Pet King

Chapter 1626 - The unknown in the fog
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Chapter 1626: The unknown in the fog

Perhaps it was a wild animal’s instinct for natural disasters, or perhaps it was the guidance of the gods, when the first hailstone fell, Fati was already on alert and took two steps back. It watched as a hailstone the size of a potato smashed into the place it had just stood.

The size and power of the hailstone were far beyond its expectations, and it appeared at this time, so it was hard to think that it was naturally formed.

It saw miezha lying on a branch 30 to 40 meters above the ground, praying attentively to the East. However, it was too far away and it could not hear the eulogy. It did not want to hear it either as it thought it would dirty its ears.

“See? Your God only knows how to use light and shadow to play tricks on children, but my God has the power to destroy the world!” After miezha finished praying, he stood up and raised his two front paws to the sky.

The Fati tried its best to Dodge the hailstones, but the hailstones were falling too fast, and it was difficult to follow their trajectories with the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, it had been hit a few times. Fortunately, the hailstones at the beginning were not too big, and its body was now enhanced by the Holy Light, so its resistance to attacks was greatly enhanced. Otherwise, these hailstones would have broken its bones.

However, seeing that the size of the hailstones was getting more and more exaggerated, Fati knew that this could not go on.

Thus, it left its fate in the hands of God and closed its eyes.

Although its eyes were closed and it was dark in front of it, it saw many things in its mind. It saw a magnificent dome, gorgeous embossed, a soft red velvet carpet, and vivid stained glass windows ...

It heard a heavenly song and saw countless angels surging out of the corridor as if they were welcoming it. They pulled its hair and guided it to the arch above the steps.

It guessed what was behind the arch door, or to be more precise, who was inside. Its heart beat fast, and it obediently let the angels lead it to the arch door step by step.

Miezha said a lot of things on the tree, but he realized that the French monk under the tree did not seem to hear him at all. His eyes were closed, and he was walking forward unsteadily as if he was sleepwalking.

The strange thing was, it was this drunkard-like pace that allowed the Fati to Dodge all the hailstones, not a single one hitting it.

Miaizha was furious. He stared at the spots of light that looked like winged children on the screen. He knew that it was those guys ‘doing, but there was nothing he could do.

If the hail didn’t work, how about changing to the hot Ghibli wind from the Sahara Desert with a temperature of more than 70 degrees? The strong wind that carried yellow sand would blind the eyes and block the ears. The trees that were broken by the wind would fly like javelins and could easily pierce through the flesh.

Miezha thought about it and decided not to change his mind. If the hailstones could not hurt Fati, the giblish hot wind would probably be useless.

It jumped down the tree and decided to personally go into the field to avoid the hailstones with its eyes closed.

As for itself, it was naturally unaffected by the hailstones.

Sure enough, its first attack was effective. Fa tuo, who was half-sleepwalking with his eyes closed, was caught off guard. A bloody wound was cut on his body by its claw, followed by a second, a third ...

The Fati once again returned to its passive state of being beaten. Even with its thick skin and thick flesh, it would not be able to hold on for long.

“Your God can’t save you. Just die!”

Miaizha’s attacks became even more frenzied. He waved his claws and attacked continuously, vowing to kill Fati on the spot.

The divination was indeed at the end of its rope. Its God was not as violent as the other party, who would bring disaster to the world for his own desires.

With such a huge and violent hailstorm, it was unknown how many animals in the forest would die, including those rare animals that were already few in number.

It seemed to be able to hear the sad cries of the animals in its ears, and the tragic scene of them being smashed to death by hailstones appeared in its eyes. Every time an animal died, the Fati felt that they were implicated by it, and its conscience continued to be condemned.

Moreover, even if the God of divination sent down a disaster to counter violence, miezha would not be killed so easily. He could be resurrected after he died.

Perhaps ...

Perhaps his death was a good thing for the animals ...

As a pessimistic and negative thought appeared in Fati’s mind, his dodging movements became sluggish, and in the blink of an eye, a few deeper wounds appeared on his body.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a strange feeling, as if he was being spied on by something.

Not only Fati, but Mieza also felt it.

“Who is it? Who was peeking? Get out here!”

Miaizha was puzzled because such a violent hailstorm would destroy any animal or human who dared to step into this place, except for himself and Fati, who were two elves blessed by different gods.

It could not tell if the person hiding in the dark was an enemy or a friend, so just in case, it temporarily stopped its attack on the French pushing.

Fati opened his eyes and dodged the hailstones while looking around in confusion.

Is it Zhang Zian?

Or other elves?

If they were here, why didn’t they show themselves?

It didn’t think it was Zhang Zian and the others, because the area had been blocked by the hailstorm, and it was as difficult as climbing the sky to come in safely.


Due to the large amount of hailstones falling to the ground, the ground was covered with translucent crystal-like ice. The melting of ice would absorb a large amount of heat, and the temperature of the mahogany forest was low all year round. This caused the surrounding temperature to drop rapidly, approaching the freezing point. Unknowingly, a hazy fog quietly filled the air.

Fati and miaizha saw at the same time that a white mist suddenly appeared somewhere in the forest. It was like the White mist exhaled by warm-blooded animals in winter, but there was nothing there.

“Who is it?”

Miaizha asked again as he raised his claws to protect his chest.

Creak. Creak.

A very light sound of stepping on dry branches came from the forest and slowly moved towards the two of them.

“Hmph! Do you think that you can scare me?”

Miaizha raised a front paw as if to signal to something in the sky. Then, a huge ice block fell from the sky in response to his will, smashing down toward the place where the sound had come from.

The ice block was ridiculously large, about the size of a shopping cart in the supermarket. It broke a tree as thick as an adult man’s thigh in half, and a large amount of crushed ice and ice powder fell like rain.

Crushed ice, ice powder, leaves, and thin branches fell on an invisible thing, outlining the outline of that thing. It was ... A Wolf or a big dog. Because judging by its size alone, among the wild canines today, only the North American gray wolf had such a large size.

Fati and miaizha were shocked at the same time. They took a few steps back, calmed down, and closed their eyes to pray.

Fati did not know what miezha was praying for, but it was praying for God to give it the Eye of Providence, which was also the legendary omniscient eye, to allow it to see the unknown in the fog.

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