Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 46 - 46: Reward Order
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Chapter 46: Reward Order

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“We’re doing this for your own good.” Chu Zhiwen could tell that the two of them were unwilling. In fact, this was originally used to test Chu Heng. He was the same as Madam Liu. He did not want his son to have a divorce when he had a bright future.

Whether it was divorce or temporary separation, it was not a good choice.

They felt that Chu Heng was being impulsive.

When Chu Cai and Madam Wang heard this, they knew that this matter was already a foregone conclusion. No matter who it was, he or Madam Wang could not bear the crime of being unfilial.

“However…” Chu Zhiwen deliberately changed his tone and looked at his three sons.

“It’s not right to live in the old mansion.”

“If we live together in the old residence, there will be gossip again.”

“People will say that the two of us are biased.”

The people below all understood, especially Madam Wnag. They were not saying that the two elders were biased. They were clearly worried that outsiders would say that there was something wrong with Third Brother’s relationship with Madam Ye. 𝐟𝗿𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝗼𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝐦

If Madam Wang could understand, the smart Madam Zhang and Chu Lin would naturally understand as well.

Therefore, the key to this matter was Chu Heng’s attitude.

Everyone looked at Chu Heng.

Chu Heng picked up his teacup and took a sip of tea. His voice was neither fast nor slow. “Father, Mother, Eldest Brother, Second Brother, there’s something I forgot to tell you.”

“The county magistrate plans to hold a female arts competition. Girls between the ages of eight and fourteen can participate. It’ll be about needlework, tea art, paper-cutting, cooking.”

“In the entire county, the top ten unmarried girls will be rewarded by the county magistrate.”

“What? The county magistrate personally issued it?”

“Reward order? Really? Third Brother, why didn’t you say something like this earlier?”

The first sentence was said by Chu Zhiwen in surprise, but the second sentence was said by Madam Liu in excitement and disbelief.

Who would not want to be praised by the county magistrate? That was an official, the highest official in the entire county!

Even a scholar had to treat the county magistrate with courtesy.

If their girls were really received the commendation order personally issued by the county magistrate, would she still have to worry about getting married?

Madam Wang and Madam Zhang were no longer as dejected as before. They raised their heads and looked at Chu Heng excitedly.

“Third Brother, is what you said true?” Although Madam Zhang only had one daughter, Chu Qingxiang, and she was about to get engaged, she also hoped that her daughter could get a ranking. This way, when she married into her husband’s family in the future, she would have a higher status.

She was always worried that her daughter would be inferior if she married into the Song family. Although Chu Heng, the third uncle, was a deterrent, Song Lu was also an elementary scholar Moreover, he was only seventeen now. He only became an elementary scholar two years later than Chu Heng. In the whole of Nanchang County, he could be considered a very promising scholar.

If Chu Heng failed to get become a high scholar in the future, but Song Lu did, her daughter’s status would be low.

It had to be said that as a mother, she wanted to find a good family for her

daughter before she got married.

However, if she really found a good family, she was worried that her family would not be able to support her and that her daughter would go over to suffer.

All of this worried them.

The matter of the county magistrate issuing the commendation order simply attracted Madam Zhang.

If her daughter had entered the top ten, there was no longer any worry.

Madam Wang was also thinking about her daughter’s marriage.

If her daughter Qingyu could get a ranking, even if it was the tenth place, she would no longer have to worry about her daughter’s marriage. At that time, all the families would definitely come to chase after her.

In that case, not only could Qingyu not refuse to learn from her mother, but she had to learn well.

Madam Wang was the first to raise her head. “Mother, Qingyu will come to the old mansion to learn from you in the future. I’ll have to trouble you..”

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