happened to you.”

The granny took a glance at Su Tao and whispered, “Oh, this young lad has some skills.”

“You’re also a passionate person. She’s fine now, so don’t worry about it. There’s no need to call an ambulance either.” replied Su Tao, humbly.

“Senior Sister, are you really alright?” The little nun asked.

Looking at the little nun, the older nun spoke out, “I’m sorry to leave you worried. I’m fine now.” She turned back to look at Su Tao packing his stuff and thanked, “Are you the one who saved me? Thank you so much.”

Writing down a prescription, Su Tao replied, “Take this prescription for a month after you go back. It will do good to your body.”

The nun was stunned. She had been suffering from this illness since she was a child. She had already visited many doctors, but there was nothing they could do about it. When she saw Su Tao giving her the prescription, she accepted it and expressed her gratitude out of manners, “Thank you!”

Su Tao smiled before he left for the mall.

He was a little surprised when he saw the nun. People say that most nuns were pretty, but he was still shocked by the nun’s appearance. She was a refined beauty. As nuns were vegans, she had a slim and graceful figure.

Su Tao entered the mall to look for tea leaves after he exclaimed inwardly. He walked around and picked a few teas before he left the mall. When he came out, he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed when he couldn’t find the two nuns anywhere.

As a physician, Su Tao received many patients daily. So despite his good memory, not many people could leave a deep impression on him.

After Su Tao returned to the Three Flavour Hall, he gave a few cans of tea to Ling Yu. In this regard, he and Ling Yu were both like-minded. Both of them had a habit of drinking tea. Most of the tea that Ling Yu drank was wild tea he picked from herbs. Su Tao tried them and fell in love with him, which Ling Yu gave him some. So Su Tao bought some for Su Tao out of courtesy today.

Su Tao then called Chen Rui to the office. After asking about the Three Flavour Hall’s situation today, he informed Chen Rui that he would leave for Hanzhou City tomorrow. When Chen Rui heard about it, she fell into a brief silence before squeezing out a smile, “Do you need my help to book your flight?”

Waving his hand, Su Tao replied, “It’s fine. Someone will get it done for me. Although I won’t be in Beijing, call me if there’s any issue.” With so many enemies in Beijing, Su Tao couldn’t help feeling worried for these employees when he left.

“Ms. Ni came yesterday. She told me to look for her if anything comes up.” Chen Rui smiled.

Su Tao nodded. Ni Jingiqu was also the owner of this store. With the Ni Family helping out, there was no need for him to be too worried about this matter. Su Tao then explained to Chen Rui about the rating system. He already had a preliminary framework in his mind to execute this plan in Beijing as a trial before promoting it to the other branches.

The rating system was based on the TCM Alliance. All physicians must be reviewed and graded. Their performance would be evaluated regularly. Different levels would enjoy different treatments, which were further divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced, and special. For the different levels, the TCM Alliance would issue certificates to them.

Su Tao had discussed this matter with Song Sichen and Dou Fanggang. The two elders would take the lead in implementing this system into the TCM Alliance.

Not long after Chen Rui went out, she returned with a smile, “Someone’s here for you.”

“For me?” Su Tao was baffled. Generally speaking, Chen Rui would help him stop if anyone came to find him.

Following Chen Rui out, he saw a man in a suit with a reporter beside him. When the man saw Su Tao, he grew excited and stepped forth, “Mr. Su, you’re my benefactor!”

Su Tao pondered for a long time before he finally knew who the man was. He rescued a woman last night in Ni Jingqiu’s residence. But the lighting back then wasn’t good and he couldn’t recognize the man for a second. Wearing a smile on his face, he replied, “How’s your wife?”

The man sighed, “It’s all thanks to you or it will be a serious issue. She’s fine after going to the hospital for a detailed examination. The baby is fine.”

Nodding his head, Su Tao smiled, “It’s a blessing in disguise. Happiness doesn’t come easy, so I hope that you can come to cherish it.”

The man knew that Su Tao was giving him a reminder. With guilt tormenting his heart, the man replied, “Please be reassured. I will definitely change myself to be a better husband and father.”

Su Tao received the banner from the man and handed it over to Chen Rui. Chen Rui had spared up an honor room to hang the banners given by patients.

The reporter who had been taping it all began to interview Su Tao, “We received this gentleman’s tip and learned what you did last night. Do you have any feelings at this moment?”

The moment Su Tao faced the camera, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfort. In the end, he spoke with a straight face, “It’s our duty to save lives. Under that situation, any employees of the Three Flavour Hall will do the same.”

The reporter was satisfied with Su Tao’s reply, except the fact that Su Tao’s expression was a little too stiff. She smiled, “Mr. Su, there’s no need for you to be so stiff. Just be more natural about it.”

Su Tao shook his head with a bitter smile. He couldn’t help feeling nervous whenever he faced a camera. When he saw that Ling Yu was coming over, he immediately smiled, “You guys can interview Mr. Ling. It’s his prescription that successfully allowed this man’s wife to be pregnant.”

Before the female reporter could react, Su Tao had already escaped. He could only get Ling Yu to do the interview on his behalf. Ling Yu had a good image, and he was natural during the interview. So he could be the face of the Three Flavour Hall.

Returning to his office, Su Tao gave a call to Cai Yan and told her about his conversation with Vice-Premier xiao today. When Cai Yan heard about the task handed to Su Tao, she immediately smiled, “It’s a piece of good news. It can increase the speed of us setting up branches. But acquisition requires a lot of funds. So how many hospitals can we afford with our finance? It’s fine if you’re talking about one or two hospitals, but it will be meaningless. Unless you’re talking about at least two hundred.”

Su Tao had just done a simple research online. There were 20,000 hospitals in the country, and state-owned hospitals took up 30% of that number. So according to his calculations, there were 6,000 to 7,000 state-owned hospitals. So if acquiring one would cost ¥1,500,000 on average, he would need at least ¥9,000,000,000. Even if he wanted to acquire two hundred, he would need at least ¥300,000,000. So even if the Three Flavour Hall was making profits, it wasn’t a small amount.

“You just have to come up with a plan as soon as possible. I’ll find a way to raise funds for it. The key to this project is to show the core of our competitiveness in using TCM to reform state-owned hospitals.”

“Alright. I’ll get it prepared as soon as possible.” Cai Yan replied after a brief ponder.

Cai Yan naturally knew about the importance of this matter. She had already started forming a concept in her mind. She had a professional team under her, and she was confident that she could come up with a high-quality plan overnight.

Su Tao continued to flirt with Cai Yan until she could no longer take it anymore and urged Su Tao to hang up. Holding a cup of tea in his hand, Su Tao held onto his chin and pondered for a long time before he finally mustered his courage to give a call to Ni Jingiqu. When he got through, he sighed, “My dear, I’m regretting it now!”

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