Pet Simulator

Chapter 16 - Breaking Through the Limits! Orange Characteristic! New Skill!
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Chapter 16: Breaking Through the Limits! Orange Characteristic! New Skill!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After learning that he could get different six-dimensional growth settings, Wang Ye once again dug deep into the uses of the script simulation for the following month!

Firstly, the green sparrow could not fly out of the range of the cliff. As long as Xiao Jiu flew out, it would definitely die. Any wild beast or energy wave outside of the cliff would be able to kill it.

The novice village was the novice village.

It was better not to go out before clearing the level.

Secondly, the pool at the bottom of the cliff was an excellent training ground!

As long as the green sparrow cultivated in the pool and he chose the growth process as a reward, the green sparrow’s constitution and spiritual resistance would be improved in all aspects.

However, it was also easy to die in the pool. If it was careless, it would die.

Next, as long as Xiao Jiu saw the mysterious bird beast and lived to 60 years old, the Soul growth in the growth process that would be obtained would at least be of D-grade.

Fourthly, as long as the green sparrow was alive after fighting with the snake, the six-dimensional growth would change.

Fifthly, as long as Xiao Jiu was killed by the green little insect, even if that happened when it was 60, the grades of Xiao Jiu’s six-dimensional growth would decrease.

These were all crucial events that would have a huge impact on Xiao Jiu’s growth.

Wang Ye recorded these events and analyzed them in the script simulation.

Finally, on the fifth day of the last week of the month, he obtained a very satisfying six-dimensional growth.

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (D-), Constitution (D-), Agility (D), Spiritual Resistance (D-), Spiritual Energy (D-), Soul (D+)]

“A 6D pet! Although apart from Soul and Agility, the rest are all D-, it’s still enough! How do I put it, isn’t the green sparrow another step closer to being a 6S pet?” Wang Ye looked at Xiao Jiu’s six dimensions happily.

He had been doing this for almost a month!

This was the best result he had achieved!

It was already the limit.

In the simulation this time, Xiao Jiu hadn’t practiced its skills too much in its 60 years of life.

Instead, it had been training all the time. Training on the cliff without falling, training in the pool without dying, and even fighting with the big snake without dying. It had observed the mysterious bird beast twice, avoided the green little insect, and finally died after tenaciously resisting in the hurricane.

This was how it had achieved its current six-dimensional growth!

“Even among the Transcendent class pets, very few of them have reached D- grade growth for all six dimensions. Among Transcendent first-class pets, they would have one or two dimensions only with E+ grade growth. It’s a milestone! With D+ Soul growth, there should be a chance for Xiao Jiu to advance its Sky-dance, right? Feather Coat and Skyful of Feathers should also break through to a higher realm!”

D+ was the limit.

This was only achieved because Xiao Jiu had encountered the mysterious bird beast twice.

If he wanted to improve further, he estimated that he would have to ask Xiao JIu to leave the novice village, or live longer and experience more.

“Even the novice village is so difficult, good lord. It won’t be easy to evolve into the Divine Phoenix Heavenly Beast!”

At the same time, during this one month, Wang Ye had run a few simulations, allowing Xiao Jiu to advance the realm of Skyful of Feathers near great success.

It was just a step away, but it still couldn’t break through.

The difficulty of cultivating an intermediate soul-type skill was equivalent to the difficulty of cultivating advanced skills of other attributes.

Besides all that, most of the genetic characteristics obtained were blue, and their effects were extremely low.

To obtain information to get the ideal six-dimensional growth, Wang Ye had naturally chosen the growth process as a reward.

Occasionally, there would be a purple genetic characteristic, but it would conflict with the other rewards.

By now, Xiao Jiu’s spiritual energy value had also broken through to 800, becoming an eight-star level-one pet.

Its improvement speed was getting slower.

“Sky-dance should be able to breakthrough in the next simulation. If I want to make Feather Coat and Skyful of Feathers break through too, it should be quite impossible. Perhaps, I should make Xiao Jiu learn some other skills. Skyful of Feathers is too powerful, and its consumption is too high. It’s not suitable for long battles but instant kill. Oh right... Every time Xiao Jiu sees the mysterious bird beast, it seems to have understood something, but it just can’t comprehend it fully. What’s missing?” Wang Ye pondered, “The first time it tried to learn to breathe fire. Xiao Jiu isn’t a fire-type pet, so without fire-type energy, it naturally can’t learn nor comprehend the skill.”

If a pet wanted to learn skills of a different attribute, it had to be at least at level 4.

This was because level 4 pets could activate their totem beast veins. With the beast veins, the pet could then cultivate the energy of other attributes, allowing them to learn other skills.

Otherwise, learning skills of other attributes in the early stages would easily clash with the pet’s own attributes, and the side effects would be extremely negative.

Other than that, soul-type skills were more special.

Soul-type skills were related to spiritual power, and every pet and human had spiritual power, so there was a chance for anyone to learn them.

However, the probability of successfully learning a soul-type skill was ridiculously low.

The probability of a level 4 pet learning soul-type skills was much higher, because at that stage, the pet’s spiritual power was strong, and its intelligence was also greatly activated.

“But now there’s a problem. I’m almost out of money. Each simulation that lasts 60 years literally takes my life. I have to take a lot of medicine to replenish myself, and it costs a lot of money. I’ll probably have to sell the Sacred Flame Nether Lotus next. Although it’s in its infant form, it should be able to be sold for millions.”

However, selling it felt like a loss.

It was actually better to store such a treasure as an evolution material.

Xiao Jiu might need it in the future.

Moreover, there was also the white python, who ate a lot.

It just ate and slept every day. When it woke up, it would express its hungriness and desire to eat. When it was full, it would just sleep.

It was too expensive to raise!

He was a little tempted to search for treasures in secret realms.

It was best if the secret realm was new because most of the miniature secret realms had a lot of resources but few treasures.

“Forget it. I’ll first run a few more simulations to raise the realm of Xiao Jiu’s skills. I should be able to last for a few more days. Either way, it should survive the sixty-year hurricane, right? Otherwise, I probably won’t have the chance to run a reality simulation.”

Wang Ye had been using the Pet Simulator for more than a month now.

He roughly understood that if he wanted to activate a reality simulation, the green sparrow would probably have to complete some bigger achievements in the scripted world.

For example, living for sixty years in the scripted world for the first time.

Therefore, Wang Ye guessed that surviving the hurricane that happened every sixty years in the scripted world could be considered a milestone.

Thinking of this, he glanced at Xiao Jiu, who was combing its feathers next to him.

After a month of simulation, Xiao Jiu seemed to understand Wang Ye’s gaze.

“Chirp, chirp!” Xiao Jiu chirped loudly as if to say, “Come on, beastmaster, let’s run the simulation!”

Wang Ye was speechless.

“Hm?” The sound seemed to have woken the sleeping white python. It glanced at Xiao Jiu and fell asleep again immediately.

Wang Ye picked up Xiao Jiu with one hand and began the simulation.

He also instructed Xiao Jiu to cultivate Feather Coat and see if it could survive the hurricane.

Wang Ye estimated that only when Feather Coat reached the peak mastery realm would Xiao Jiu be possible to survive the hurricane on the cliff.

[0 year old. The green sparrow began to cultivate Feather Coat.]

[9 year old. Every feather of the green sparrow was golden. It was like a divine bird that had descended into the mortal world. It seemed to have some understanding of Feather Coat.]

[16 years old. The green sparrow was attacked by the large snake. ]

Seeing this, Wang Ye’s heart tightened.

Such a situation had occurred no less than five times in a month. Once it was attacked by a sneak attack, it was very easy to die.

Fortunately, the notifications continued.

[17 years old. The green sparrow, who was ambushed, was on the verge of death. It was extremely angry and began to train Feather Coat with all that it had!]

[20 years old. One morning, the green sparrow felt that every feather on its body was emitting a burning power. Its golden feathers began to turn dark!]

[25 years old. The green sparrow’s Feather Coat had broken through. There seemed to be a thin layer of airflow on the dark golden feathers, like a dark golden feather armor. It was as fast as lightning, and its wings were like divine weapons. It roamed the world, feeling extremely happy.]

[35 years old. The green sparrow saw the mysterious bird beast. A feather suddenly fell from the body of the mysterious bird beast. The feather was burning with green flames, burning the green sparrow until it was in so much pain that it wished it could die. It was severely injured. On the verge of death, it comprehended a skill: Feathery Habitat.]

[49 years old. The green sparrow’s injuries gradually recovered. It glided in the pool for training.]

[60 years old, the green sparrow gradually mastered the current Feather Coat. When the hurricane hit, the green sparrow’s body was covered in injuries. However, it persevered and finally made it through.]


[61 years old. The green sparrow’s injuries were too severe. It died.]

[Orange Characteristic Achievement obtained: Hurricane God Wings]

[The simulation has ended. The green sparrow has survived to the age of 61. This is the first time it has survived the hurricane on the cliff. You may choose three of the following five options as a reward.]

[Skill: Feathery Habitat]

[Skill: Feather Coat, 61 years of proficiency.]

[Orange Genetic Characteristic: Hurricane God Wings]

[61 years old six-dimensional growth ]

[Five reality simulations]

“What the f*ck, what a great harvest!” Wang Ye was stunned. He had thought that the green sparrow would die at the age of 16.

He did not expect it to break through the limit directly!

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