Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1891 - 1891: Large Amount of Origin supreme Treasures!
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Chapter 1891: Large Amount of Origin supreme Treasures! freewebnovel(.)com

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The treasure vault collapsed. Lin Feng directly shattered it by force, revealing the appearance of the treasure vault.

Lin Feng and Ruler Starfield both stepped in.

This treasure vault was huge, and there were many “secret chambers”. In the hall of the treasure vault, there were a large number of rocks on the ground. They looked gray and did not seem to be of any value.

However, Ruler Starfield looked as if he had obtained a supreme treasure and was overjoyed.

“These are waste spacetime crystals! Although they are waste stones, if nurtured by the spacetime principle over time, they might become true spacetime crystals in a few epochs. Although the conversion rate is relatively low, with so many waste spacetime crystals, if there’s sufficient spacetime power, they can even be converted into hundreds of spacetime crystals. It’s incredible. Ruler Yunku is indeed impressive. He actually collected so many waste spacetime crystals.”

Ruler Starfield was clearly very excited.

It was usually very difficult for him to obtain even one spacetime crystal, let alone so many waste spacetime rocks. If they were recycled, with sufficient spacetime power, he could even obtain hundreds of spacetime crystals.

Of course, this would also take a long time.

Lin Feng did not care about these waste stones at all. Hence, he did a favor and said, “If Ruler Starfield likes these waste stones, you can have them all.”

Sensing that Lin Feng did not care about these waste spacetime rocks at all, Ruler Starfield did not stand on ceremony and put them all away directly. There was a chance of obtaining spacetime crystals without killing Origin Beasts. Of course he would not pass on it.

As for Lin Feng, previously, Ruler Starfield had thought that Lin Feng was similar to himself. At most, he was more mysterious and had more abilities. But during the life-or-death crisis just now, Lin Feng had resolved the crisis with such ease. How could Ruler Starfield not realize it after that? He did not understand Lin Fengs true depths at all.

He also knew very little about how terrifying Lin Feng truly was.

However, he could be certain that Lin Feng was definitely far stronger than him. Lin Feng would definitely have a chance to obtain more spacetime crystals in the future. It was normal for him to be uninterested in these waste spacetime crystals.

There were many treasures in the hall. Apart from waste spacetime crystals, the most common things were some precious materials. There were even some natural treasures, and even materials for refining peak supreme treasures.

There were also arrays and so on.

In short, any ordinary Voidwalker who entered this place would be very excited, and treat them as the most precious things. However, these things were insignificant in Lin Feng’s eyes. He simply left them all for Ruler Starfield.

Of course, even if Lin Feng had no use for some of the top-notch natural treasures, he still took some. If the medium chiliocosm was damaged, these top-notch natural treasures could at least be of some use for restoring the medium chiliocosm.

All the treasures in the hall had been plundered. However, Lin Feng was not satisfied. Moreover, he was almost certain that there was something more precious than the things in the hall in the treasure vault.

Hence, Lin Feng looked at the secret chambers. There were still these secret chambers in the treasure vault. Clearly, there were probably some precious treasures stored in every secret chamber, treasures that even Ruler Yunku found precious!

Lin Feng and Ruler Starfield both stood in front of the first secret chamber. Invisible medium chiliocosm power transformed into a huge hand that opened this secret chamber directly.


The moment the secret chamber opened, there was a sight of opulent. It was filled with shining Origin supreme treasures.

“Origin supreme treasures. These are all Origin supreme treasures. There are at least dozens of them!”

Ruler Starfield’s eyes lit up. These were dozens of Origin supreme treasures. He had never seen so many Origin supreme treasures in his entire life. In reality, not only was Ruler Starfield stunned, even Lin Feng was stunned deep down.

In the past, the Origin supreme treasures he had encountered were all individual. But now, there were actually dozens of them. This was simply daunting to the extreme. Although these Origin supreme treasures were all ordinary Origin supreme treasures, they were still stunning.

“According to our previous agreement, we’ll split them equally.”

Lin Feng had no intention of taking them all. He cleaned up. There were a total of 84 Origin supreme treasures. Hence, they split them equally, and each received 42 Origin supreme treasures.

These were 42 Origin supreme treasures. Even for ordinary Origin supreme treasures, even if an ordinary Origin supreme treasure might be suppressed to the extreme in the Origin Gate, it could still more or less unleash some power. At the very least, unleashing 10% of its power would not be a problem.

As long as one comprehended the principle of spacetime on top of that, the

suppression of the spacetime rule would not be so great. They might even be able to unleash 70 to 80% of the power. At that time, their strength would basically be about the same as the Void Overlords in the Origin Gate.

Some Voidwalkers relied on ordinary Origin supreme treasures to get back to the top step by step. Although there were very few of them, and they could even be considered rare, it was not unheard of.

Hence, ordinary Origin supreme treasures were also of some value in the Origin Gate.

The two of them had obtained such a huge surprise in the first secret chamber. What about the second secret chamber?

This time, Ruler Starfield and Lin Feng clearly had much higher expectations for the second secret chamber.


Lin Feng opened the second secret chamber without hesitation.


As soon as the second secret chamber was opened, even Lin Feng felt a trace of pressure. Even though this trace of pressure was very faint, it was indeed pressure.

In the secret chamber, 20 Origin supreme treasures lay quietly.

Every one of them emitted a terrifying aura, an aura that far exceeded that of ordinary Origin supreme treasures. Even Lin Feng felt a trace of pressure. It was obvious how powerful they were. “These… These are powerful Origin supreme treasures?”

Ruler Starfield’s voice was trembling.

Even though Ruler Starfield was once a famous Void Overlord in the outside world, the powerful Origin supreme treasures he obtained could actually be counted on one hand. free webnov

They had never seen such a huge collection of powerful Origin supreme treasures.

Moreover, unlike ordinary Origin supreme treasures, although a powerful Origin supreme treasure was a second-grade supreme treasure, it could still unleash a relatively strong power in the Origin Gate.

At the very least, if one had a preliminary comprehension of the principle of spacetime, wielding a powerful Origin supreme treasure would give them strength almost not inferior to a Void Overlord who had not comprehended the principle of spacetime.

Or rather, the strength he could unleash in the Origin Gate would not be inferior.

In reality, there were not many Void Overlords in the Origin Gate because of the restrictions on peak Origin supreme treasures. Almost every peak Origin supreme treasure was famed, and all of them had owners.

Many cultivators still wielded powerful Origin supreme treasures. But even so, relying on their comprehension of the principle of spacetime, they were still comparable to those Void Overlords.

These 20 powerful Origin supreme treasures were very valuable, or rather, almost priceless!

How many powerful Voidwalkers could these create?

Even Ruler Starfield and Lin Feng, who were comparable to Void Overlords in the outside world, were breathing heavily at this moment. No matter how little greed one had, it was hard to guarantee that they would not have other thoughts when seeing so many powerful Origin supreme treasures.

For a moment, the atmosphere between Lin Feng and Ruler Starfield became tense..

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