Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 228: Beat Me First
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Chapter 228: Beat Me First

Lu Mingshu strolled back to the Bon Voyage’s shipyard.

Before she could even sit down, somebody came over with their weapon. “You’re Lu Mingshu, huh?”

She looked up. The young lady in front of her was in her twenties, with thin eyebrows, shiny large eyes, and crimson lips. She was a beauty, but it was such a pity that she didn’t have good manners. Her large eyes stared at Lu Mingshu with grievance.

“Yes, may I know-?”

“Bon Voyage Fleet’s herald, Wen Xin.”

A herald was a position in a fleet in the middle echelon. Wen Xin had only just reached her twenties, and she only entered the Harmonization Realm about two or three years ago. She was considered rather capable.

“How may I help Miss Wen?”

Wen Xin pointed her sword at Lu Mingshu. “I heard that your skills are outstanding. I’m here to learn from you.”

Lu Mingshu furrowed her eyebrows. “This is Senior Yu’s residence. As a guest, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Wen Xin sneered. “Shut up. Talk with your ability if you want the slot!”

As soon as she finished, a sword-light leapt at Lu Mingshu.

Lu Mingshu looked at her weirdly. What’s wrong with her? Forcing her problems on people after being rejected?

Wen Xin stared at Lu Mingshu with hatred. After knowing that the weak stream was about to lower and that the fleet was preparing for this, she had been training hard all day, every day. Which Harmonization Realm disciple on their fleet would be better than her? The spot was hers for sure. But who would have expected that her master would suddenly return with a piece of news that it was now no longer hers?

This was a chance to meet a Grandmaster, so how could Wen Xin just take this lying down? A random girl who suddenly popped out took her spot just like that? So what if she defeated Ye Zhenyan? Mistakes could be made during fights!

An attack was launched, and Lu Mingshu raised her hand to block.


Her sword energy returned with no result.

This angered Wen Xin even more. She turned her mystic force into a mystic light and slashed it down.

This move angered Lu Mingshu. If you really want to fight, look for an appropriate time! Does she think I’m afraid of her? I just didn’t want to fight back right now!

A sword hiss could be heard, and dragon appeared.

Wen Xin felt that her attack not only did nothing to the other party, but the rebound force was big enough to send herself backwards.

When she was angry, there was nothing else that she thought about.

“Hmph, arrogant much? Don’t forget this is our fleet. I don’t care who the hell you are, but if you want to go to Jasper Sun Mountain, you have to beat me first!”

Wen Xin twisted her wrist and fished out another sword.

She used a pair of swords, one long and one short. The longer one was accurate while the shorter one was quick. It was as if there were two people cooperating, able to attack at the same time.

It was normal for people to be familiar with just one hand. When using the other hand, it would be much weaker. However, it was different for Wen Xin; no matter which sword it was, it was as if they were her own limbs. It was obvious that she had trained since she was young.

With her stance, it was like two people fighting one. Anybody who was weaker would be flustered going up against her.

Plus, Wen Xin had blown her top. The sword-light dashed at Lu Mingshu like it wanted to cut her in half.

Lu Mingshu’s eyes shone as she sent her sword energy over to block the attack.

Ding! Ding!

Sounds of swords clashing could be heard, and Wen Xin shouted as she jumped.

“Stop!” A mystic light came over and held Wen Xin. The large force dispersed Lu Mingshu’s sword formation, and some even hit Lu Mingshu.

Yu Ruohan rushed over. She waved her sleeve and cleaned the place.

She squinted her eyes at both of the people in front of her. “Junior Sister Xiu, Miss Lu is my guest. You letting your disciple treat my guest rudely is not a good thing.”

The person who dispersed the force was Xuan Xiu. She came to stop her disciple and she was about to chide Wen Xin for her actions, but upon hearing Yu Ruohan, she changed her target of anger. “How is Wen Xin wrong? Her spot was taken away so suddenly. Is she not right to at least see how good the other party is?”

“So that means you can just come into my courtyard without any reason and attack my guest?” Yu Ruohan looked at her with black lines on her face. “Is that how you are supposed to treat your elders?”

“Yu Ruohan!” Just like her disciple, the master was short-tempered as well. “We have already agreed on the names, and you suddenly came up with someone else to take away Wen Xin’s place! Why can’t we be angry about it? Are we supposed to just do whatever you say?”

Yu Ruohan look at her weirdly. “Snatching places? Xuan Xiu, if not for your interference just now, how ugly your disciple’s loss would’ve been is obvious. I am just doing it for the fleet, what’s wrong with that? Let’s talk it out with Brother Mao if you aren’t happy about it!”

“Oh, acting proud that Brother Mao stood on your side, huh? Why don’t you just make it clear that you dislike me?”

Sir Ning entered right at this moment.

He looked at both of them and sighed. “Can you both stop quarrelling for my sake?”

“Who wants to quarrel?” Like a cannon, Xuan Xiu shouted at everyone she saw. “I have never seen anyone like Yu Ruohan – siding with an outsider and hating her own junior niece!”

“Junior Sister Xiu, that’s not true. Since when have I not treated Wen Xin like my own?” Yu Ruohan sighed.

“Yeah,” Sir Ning calmly said, “this is Junior Sister Yu’s fault for not discussing with you, but it’s all for the fleet.”

“Yeah, whatever.” That only made Xuan Xiu even angrier. “I’ve always known that I’m just an outsider to you guys!”

She then turned to Wen Xin. “What are you still standing there for? Trying to make them hate you even more? Come!”

“Master...” Wen Xin dared not disrespect Yu Ruohan or Sir Ning. She only gave Lu Mingshu a death glare before scrambling after Xuan Xiu.

Seeing them leave, Yu Ruohan sighed before exchanging a glance with Sir Ning. She turned to Lu Mingshu and smiled. “I’m sorry for scaring you. My Junior Sister Xiu is not a bad person, she’s just too hot-tempered. Her disciple is the same way.”

Lu Mingshu shook her head. “It’s fine.” She paused for a while before continuing. “So, if I go, Miss Wen Xin won’t get the chance?”

“It can’t be helped,” Yu Ruohan said. “Every power only sends a few people in, that’s what we agreed on. If there are too many people, Jasper Sun Mountain will be crowded and may anger the Grandmaster. If you go, she obviously can’t.”

“But I haven’t told you that I agreed yet!”

Yu Ruohan looked at her in shock. “You don’t agree?”

It was something that none of them expected. They said they would let her consider it, but they were basically 100% sure that she would agree. Who could resist the temptation?

Seeing Yu Ruohan panic, Lu Mingshu felt better. “I agree.”

Yu Ruohan heaved a sigh of relief, only to hear Lu Mingshu continue, “Why would I give up such a rare chance? Besides, if I don’t agree now, your quarrel would be in vain, right?”

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