Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 49 - 49: A Mother’s Heart
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Chapter 49: A Mother’s Heart

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

‘Mother, I’ll help the two children make the bed first,” Ye Muyu said.

Madam Zhang subconsciously looked at Madam Liu.

Madam Liu did not expect Ye Muyu to be so calm. She nodded and said,

“Alright, come with me.”

Madam Zhang watched the four people leave, somewhat surprised.

When there was only her and Chu Qingxiang left in the room.

Madam Zhang asked the doubts in her heart, “Qingxiang, do you think your third aunt is pretending, or has she really thought it through?”

Chu Qingxiang was thinking about how her four talents would rank in the county. When she heard her mother’s words, she said nonchalantly, “Mother, why do you care about this? You’ll know after a while.”

“That’s true.” Madam Zhang was reminded by her daughter and felt that she was asking for trouble.

She did not dwell on this problem.

Instead, she brought the topic back to the important Four Arts Competition.

“Qingxiang, although you know all four arts now, I think it will be very difficult for you to rank in the top ten of the county.”

“You see, not only are there girls from the county magistrate’s own family, but there are also girls from those scholars’ families.”

“I’m afraid we country bumpkins can’t compare to these people, but there’s no absolute, so we still have a chance.”

“My daughter is the best. In the following period of time, you just need to consolidate the four arts.” Madam Zhang was afraid that Chu Qingxiang would feel pressured, so she quickly took back her words of praise.

Chu Qingxiang did not care about Madam Zhang’s words. She knew that it would be difficult for her to enter the top ten, but it was not impossible.

Just from cooking and paper-cutting, those rich ladies probably would not touch them since they were young.

Although there was a chance, she had always been cautious and did not want to waste any time. She said to Madam Zhang, “Mother, I’m going back to my room to do my needlework. Don’t call me for small matters.”

“I know. I won’t disturb you.” Madam Zhang saw that her daughter was willing to work hard and heaved a sigh of relief.

As the saying went, one was not afraid of how outstanding others were, but one was afraid that one’s own daughter was not motivated.

Chu Heng had worked hard enough to become the only scholar in the village.

Madam Zhang knew that although hard work was important, a great teacher was also very important. Thus, she was already thinking about who to find to teach her daughter cooking to help her daughter.

Madam Wang also had the same thoughts as Madam Zhang.

When Madam Wang returned home, she did not go to the fields. Instead, she hurried back to her maiden family in the same village. Her mother would be fine with needlework. She also sent a message back, wanting to get her mother to teach her daughter needlework first.

Over here, Ye Muyu followed Madam Liu to the west wing.

The structure of the Chu family’s old house was similar to Chu Heng’s.

The moment they entered the courtyard.

However, there were more rooms in the Chu family’s old mansion, and there were two more rooms on both sides.

Chu Jin was a boy, so he lived with Chu Sheng and Chu Ming. The first room in the west wing was the study room. It was convenient for the three children to study there.

Moreover, he would not have to clean up a room alone.

Chu Ziluo stayed alone in the outermost room of the east wing. freewebnov

The room was next to Chu Qingxiang’s room.

The two sisters could usually do needlework together.

This was Madam Liu’s consideration.

Ye Muyu was the first to enter the room. She felt that although the whole room was a little small, it was still clean. It was a guest room prepared in the old mansion.

Even the mattress was new, and the bedsheets were all laid out. However, the entire room was empty, with no furniture.

“Mother, my husband said that he will teach Ziluo how to read in the future. I will buy a desk and place it by the window,” Ye Muyu said..

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