Pet Simulator

Chapter 34 - The Green Sparrow’s Strongest Tier 2 Evolution Form!
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Chapter 34: The Green Sparrow’s Strongest Tier 2 Evolution Form!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The light attribute was a must!

In the current world, light and dark were considered the two most special attributes.

The reason was very simple.

Dark-type pets were more resistant to the corrosion of the dark fog than other pets.

Their strength would not be weakened by much in the dark fog!

They also had a strong resistance against the strange gods’ powers of strangeness.

And now, the world’s greatest enemies were the countless strange gods in the dark fog!

The light attribute was even rarer and more precious than dark.

Not only did the light attribute have extraordinary resistance against almost all strange gods, but it also had a certain degree of damage suppression.

For example, soul-type skills could only deal damage to some of the strange gods.

Light-type skills, on the other hand, could deal damage to almost all strange gods.

Even if the damage dealt wasn’t high, it was enough for light-type pets to become the mainstream pets to fight against the dark fog!

He was an investigator. If he didn’t leave the Investigation Corps, he was bound to have to go to more dangerous areas in the future to face even more powerful strange gods.

With a light-type pet, he would at least have a guarantee!

Another point was that Wang Ye was still worrying about the high-level strange god in Anping County.

In every reality simulation, as long as the dark fog erupted in Anping County or he investigated the matter, he would eventually die at the hands of an unknown strange god.

This meant that even if he found the high-level strange god hidden in Anping County, what could he do?

Let alone killing the other party, he might not even have the power to survive against the other part!

The repeated reality simulations made Wang Ye very clear about the difference in strength between the two parties.

If Xiao Jiu could have light as a secondary attribute, would there be any changes in the simulation results?

At the very least, they could probably survive and report the matter to Lin Rou. If these experts were informed and went to deal with the strange god, would there be a chance for Anping County to survive?

On top of that, Wang Ye felt that the final evolution form, the divine phoenix heavenly beast, was also related to the light attribute.

As such, from various aspects, he decided to ask the green sparrow to choose the light attribute.

“Xiao Jiu, your evolution is very important!” Wang Ye patted Xiao Jiu’s head, “In the next month, if you can get a good evolution form in the simulation, we will be able to proceed smoothly. If not, we can only leave Anping County since there’s nothing we can do.”

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu raised its wings and used them to hit its chest.

“Hu!!” The white python also cried out from the side.

The difference was that it was just hungry...

“We have money now. Eat, eat as much as you want!”

Wang Ye took out a food box and took a snake spirit fruit from it.

Raising a snake was really not easy, especially since this snake was gluttony!

Moreover, he felt that the white python’s spiritual intelligence in reality did not seem to be high. It always seemed somewhat muddle-headed.

It had been a few months, but it hadn’t grown much.

Logically speaking, if the soul had grown, why didn’t its intelligence follow?

Wang Ye looked at the white python and pinched his chin as he pondered.

If its spiritual intelligence didn’t improve, it would be very troublesome to try to make it cultivate.

In the simulation, it had clearly been not only cautious but also very experienced.

So why did it always seem so silly in the real world...?

“Could it be that this white python is really the reincarnation of a big boss? Does it have a dual personality? So the other personality doesn’t wake up normally and will only have some consciousness in the simulation?” Wang Ye looked at the white python left and right.

“Hu!” The white python, which was eating the snake spirit fruit in big bites, was a little shy under Wang Ye’s gaze. After a while, it passed a snake spirit fruit that was in its mouth to Wang Ye, as if indicating, “You eat it too.”

“... I’m not a freaking snake,” Wang Ye thought to himself as he rubbed his temples!

Although the white python did not look very smart, it was still a Transcendent class pet. As long as it ate well, the spiritual energy in its body would continue to grow.

Currently, it was about a three-star level-one pet with a spiritual energy value of more than 300. The speed of its breakthrough was much slower than the green sparrow back then.

After all, Sky-dance was a godly skill.

Wang Ye tapped the white python’s head as he fed it.

Looking at the dilapidated rental house, he thought to himself that it was about time to change their training environment.

Having a good training environment would be of great help to the pet.

After setting a plan and goal, Wang Ye spent the next month collecting information on various materials and running the script evolution simulations for the green sparrow.

Because he had money and his spiritual power had grown, sometimes, Wang Ye could even run two evolution simulations a day.

It had to be said that evolution simulation required too much energy.

Previously, he had succeeded in simulating the evolution of the green flame sparrow once in one attempt because he knew the materials needed for the evolution.

Now, to simulate a new evolution form, he needed to carry out countless attempts.

With the Golden Flame Spiritual Bird characteristic, Xiao Jiu could absorb the energy of some special materials, but not all of them.

Sometimes, eating a slightly higher grade material could easily lead to sudden death in the scripted world.

Or sometimes, Xiao Jiu would find a suitable material that was guarded by a powerful monster, and the procedures to obtain it would be very complicated.

He didn’t know how many times Xiao Jiu had died in the scripted world.

“Green flame sparrow.”

“Wind serene sparrow.”

“Spiritual light bird.”

“Spiritual cuckoo bird.”

“Great heaven eagle.”

“Nine demon peacock.”

“Frost swallow.”


One evolution form after another showed up.

Wang Ye’s expectations for evolution, along with Xiao Jiu who also had the same desire for evolution made it so that both beastmaster and pet spent a ton of energy on simulating every day.

As long as Xiao Jiu didn’t die in the scripted world, it would keep trying to evolve.

Almost every few days, there would be a new evolution form. If they were lucky, they could experiment a few times in the same simulation, and produce a new evolution type within two or three days.

However, because Wang Ye could see the general information after the evolution, he knew that most of the evolution forms were very ordinary.

As such, he directly eliminated them.

Wang Ye had also let Xiao Jiu try the last two evolution forms that Ming Zhu had mentioned before. Because he knew the general materials needed, it wasn’t difficult to simulate them.

The difficult part was finding the materials in the script world.

The characteristic Golden Flame Spiritual Bird was very strong. If an ordinary pet randomly ate materials with different attributes that hadn’t been researched before, it would be fatal.

But with this characteristic, even if Wang Ye didn’t know anything about the energy of the materials in evolution, Xiao Ji wouldn’t die easily as long as it was in the simulation. Thus, it could try countless times and be bound to get a few right.

This greatly increased his fault tolerance and plasticity!


Finally, on the fifth day of the fourth week, after nearly a hundred evolution simulations and hundreds of actual evolution attempts, Wang Ye finally helped Xiao Jiu simulate a super-strong evolution form with dual secondary attributes, light and fire!

[358th Evolution Form: Brilliant Light Sparrow (newly named)]

[Estimated Pet Grade: Emperor First-class, Fire and Light Sky-type Pet]

[Estimated Evolution Six Dimensions: Strength (B+), Constitution (B), Agility (B), Spiritual Resistance (B), Spiritual Energy (A), Soul (B)]

[Estimated Comprehended Skills: Divine Light Flame Strike (advanced), Shine Upon the World (advanced) , King’s Prestige (emperor)]

[Estimated Genetic Characteristic: Flame-like Light Blade (orange)]

[Requirements for Evolution: Feather Cut (peak mastery), Feather Coat (peak mastery), Intimidation (great success)]

[Materials for Evolution: Three stalks of Luoguang herb, half a catty of light pearl powder, six Jinyan fruits, and one Qinglei Peachwood. Spiritual fire: Scalding Bright Flame]

[Evolution Compatibility: 25%]

“I would like to call this the green sparrow’s strongest tier 2 evolution form!” Looking at the evolution information predicted by the simulator, Wang Ye was extremely excited. A huge sense of achievement and excitement rose in his heart!

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