Pet King

Chapter 28: Maneki-Neko
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Chapter 28: Maneki-Neko

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_Studio Editor: Tennesh

Zhang Zian was very confused. He had not done it to help the boy; he had done it to help himself!

He didn’t want to explain, and it was impossible to explain. He paid for the ring online, and everything was all set.

Su Min was confused and put the diamond ring into the ring box. Zhang Zian stopped her from doing that and said, “You don’t have to bag it, but just give me the ring and box, thanks.”

The supervisor, senior staff, and Su Min were all surprised, as this was a woman’s diamond ring that was too small for a man’s fingers… Unless he was a gay, but Zhang Zian didn’t look gay.

Su Min had no choice but to give the ring and box to Zhang Zian as per his request.

Zhang Zian thought for a while and asked, “By the way, do you have any kind of thin rope or string?”

Another weird request! “This man is so strange,” Su Min thought.

She found some yellow silk ribbons used for gift packaging. “How about these?”

“That works, thanks.” Zhang Zian tied the ribbon through the ring to make a knot and put the small ring box in his pocket.

“Oh… this man wanted to hang the ring on his neck. There was a fashion like that, where you use the ring as an amulet, like a cross or Jade Buddha,” all the staff thought.

However, what Zhang Zian did next surprised them all again.

Instead of wearing it on his neck, he held the ribbon so the diamond ring hanging at the end of the ribbon was just one foot away from ground.

That action almost meant “calling for robbery!” Would he be robbed after leaving the store?

The supervisor suddenly calmed down from the surprise. She pushed Su Min again. “Didn’t you forget to say something?”

Su Min remembered and caught up to Zhang Zian. “Excuse me, sir!”

Zhang Zian was just about to step out of the door, but he stopped upon hearing Su Min’s words. “What’s up?”

“This is… that… that… ” A bit embarrassed, Su Min took out her business card and passed it to Zhang Zian with both hands, “You are welcome to shop with us again! This is my business card. You can come to me when you come back next time. We have a discount for loyal customers…”

Although Zhang Zian didn’t think he would visit here again, it was difficult to refuse someone who was trying to make a living, so he accepted her card and left.

He strode for a few steps and turned his head to find that Su Min was still standing on top of the stairs. He waved his hands. “Go back, please, you don’t need to watch me leave.”

Su Min bowed gratefully and walked back into the store.

The senior staff was in a really bad mood, as she had promoted the ring for half an hour but failed. On the other hand, Su Min took her advantage and business. How could she feel happy about this?

The supervisor cleared her voice and advised, “Do remember not to judge anyone on their appearance…”

There were a lot of rich people shopping in this jewelry store, and some of them treated money like paper. However, Zhang Zian had still made the record for the shortest shopping time from entering to exiting the store…

Su Min went back to her position humbly, waiting for the next customer.

Although she had only earned 100 yuan, she had a completely different mood now and felt a bit more confident about herself.

She took out the key chain from her pocket and played with it in her hand. There was a red and white Japanese Maneki-Neko pendant on the key chain. Although it was cheap and made of plastic, it was vivid and lovely.

Zhang Zian was not an idiot that didn’t know not to show off his wealth. Wandering the streets with a diamond ring was an absolutely stupid idea even though Binhai City had good public security.

Wandering not too far, he stopped at the entrance of Bank of China, since he thought this place was relatively safe.

Since no photos were allowed to be taken in the store, he had to lure the cat outside. The Maneki-Neko seemed to be keen on this diamond ring. That was the reason Zhang Zian had made this plan.

Practice was the only standard to verify a theorem. He wasn’t confident about whether his plan would work or not. If the plan failed, he could return the ring. There was no way he would waste any of his money.

He took out his phone and went into capture mode. Through the camera, he saw the golden Maneki-Neko following him a few yards away and staring at the waving diamond ring, looking like a panther on the hunt.

The plan had worked! He wanted to applaud himself! This was much easier than capturing that stray cat had been.

He squatted and held the diamond ring forward with his left hand to lure the cat, holding his phone in his right hand. “Don’t move, let me take a picture of you… Cheese…”

He was so happy to notice that the cat’s eyes seemed to grow brighter and brighter, and nothing could suppress them anymore!

Before he said “cheese,” the cat moved like a flash! It arched its back and put all its strength on its back legs, its slim body transforming into a golden flash and rushing toward Zhang Zian like an arrow.

Zhang Zian was shocked when the Maneki-Neko blurred on the screen.

In a rush, he clicked the “capture” button and was then blown to the ground by a strange wind, his phone coming out of his hand.

Pedestrians passed him by without stopping but wondered about this young man. They didn’t know what was happening. Was he sick?

Zhang Zian got up from the ground, but the ring was gone with the ribbon untouched.

What the f*ck! Go for wool and come home shorn?

He picked up his phone.

[Navigation Elf]: Congratulations! A new pet!

[Game Hints]: Captured! Maneki-Neko!

A golden cat appeared in the second, empty block of the virtual pet bar

He clicked the Maneki-Neko, zooming in so the image occupied the whole screen.

The cat was excitedly playing with a diamond ring in its paws.

Zhang Zian said, “Navigation Elf, are you sure this is a Maneki-Neko and not a love-money cat?”

[Navigation Elf]: The true name of pets might be wrong, but not the nickname.

Zhang Zian was speechless. If he was not wrong, that came from Gu Long’s Novel, but a pet was being talked about here, not a human being.

Zhang Zian asked, “Just one question, can I get my ring out of there?”

[Navigation Elf]: Sorry, this is the necessary cost.

He really wanted to cry. It seemed like hitting a dog with meat buns that you would never get back!

Anyway, he decided to have a look at the pet.

[Game Hints]: Pet features

[Known As]: Maneki-Neko

[Rarity]: Epic/Legend level

[Feature]: Which cat dares to meow before me in spring?

[Origin]: Locked

[True Name]: Locked

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