Pet Simulator

Chapter 40 - Information about the Qinglei Peachwood
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Chapter 40: Information about the Qinglei Peachwood

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Under the dual buffs of Sky-dance and Hurricane God Wing, even such a fierce beast could not withstand the combo of Wind and Feather Cut.

Moreover, when the green sparrow used the sky-type skills, Wind and Feather Cut, its wings would glow with green light. The higher the realms of the skills, the more intense the light would be.

When used, the light would overlap with the special effect of Hurricane God Wings, so even if the effects of the latter were not hidden, no one would notice them.

On the other hand, Skyful of Feathers was a soul-type skill. When it was used, the green sparrow’s wings would glow with a faint white light, and only then would the special effect of the Hurricane God Wings appear.

After the seven-section demonic centipede died, it turned into a black mist, leaving behind only a tentacle and some rotten bones.

Picking up the tentacle and keeping it as a material, the figures of Wang Ye and Xiao Jiu gradually disappeared from the God Burial Mausoleum.

It hadn’t been long since they left when the sky gradually turned dark and cloudy.

There was a faint roar of thunder in the air.

The ghostly lightning arcs were like loaches that occasionally emerged from the void.

“The terrain has changed. The second stage should be up ahead. The Thunder Devil Valley. No wonder Xiao Jiu had been defeated in this stage in the simulation.”

After walking out of the God Burial Mausoleum, what greeted them was an extremely low-lying valley. The terrain seemed to grow increasingly lower ahead.

What were birds most afraid of? Of course, to be struck by lightning.

This fear stemmed from their bloodlines.

In fact, it wasn’t just birds. Most pets, regardless of their attributes, were instinctively afraid of lightning and fire.

Flying pets were especially afraid of lightning.

“Sigh, I can’t go through. My pet is the windchime bird, though it’s already at level 2, I have no choice but to turn back and return on the spot.”

“The Thunder Devil Valley in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb is covered by lightning all year round. It is said that there is a mysterious power of strangeness from the dark fog inside that’s doing all this. I heard that very few of our investigators can pass this stage. Only level 3 or 4 pets can manage to barely pass by relying on their strength.”

“I don’t believe it, my rocket eagle will give it a try today! I’m off!”


In the distance, a few investigators were gathered together and discussing.

They were probably investigators who had passed the God Burial Mausoleum stage and were thinking about how to pass the Lightning Devil Valley.

Although they had passed the God Burial Mausoleum state and it was certain that they would become an official investigator, with the rewards of the test rankings, they still had to give it a go.

Wang Ye watched from the side for a while.

The sky crackled, and not long after, the rocket eagle that had just dashed in was seen to have its hair stood on end as its entire body turned black and fell into the canyon.

“...” Everyone.

The rocket eagle hadn’t even flown for long before its fear of the thunder made it unable to even maintain its basic flight.

To enter the place, the most important thing was for the pet to overcome its fear of the thunder.

“Let’s go, Xiao Jiu, it’s your turn to perform!” Wang Ye patted Xiao Jiu’s head.

“Chirp?” Xiao Jiu stared blankly as the rocket eagle fell as if it was looking at itself.

It shook its head repeatedly and grabbed tightly onto Wang Ye’s shoulder.

It was not going! Not going!

“What are you afraid of? Have you forgotten about that green little insect? No matter how scary the lightning is, it’s not as scary as that insect!” Wang Ye narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Don’t forget that you’re a bird with Steel Will!”

Xiao Jiu’s body trembled. It seemed to have thought of something and an indestructible will immediately surged in its mind!

“Chirp!!!” As if it had taken ecstasy, Xiao Jiu cried out excitedly.

It was as if it was fearless!

[Steel Will (purple)]: You have fought against a peerless expert before. You have been defeated countless times, but with your steel-like will, you have never admitted defeat! When facing a powerful enemy or fear, you will sometimes burst out with courage that will make others gasp in admiration! You are the bravest!

“Very good, this is the state!” Wang Ye walked over, “Charge!”

In the previous reality simulation, when Wang Ye learned that Xiao Jiu had been defeated in the second stage because it was struck by lightning, he had been thinking of ways to help Xiao Jiu overcome this difficult problem.

Later, when he was running the simulations to train Xiao Jiu’s Feathery Habitat, he accidentally obtained this characteristic.

Although it was only a purple genetic characteristic, Wang Ye thought that it matched Xiao Jiu’s personality very well!

It would definitely be useful.

So at that time, he didn’t choose Feathery Habitat’s proficiency but the purple characteristic instead.

Sometimes, the characteristic didn’t have to be orange.

If it matched with a pet, a purple characteristic could also play a great role.

Just like now.

Like a beam of light, Xiao Jiu bravely charged into the bottom of the valley.

Wang Ye followed behind it.

“Look! Someone’s charging in again!”

“So far, it seems that only two or three people have charged in. They haven’t come out yet, so I reckon they’ve already passed through.”

“It’s a bird! Tsk tsk, that’s a green sparrow. To think a green sparrow has the courage to charge in? Impressive!”

“No way! My windchime bird won’t even go in even if I throw it in. How did its beastmaster convince it to fly in?”

“I think it’ll only last three seconds at most... When a bird-type pet flies in, it’ll soon start to fear and cower. It’s only a matter of time before it gets hit by the lightning.”

“It disappeared... It’s so fast!”


In the blink of an eye, Little Jiu had already disappeared from their sight, charging into the Thunder Devil Valley shrouded in dark clo

Wang Ye looked at Xiao Jiu who was soaring in the air and nodded his head in satisfaction.

It seemed that his choice back then was correct.

Although the simulation back then had been to train Feathery Habitat, the skill could be advanced at any time.

It was nothing more than asking Xiao Jiu to look for the green little insect and getting beaten up dozens of times again.

What was the big deal?

Either way, he wasn’t the one getting beaten up.

With Steel Will, in the future, Xiao Jiu could then look for the green little insect and other powerful enemies to train with, and would no longer be afraid or timid.


When entering the Thunder Devil Valley, the most important thing was to maintain a normal state. If the pet could do so, it would not be easily struck by lightning.

“Next, we need to find the Qinglei Peachwood. Just to be on the safe side and to save some time, let’s just do a simulation.”

Wang Ye didn’t hesitate at all. He summoned Xiao Jiu back.

In the simulation two times back, the Qinglei Peachwood in the Sealed Demon Sword Tomb had most likely been found by someone named Lin Lei.

Now that he had already entered the second stage, he had to find it in advance.

[The simulation begins. Loading Information...]

[You and your beastmaster have entered the Thunder Devil Valley which is extremely dangerous. You begin searching everywhere for the Qinglei Peachwood.]

[Half a day later, you found nothing. Fortunately, you’re still in good condition.]

[Another half a day later, you found a large purple-gray tree in a purple forest. When you arrived, you discovered that there were already several investigators here. Several of them were already dead. According to your beastmaster’s analysis, this large tree should be a type of peachwood. However, he doesn’t know how the Qinglei Peachwood is to be obtained.]

[You searched this large tree, only to see many traces of battle on it. The tree itself was on the verge of death. It seemed to be a plant-type fierce beast. Finally, at the center of the top, you discovered that a section of the tree was broken. Your beastmaster guessed that it should be the Qinglei Peachwood, but it seemed to have been taken away in advance.]

[After you left the forest, the tree gradually withered... You didn’t obtain the Qinglei Peachwood.]

[You and your beastmaster planned to head to the third stage. However, just as you walked out of the Thunder Devil Valley, pitch-black sword energy slashed out from the void, instantly cutting you and your beastmaster into two halves. You died.]

[The simulation has ended. Your survival time is too short. No rewards.]

“...” Wang Ye.

His death this time was also inexplicable.

If he wasn’t careful in the secret realm, he would die.


However, he should have grasped the key information.

“The purple forest! We have to hurry, or the Qinglei Peachwood might be taken away. Besides, that place seems to be quite dangerous.”

Wang Ye and Xiao Jiu quickly began to search for the purple forest.

In less than half a day, just as they were at the edge of the Thunder Devil Valley and were about to leave its vicinity, they finally found the purple forest.

The huge purple-gray tree in the middle of the forest was quite dazzling!

“I’ve finally found it ahead of time!” Wang Ye let out a breath and walked into the forest.

However, not long after, he slightly frowned because, at this time, there seemed to be three or four investigators not far away.

The leader of the group stood tall. He had long violet hair, and his eyes were bright like stars. He was quite handsome, and he was currently standing not too far away, his expression calm as he stared at the giant tree in the distance. There was a hint of a calm smile on his face, as though he had expected this.

Next to him was an extraordinarily majestic violet dragon whelp, the cloud dragon.

“This fellow should be Lin Lei, huh? Why does he give off the aura of a main character... Is this the main character’s fortuitous encounter?” Wang Ye glanced at him from afar, musing to himself. Was he still a step too late?

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