Pet King

Chapter 1627 - -exile
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Chapter 1627: Chapter 1627-exile

In many ancient civilizations and myths derived from ancient civilizations, there was the worship of “eyes.” From ancient Egypt’s Eye of Horus to Mesopotamia’s giant Sumerian eye, and then to the vertical and convex eyes in the ruins of the ancient Shu state on the pile of three stars. Perhaps the ancient lighting equipment was too poor, and the darkness was full of danger, so people eagerly hoped that they could see more and further.

What the fascendants prayed to God was a magical eye that was said to have originated from the Eye of Horus.

When the Fati opened its eyes again, its eyes were different. Its pupils and irises were no longer the typical Wolf Eyes, but human eyes.

The world removed its disguise in its eyes and revealed its true form. It could see every fine grain of the trees, every grain of dust dancing in the air, and the hailstones falling at high speed as slow as snails. It could see every bubble in every hailstone.

The eyes were a magical organ that sent a huge amount of visual data to the brain every second. The brain could only accept it selectively and filter a large number of useless details. Otherwise, it would not be able to process it. The visual data brought by the omniscient and omnipotent eye was unimaginably huge.

The powerful omniscient and omnipotent eye was not something that Fati’s identity could withstand. Even if he prayed with all his heart and offered himself to God, he could only get a glimpse.

In this glance, it saw another Wolf, a typical North American gray wolf.

The male wolf had a strong body, one of the strongest wolves in North America.

However, what attracted his vision was not the Wolf’s body, but the Wolf’s extremely strange face.

Fati and the elves it had seen all maintained their original looks. Even old time tea, who always wore a bamboo hat, didn’t change its appearance.

The face of this North American gray wolf was covered in strips of oil paint. The colors included red, white, black, and green. It was definitely not naturally formed, but was painted with some natural paint.

Other than its face, its body was also painted with some oil paint, but it was not as concentrated as its face.

Not only that, but there was also a circle of long bird feathers behind the wolf’s head and ears.

To be honest, if anyone saw this Wolf in the middle of the night, they would probably be scared to death. This was not a Wolf, it was a monster!

Fati was very familiar with the body structure of a Wolf. It could tell at a glance that this was a Wolf, but it did not know why it had painted its face and body.

“Eh? What kind of monster is this?”

Miaizha exclaimed. It seemed like it had obtained something similar to the omniscient eye through its prayers, and it also saw the Wolf’s appearance clearly.

The pleasure brought by the omniscient and all-seeing eye could not be expressed in words. It was as if everything was under his control, and such a feeling could easily make people obsessed.

Whether it was Fati or miezha, the divine eyes they obtained could only last for a short moment. Otherwise, their brains would not be able to withstand the continuous influx of data and would probably burn up like an overheated computer.

They closed their eyes and opened them again. Their eyes had returned to their original state, and the world they saw was the same as before. However, they knew that there was an invisible Wolf there.

Is it a new elf?

No, it was more like an elf that had not fully formed.

Fati recalled what he had just seen. In theory, the omniscient eye could see everything clearly, but part of the Wolf’s body was still a little blurry, which proved that it had not fully condensed.

“Damn it! Why did you have to come out and cause trouble at this time!” “Hey!” Miezha cursed. That monster! I don’t care what you are, if you don’t want to die, then get lost!”

Fati and miezha were not sure what the New Elf’s stance was, but it was a Wolf after all, so Fati had an innate sense of familiarity with it, so it chose to wait and see.

Moreover, it felt that since this Wolf had appeared here before it had formed, it would definitely not leave easily.


The wolf exhaled another white breath. The blurry outline of the crushed ice and powder turned around as if it was staring at miaizha.

Miaizha thought to himself that this was bad. This monster seemed to be coming for him. Any third party entering the game would reverse the balance of victory.


The wolf raised its head and howled.

Fati seemed to understand that this was the order for the Wolf Pack to gather and attack, and ... That Wolf was willing to act as a feint and was responsible for attracting the attention of the prey.

Then, the wolf shook off most of the ice and powder from its body. Its outline was almost invisible as it charged at miaizha.

“Ha! What a joke! Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Miaizha wanted to raise his front paw again and summon ice to smash at the blurry shadow. This time, the ice was unprecedentedly large. It did not need to be very accurate. It would send the shadow to God just by brushing the side.

But just as it raised its front claws halfway, it sensed that something was wrong, because its four limbs were suddenly entangled by something, and it could not move.

It was the vines.

The vines around it were like snakes with intelligence, quietly wrapping around it and restricting its movements.

“Thank you, brother.”

Fati silently thanked the wolf. It had already thought of a way to deal with Mieza, and the wolf had bought it precious time.

Fati took a deep breath, and the wounds on his four feet and left rib glowed with a holy red light.

“I command you on behalf of my father!”

“I command you on behalf of the child!”

“I command you on behalf of spirit!”

“The one with the highest position in heaven only has one Lord. In the name of Father, Son, and spirit, I order you to go back to hell, demon!”

The earth suddenly began to shake, the mountains shook, the rocks rolled, the ancient trees swayed like roly-poly, and the soil began to flow like liquid.

The ground beneath miezha, who was bound by the vines, cracked open. It was so deep that one could not see the bottom, as if it led straight to hell. Orange lava could be vaguely seen flowing, and the wails of ghosts came from deep underground.

“No! It shouldn’t be like this!”

Miaizha howled in despair. He looked up at the sky and tried to change his fate with prayers again. However, a vine wrapped around his mouth and he could not utter a single word.

The vines bound miaizha and he fell into the abyss with her.

The ground began to close up. When the crack disappeared, miezha’s final curse came to an end.

The hailstorm stopped.

The curtain of light from the sky had also disappeared, but the dark clouds had visibly thinned out, revealing the bright sky.

Fati’s body returned to normal, and it fell to the ground weakly, gasping for breath.

Perhaps miezha really had nine lives, but he didn’t know if those nine lives would be enough for him to escape from hell.

Oh, no, there were only eight left at most.


The wolf let out another breath of white air and turned to walk into the forest.

“Wait a minute! Where do you want to go?”

Fati tried to stop it, but it did not stop and disappeared into the forest without any hesitation.

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