Pet King

Chapter 1628 - -totem
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Chapter 1628: Chapter 1628-totem

Fati was at a loss. It was as if a void had appeared in his heart. It was not only because of the wolf that had appeared briefly to help him and then left immediately. It was also not because it had just defeated an enemy that was so powerful that it could not defeat by itself. More importantly, it was at a loss about its own fate.

From the moment it appeared in this world, it had a clear goal to purify the mahogany forest and expel the evil in the forest.

It didn’t know how this goal entered its mind, but it could only think of it as the guidance of God. God guided it all the way from San Francisco to the mahogany forest, and also guided it to meet Zhang Zian. Now, it had completed the task with the help of him and the other Elfins, but it had not received further guidance to tell it where to go in the future, so it was confused.

It was confused but not suspicious. No matter what God guided it to do or whether it remained silent, it was God’s arrangement for it, and also a trial for it.

It had to find its own path. Just like its human brother, he had lived a normal childhood and youth, and experienced a short period of confusion in his youth, but he finally found his own path, a path that might not be understood by others, but it led to Supreme glory.

There was a rustling sound in the forest. Someone stepped on dead branches and fallen leaves, separating the thorns and short trees as he walked over. At the same time, he had to be careful to avoid the hail under his feet so as not to slip.

“What the hell, the hailstones here are even bigger!”

“I’ve heard that the West Coast of the United States is adjacent to a fault zone. In addition, there’s a time bomb-like Yellowstone Volcano. Sooner or later, there will be a super-large earthquake above magnitude 8. The earthquake just now almost scared me to the point of peeing. I thought it was the end of the world ...”

Zhang Zian stepped over a tree that had either fallen from the hailstones or an earthquake. Seeing that Fati was covered in injuries, he quickly asked,””Fati, are you alright? How did you get injured like this?”

Fati lowered his head and looked at his body.”These are all superficial wounds. It’s not a big deal.”

Zhang Zian was relieved.”That’s good, but you have to disinfect it as soon as possible to prevent infection. By the way, where’s the cat?”

He held the flashlight and looked around nervously. Although the sky had become much brighter, the flashlight was his only weapon.

“That cat ... Has already gone to hell.” Fati said.

“Ah? That awesome?” Zhang Zian looked at it in shock and admiration. The phenomenon of hail and earthquakes just now really made him think that the end of the world had come. He thought that this was a real fight between gods and the common people. However, Fati had actually survived this unimaginable battle and killed the enemy. The undying demon cat with nine lives, wouldn’t that make the world explode?

Fati looked at his expression and knew that he had misunderstood. It meant to go to hell literally and did not mean that the cat was dead. However, it was very troublesome to explain, especially for a person who did not believe in gods and ghosts, so it decided not to correct his mistake.

“I’m not that powerful. Another Wolf helped me. Otherwise, I would be lying here now.” Fati looked in the direction that the wolf had left.


This time, Zhang Zian was even more stunned, but he took it for granted that it was another ordinary Wolf. He thought to himself that the wolf was really lucky to be able to walk through such a dense hailstorm.

“Actually, we wanted to help you, but the hailstorm was too strong. We couldn’t get close at all ...” He explained.”The other cat was also seriously injured by old time tea, and then it was torn apart by a Wolf ... I don’t think it’s the same Wolf you’re talking about. I feel that the wolf was affected by something and became very violent.”

“It’s okay, it’s already over. ” Fayuan guessed that the wolf that tore Aamir apart was probably affected by the immature Wolf elf. After all, they were both North American gray wolves.

“Let’s go back to the village and rest. Your wound needs to be disinfected,” said Wang Yao.

No one objected to this proposal. Everyone needed to rest, and Zhang Zian was also worried about Vladimir’s recovery.

When they returned to the village, the sun had already come out. The weather was cloudy and there was a light breeze. It was very pleasant.

Famous was already waiting at the entrance of the village. It was happy to see that everyone had returned safely.

“Famous, are you okay? How are Vladimir and the rest?” Zhang Zian asked.

Famous complained that he didn’t take it to the battle. It just wanted to rest for a while, but it fell asleep by accident. When it woke up, it found that he and several elves had left.

It had wanted to chase after them, but was worried that the enemy would take advantage of the emptiness behind it and enter, so it could only stay uneasily. Later, it saw strange phenomena falling from the sky, such as light curtains, hailstones, earthquakes, and so on. It was even more worried, so it ran to the village entrance to wait.

“Vladimir is recovering well. It looks much better. Melgen just gave it a blood transfusion. It’s so tired that it just fell asleep.” It replied.

“I see ...” Zhang Zian was relieved.

“They finally fell asleep. Let’s wait outside for a while. Don’t wake them up. My injury is nothing.” Fa Xiu suggested.

“Okay, then we’ll wait for half an hour before going in. They should be asleep by then.”

Zhang Zian and the Elfins all sat down to rest.

“Fati, what do you plan to do in the future? Stay in the forest?” Famous asked.

The Fati had not thought about it yet.

Just as it was worrying about how to answer famous’s question, it suddenly saw a face. It stood up and stared at the face.

To be more precise, it was a face carved out of wood. It was not a human face, but a Wolf’s face. Its body was also that of a Wolf. It sat on the top of a wooden pillar at the village entrance in an aggressive manner.

The face was painted with strips of oil paint, and there was a circle of long feathers stuck in the back of the head. The feathers were also carved out of wood, so they were still there even after the wind and rain. If they were real feathers, they would have fallen off long ago.

It was exactly the same as the Wolf’s face that Fati had seen earlier.

Of course, the oil paint on the Wolf’s face had faded after years of exposure to the wind, sun, and rain. However, one could still imagine what it looked like when it was first carved.

The wooden pillar was carved from a whole tree. It was also painted with various colors and had also faded. If one did not pay close attention, they would only think that it was a dead tree. Moreover, the tree was tall, so they had all ignored the wolf face on the wooden pillar. After all, no one would look up for no reason. Moreover, it was evening when they arrived at the village, and the light was not good.

“That’s ...” Fati exclaimed in shock.

Zhang Zian thought that something unexpected had happened. He nervously grabbed the flashlight and looked in the direction of the sound.

After seeing the wooden pillar and the wolf carving, he immediately relaxed.”Oh, that ... If I’m not wrong, that should be the totem pole of the Native Americans, and the theme is the wolf spirit they believe in.”

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