Peerless Genius System

Chapter 597 - Three Days
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Chapter 597: Three Days

Despite Miyazaki Ronjin’s age, his strength was still superb, as he could defeat dozens of Inagawa-kai clan members all by himself. None of the clan members could harm him at all.

“Yabole, what are you waiting for? Kill him!”

Suzuki Ikuo yelled at the two gigantic sumo players who were tall and strong. Inwardly, he was still in fear of Miyazaki Ronjin, as he was the very monster that had annihilated the entire Yamaguchi-gumi all by himself.


Both of the heavy-weight sumo players acknowledged him immediately and then approached Miyazaki Ronjin.

Their weight exceeded one hundred and twenty-five kilograms and perhaps even over one hundred and thirty kilograms. Their steps were synchronous, like two elephants thrashing around. The fats on their bodies quivered as they walked, and the entire ground of the sumo hall shook under the weight of their stomping feet.

They did not differ from two moving mountains!

After Miyazaki Ronjin kicked down the last clan member of Inagawa-kai, he sensed an overwhelming force approaching him. Before he could turn to meet the incoming attack, a gigantic fan-sized hand grabbed him by his neck and lifted his entire body into the air.

He was beginning to feel the effects of suffocation, and he reacted by trying to yank the fingers around his neck outward. He was trying to break free of its control as his tanned face turned red from the strain and the veins on his temple were bulging alarmingly, showing signs of pain.

Suddenly, the other sumo player charged at him and crashed into his side.


With a grunt and the sound of bones cracking, Miyazaki Ronjin flew sideways as if a speeding car hit him. Falling hard onto the ground, he felt like his bones had given way.

However, he was pretty hardy and recovered immediately. He got up and was ready to face the sumo fighters again in quick time.

The sumo wrestlers charged at him again from either side, and they looked like they were going to smash him even harder this time.

Miyazaki Ronjin backed off instinctively and then charged at them after steadying himself. He threw out a series of sharp punches at their mid-sections with overwhelming force.


Miyazaki Ronjin threw his fists out like a storm, and every strike landed on the sumo wrestlers’ abdomens. He had used every ounce of strength he had, but there was no effect on the sumo fighters at all. It felt like throwing punches into a bag filled with cotton balls—there was no visible effect other than creating ripples on their ample flesh.

Miyazaki Ronjin raised his head and stared at the sumo fighters. “Are you guys rhinoceros? The skin on your belly is thicker than a wall!” he cried.

One of them smirked and grabbed Miyazaki Ronjin’s shoulders. He then dumped Miyazaki Ronjin away effortlessly, and he sailed through the air in a perfect arc before falling hard on the ground. That throw left him immobilized and helpless.

He turned to Xiao Luo and Kimura Akino and roared, “Are you two going to idle there forever?”

Kimura Akino recovered from the shock and responded by charging in recklessly.

Xiao Luo looked confused and said, “Didn’t you tell us to not get involved?”

“Yabole, you’ll deal with Miyazaki Ronjin. Yokozuna, you’ll deal with that brat. As for this Hua nation pig, I’ll take him down!” Suzuki Ikuo snarled. He looked at Xiao Luo with a smirk and his eyes were filled with excitement. He acted as if he had Xiao Luo in the bag.

“Is that so?”

Xiao Luo smiled disdainfully as he stretched his neck. The cracking sound it made resembled a battle drum before the onset of a charge.

He pounced forward in the next second without warning and teleported right before Suzuki Ikuo. Throwing out a powerful punch, he sent Suzuki Ikuo flying back like a broken kite. The entire action did not take five seconds, and he had already defeated Suzuki Ikuo.


A thick gush of blood spurted from his mouth and Suzuki Ikuo remained slumped on the ground and was completely shocked. He could barely move and felt as if all his internal organs had been squashed together.

Xiao Luo’s display of skill had intimidated the entire room!

This scene sent the mob of hooligans scurrying away screaming. Miyazaki Ronjin and Kimura Akino were getting beaten up by the sumo fighters, and even they were shocked. They knew Suzuki Ikuo’s ability well, as he was definitely strong enough to take on the special police force from the Metropolitan Police Department. However, he could not last for a second with Xiao Han of the Hua nation, and it was truly unimaginable.

Xiao Luo did not bother with Suzuki Ikuo anymore as he looked over to the two giant wrestlers. He taunted them by saying, “Come here, you useless pigs!”

The sumo fighters looked at each other and saw the anger in each other’s eyes. To be taunted by a weak and slender man from the Hua nation was intolerable.

“Hua nation pig, you’re asking for it!”

The two of them shouted and charged toward Xiao Luo like wild boars. If they were to smash into an ordinary person, he would end up either handicapped or dead. The terrifying strength of the sumo fighters was the key reason that they could push others around.

“Speak of the devil, aren’t you guys the pigs?”

Xiao Luo smirked as he leaped into the air toward the two wrestlers. He lashed out with two powerful kicks right into their chest.


There was a resounding clap when their bodies collided and the giant sumo fighters were forced to back by Xiao Luo’s brute force. But it only took them a short while to recover and charge at Xiao Luo again.

Xiao Luo did not back off but charge in. After taking four steps, he attacked both their ankles with two swift kicks. The attack was akin to tripping a person who was running in at full speed, and the momentum sent the sumo fighters flying forward.

Before they could land, Xiao Luo grabbed them by their ankles and started spinning in a full circle. Then he threw them out like a discus.


The two sumo fighters crashed against a wall in the Sumo hall, one after another. The wall gave way like a wet paper being torn apart, leaving two gigantic holes on the wall.

Watching the scene, a sudden silence fell upon the hall.

Regardless of Miyazaki Ronjin, Kimura Akino, or the Inagawa-kai clan members sprawled on the ground, even the hooligans were sent into a stunned state as what just happened before their very eyes were simply unbelievable. Weren’t those people sumo players? How could they be thrown out like some toys by a Hua nation man?

How was that possible? Did he pull off some magic?


Suzuki Ikuo swallowed his saliva with great difficulty as he broke into a cold sweat. This was because Xiao Luo had turned to him and started advancing toward him.

“What...What do you want?” he screamed in fear.

Xiao Luo grabbed him by his collar and pulled him closer. “Who’s the pig?” he asked.

Suzuki Ikuo could see that Xiao Luo’s eyes. They had turned blood-red, and that terrified him. “I am the pig, the Ri nation people are the pigs!”

“Very well!”

Xiao Luo smirked, and he took out a black pill from his pocket. He then put it into Suzuki Ikuo’s mouth forcefully, and with his palm, he forced the black pill down Suzuki Ikuo’s throat. Suzuki Ikuo swallowed the pill under the gag reflex.

“Cough... Cough, cough...”

He coughed rigorously and looked at Xiao Luo in fear, “What... What did you feed me?”

“It’s poison. You will die if you don’t eat the antidote within three days and you will die with blood oozing out from your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. You only have three days to find me that black SUV. Otherwise, do not dream about getting the antidote and you jolly well can wait for your death.” Xiao Luo said as he released the man.

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