Pet King

Chapter 1629 - -all living things have a spirit
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Chapter 1629: Chapter 1629-all living things have a spirit

The elves all looked up at the wolf Totem pole at the entrance of the village. They had never seen such a strange and primitive carving style.

“A wolf spirit?” Fati mumbled repeatedly. It was the first time it had heard this strange word.

Zhang Zian had some common sense in this regard. After all, he had been influenced by many old United States movies and read some novels, so he explained it to the elves according to his common sense.

“Yes, the Native Americans worship and Revere nature. They believe that all things have spirits. As the top beast in this forest, the wolf is the object of their worship. Because the Native American warriors like to paint their faces and insert feathers on the back of their heads to show their strength and deter their enemies, they have also changed the image of the wolf according to their appearance. This is the totem we see.”

“The Native American tribes are very scattered. Different tribes have different beliefs. Some tribes may worship bears more, some may worship Eagles more, some may worship mountain lions more, and the tribe here may worship wolves more.”

“Uh ... In that case, the former residents of this barren village may be the descendants of the Native Americans in this forest even earlier. After entering the industrial age and the information age, their lifestyles have changed drastically. They abandoned many traditions, but they still retained the wolf spirit worship of the tribe. This is their last connection with their ancestors. They put the wolf Totem pole at the entrance of the village to remember their ancestors and to prove their ... Home if other Native Americans visit. ”

Since he had nothing to do for the time being, he might as well speak frankly to avoid being bored.

“I’m not an expert in studying Native Americans. I’ve learned all this from movies and novels. Maybe it’s right, maybe it’s wrong. I’m just overhearing it.”

“I see ...”

Fati finally found out the Wolf’s origin.

“If it’s like you said, that the Native Americans worship wolves, will there be an Indian wolf elf?” It asked.

“This ...”

Zhang Zian was stunned by the question. After thinking for a while, he shook his head and said,””In theory, it’s possible, but in reality ... The Native Americans who used to be the owners of this land are almost gone. Can the few remaining Native Americans support the power of faith needed to form an elf?”

Taking advantage of Fina’s absence, he said a few more words,””This is different from the worship of the cat god in ancient Egypt. Although ancient Egyptians also disappeared, ancient Egyptian culture has been passed down, while modern Egyptian culture has no sense of existence. When it comes to Egypt, the things people are familiar with are all from ancient Egypt, and here ... Here is the United States almost the birthplace of modern civilization. It exported modern American culture and ideas to the world, such as Hollywood, McDonald ‘s, Microsoft, Apple phones, and ...”

“Pornhub。”Richard interrupted.

Zhang Zian glared at it. “This B * tch bird is talking about YouTube ... Not only the Native Americans, but even the native culture has been buried in the dust and stepped on. Not many people miss it.”

“So, even if there’s such a Wolf elf, it might never be able to take form and eventually appear in this world?” The fatale knew that it was getting closer and closer to the answer, and the fog in its heart was gradually clearing up, and a path appeared from the fog.

“Yes, I think so.” “But who can be 100% sure about things in this world?” Zhang Zian laughed.

“I understand.”

Fati was no longer confused. It turned to famous and said,””I want to go with you to the East and see the ancient China. I’ve heard about it for a long time, but I’ve never seen it in person. I also want to see Binhai city and that pet shop that sounds interesting.”


Famous, Zhang Zian, and the other Elfins were all surprised. They had all thought that the Fati would stay for the wolves in the forest, just like how little white couldn’t abandon the stray dogs.

“What about the wolves? They still need your leadership, don’t they?” Famous asked on behalf of everyone.

The Wolf Pack’s hunting skills still needed to be improved, this was what they had seen before.

“The Wolf Pack already has a more suitable leader,” Fati said with a satisfied smile.”It’s much better than me, a half-baked leader.”

Fati used to be a cold-blooded killer. It was a lone wolf and did not like to be the leader of a group. Ever since it had turned over a new leaf, it had become too kind and was not suitable for the wild world where the strong preyed on the weak. It knew this very well. If it continued to lead the Wolf Pack, it would definitely lead the Wolf Pack astray.

How could a sheep lead a pack of wolves?

Fortunately, a more suitable candidate ... No, the Wolf’s choice had appeared.

Perhaps the wolves that had returned to the redwood forest had awakened the Indian WolfSpirit, or perhaps the evil that had invaded and polluted the forest had awakened it. However, the power of faith was too weak, and it could not finally form, at least for now.

However, this was also good. He would let it be in this undisturbed state and lead the pack of wolves in the mahogany forest to grow stronger.

It was ferocious, brutal, and ruthless, but this should be the nature of a Wolf.

In comparison to this foreign European grey wolf, this native Indian wolf spirit should be the true master of this forest and Wolf Pack.

Whether it was the gods that miezha believed in or the gods that Fati believed in, they were all imported goods from this land. Only the wolf spirits and other Native American plant spirits were the most primitive guardians of nature on the North American continent.

Therefore, there was nothing to do here. It was an unnecessary existence here, an invasive species. It believed that the Indian WolfSpirit would be more qualified for this position.

Zhang Zian and the Elfins looked at each other, confused. They didn’t know who the more suitable leader was, but since it said so, it should be fine.

Without the omniscient eye, Fati seemed to see the Wolf’s face painted with oil paint again. The face appeared in the shadows of the trees in the forest, looked at Fati, turned around, and gradually disappeared, as if bidding Fati farewell.

Zhang Zian didn’t notice the disappearance of the strange wolf face in the forest, but the feeling of being spied on since he entered the forest had quietly disappeared.

That’s right, Fati had asked the wolf spirit a ridiculous question before, asking it where it was going. In fact, it wouldn’t go anywhere. This forest was its home, and the one who should really ask where it was going was Fati himself.

Now, fa Xiu already had the answer and saw his own path clearly. It was a path that crossed the sea and reached the East. Compared to staying in the forest, this road to the East might be full of hardships and might not be understood by the same kind, but it didn’t matter ...

Fati retracted his gaze and turned to look at Zhang Zian.

Its human brothers and sisters), always with it.

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