Pet Simulator

Chapter 15 - Improve the Six Dimensions
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Chapter 15: Improve the Six Dimensions

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although Wang Ye found it unacceptable, he still took out the white python’s food for it.

The food that pets ate was different from that of wild animals.

This was especially so for the white python since it was special. It did not just take ordinary food.

The food Wang Ye had bought for the white python was the snake spirit fruit, a type of high-quality food for python-type pets.

This was a fruit that contained spiritual energy and tasted like chicken, the favorite for the python-type pets. It could also provide them with the nutrients they needed to grow.

Of course, it was very expensive, even a little more expensive than the spirit tassel rice that the green sparrow ate.

Then, Wang Ye planned to run the white python’s first simulation.

[Pet’s information detected. The pet’s life force is too weak. There is a high risk of death in its infancy, so it can not participate in the simulation.]

Wang Ye was speechless.

Was the white python seeing this? Even the simulator found it weak!

Looking at the white python, Wang Ye was just speechless.

To think its life force was still weak after eating two great life-type secret treasures. It seemed that he would have to feed it for quite some time.

The white python, “...”

“Forget it. Let’s nurture the green sparrow first.”

The white python could wait till it had grown for some time and had some foundation.

It should be in its newborn state now. Its intelligence was about on par with a one or two-year-old child.

Other than knowing to eat, it knew nothing else.

Even if it were sent into a simulation, with the white python’s intelligence, it would probably not live for more than a few days.

It would just be a waste of the simulation opportunity.

As for the final evolution form of the white python, Wang Ye already had an idea in mind.

After the white python finished eating the snake spirit fruit, it fell asleep.

Seeing this, Wang Ye sighed.

“Xiao Jiu, it’s up to you now! Try to live a little longer!” After Wang Ye finished taking the medicine and restored his spiritual spirit to its peak, he patted Xiao Jiu’s head.

“Chirp, chirp! (leave it to me!)”

[Pet information has been updated, loading...]

[0 years old. The green sparrow has started to practice Sky-dance]

[5 years old. The green sparrow has reached a bottleneck in the improvement of Sky-dance, unable to breakthrough. It is depressed.]

[9 years old. The mysterious bird beast appeared. Its entire body was burning with flames that engulfed the entire cliff, dyeing the world red. The green sparrow stayed hidden and trembling in the pool at the bottom of the cliff, but it seemed to have understood something.]

[12 years old. The green sparrow gave up on practicing Sky-dance and switched to practicing Feather Coat.]

[22 years old. The green sparrow’s feathers had become indestructible like diamonds.]

[29 years old. The green sparrow encounters another bottleneck in the practice of Feather Coat. It was once again depressed. Subconsciously, it thought of the flames that the bird beast had been letting out. It wanted to spit fire as well, so it began to practice spitting fire.]

[33 years old. The attempts of spitting fire failed. The green sparrow felt that it might be missing something, and was determined that itself was not the reason for its failure.]

[42 years old. The green sparrow was unwilling to give up. It began to practice Sky-dance again but was still unable to breakthrough. It was depressed.]

[45 years old. The hundred-meter-long large snake appeared on the cliff. The green sparrow fought with it and was able to escape alive thanks to the sturdiness of Feather Coat. However, it was also riddled with injuries.]

[49 years old. After recuperating for three years, the green sparrow came to a realization. It began to cultivate Feather Coat with all its might.]

[59 years old. Feather Coat progressed at a godly speed. The green sparrow broke through once again. When it used Feather Coat, its entire body became one with the feather coat, and its feathers appeared a pale golden color.]

[60 years old. A hurricane attacked the cliff. The green sparrow used Feather Coat to resist it with all its might. After enduring for a long time, it was turned into dust in the hurricane. It has died.]

[Blue attribute achievement: Tenacity.]

[The simulation has ended. The green sparrow has survived for 60 years. One of the following three rewards may be retained.]

[Skill: Feather Coat, proficiency.]

[Characteristic: Tenacity.]

[60-year-old six-dimensional growth.]

Looking at the short life of the green sparrow, Wang Ye began to think about it in his heart.

The green sparrow had finally lived for another 60 years in the simulation.

It didn’t encounter that green little insect and had also avoided some dangers.

“It’s too difficult to improve Sky-dance which is currently in the proficient realm. It’s not time, but the Soul growth that has restricted Xiao Jiu. Xiao Jiu’s Soul growth grade is too low, and it’s too hard for it to comprehend the advancement of an advanced skill from the proficient realm to the great success realm,” Wang Ye pondered.

If the green sparrow had S-grade Soul growth, it would probably be able to practice Sky-dance to the great success realm within a few years.

“Putting that aside, it has continuously broken through for Feather Coat and even comprehended something. Could it be that the skill has reached the proficient realm?”

Wang Ye chose the first option.

Having a sudden insight was something that had a very low probability of happening after a pet practiced a skill for a very long time.

Before they had gone to the secret realm, Xiao Jiu’s Feather Coat had been close to the proficient realm.

“Xiao Jiu should now understand that what’s most important in the scripted world simulation is to be able to withstand the sudden tribulations. A hurricane will definitely appear once every 60 years in the scripted world, which is equivalent to the first big threshold. If it can’t cross it, it won’t be able to survive at all,” Wang Ye concluded.

At present, in the cliff novice village of the scripted world, there were only three NPCs in total: the green little insect, the mysterious bird beast, and the big snake.

The big snake should be the small boss of the novice village.

The mysterious bird beast was similar to a reclusive expert. From its occasional movements, the green sparrow would be able to comprehend skills.

The green little insect should be the hidden boss.

As Xiao Jiu’s body trembled, the realm of its Feather Coat rose once again.

It was like the decades of cultivation had been carved in its memory!

“Chirp!” Xiao Jiu’s entire body began to glow. The originally green feathers seemed to be charging up, then quickly turned into a faint golden color.

“Oh?” Wang Ye’s eyes lit up, “The Vajra unbreakable divine bird? Not bad, not bad. It is indeed the effect of the successful Feather Coat.”

Feather Coat was a sky-type skill. The effect of the proficient realm Feather Coat was naturally quite powerful.

Wang Ye touched Xiao Jiu, and it felt like he was touching a piece of fine steel.

[Feather Coat (proficient)]: An intermediate sky-type skill. Infuses each feather with spiritual energy to envelop the body, forming a golden feather coat that can defend against many attacks. At the same time, it can greatly increase the strength of the body!

The effects had also changed.

“Not bad, not bad!”

“Chirp!” When Xiao Jiu felt the power of the skill, it was a little surreal.

The improvement was too fast!

Was this a power that it could control?

“Today’s simulation is over. Let’s get used to the improvement in the skill for now,” Wang Ye said.

As a rare skill that could increase the pet’s cultivation speed, Sky-dance was actually the most important.

Unfortunately, Xiao Jiu’s Soul growth grade was limited.

Wang Ye estimated that even if Xiao Jiu could endure the loneliness and practice Sky-dance for the whole 60 years, it might still be unable to advance the skill to the great success realm.

The value of advanced skills was indeed apparent.

One had to know that if food and materials, as well as the standard of the beastmaster, weren’t taken into account in the cultivation speed of the pet, it only depended on the pet’s grade. The higher the grade, the higher the compatibility between the pet and the spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth, and the faster its cultivation speed.

Apart from that, only cultivation techniques could increase the pet’s cultivation speed.

But cultivation techniques could only be practiced by pets above level 3.

Therefore, there were very few skills that could increase cultivation speed.

“Wait, Xiao Jiu’s current Soul growth is D-. If I can level it up to D+, perhaps Xiao Jiu’s skills will have a chance to break through to the great success level, right?” Wang Ye’s heart moved as if he had discovered a key point.

If he wanted to improve the six-dimensional growth, there was only one way, and that was to choose the third option.


In the following week, Wang Ye tried his best to make Xiao Jiu live to 60 years old in the simulation, and then choose the third portion, which was 60-years-old six-dimensional growth.

It wasn’t until the simulation on the fifth day that Xiao Jiu successfully lived to 60 years old again.

This time, Wang Ye once again chose the 60-years-old six-dimensional growth.

As Xiao Jiu trembled, its six dimensions changed again:

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (E+), Constitution (D-), Agility (D), Spiritual Resistance (E), Spiritual Energy (E), Soul (D)]

“It has indeed changed! The growth processes to the age 60 are different, so there will be fluctuations in the six-dimensional growth!” Wang Ye was pleasantly surprised.

[Six-dimensional Growth: Strength (E+), Constitution (E+), Agility (D), Spiritual Resistance (E+), Spiritual Energy (E+), Soul (D-)]

Above was Xiao Jiu’s six-dimensional growth when it first reached 60 years old in the simulation.

Now, its spiritual resistance and spiritual energy growth had decreased, but its soul and constitution growth had improved!

“I can really improve the six dimensions by doing this!”

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