Passion Heaven

Chapter 12: Rescue among the chaos (pt. 1)
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Chapter 12: Rescue among the chaos (pt. 1)

He never would have thought that she would become someone else’s wife.

Inside the villa in the military compound, Xia Mu is locked inside his home. He sits on top of his bed with his head down, his fringe covering his eyes as his expression darkens.

He never would have thought his grandfather would lock him inside the villa.


In the morning, after Xia Mu hears about the news of Yawang from the maid auntie, he immediately turns his heels and walks straight to the door. As he hand reaches over the doorknob, an old, tired voice speaks up from behind.

“Where are you going?”

“Go find Yawang.” He answers back calmly without turning his head.

“You’re not allowed to go.” The commander orders in a low voice. Xia Mu turns around with a shocked expression.

“Why can’t I go?!” He doesn’t understand what his grandfather is thinking. Why would he do that?!Commander Xia walks a few steps forward.

“That woman will ruin you!” He also doesn’t understand what his grandson is thinking. Why can’t he listen?!

“She will not ruin me,” Xia Mu looks at him coldly. “If you don’t let me go, the person who will ruin me is you, grandpa.”

“What are you talking about?!” Commander Xia yells out, his voice trembling from Xia Mu’s tone.

“What kind of person do Grandpa hope I will become?” He asks with a slightly disappointed look.

“The person who commits a wrongdoing then blames it to the woman and hides behind his grandfather for help?” Commander Xia did not comment back.

“I don’t want to! I rather go to jail than becoming that person!”

“Xia Mu!” Commander Xiao stomps his foot. “Yawang did it voluntarily, no one forced her!”

“I also did it voluntarily, no one forced me.” He opens the door, with the sunlight shining onto him. He steps out and murmurs softly,

“I will take responsibility for my actions. Don’t worry about me, Grandpa.”


Commander Xia watches Xia Mu leave as he is stunned over his words. He suddenly thought of the conversation a long time ago between him and his son, Xia Mu’s father. He also tried to leave the house once for a dangerous mission in Yunnan. He wouldn’t let him go, telling him it’s too dangerous. He hoped his son will protect his own region, but his son said the exact same thing and left!

“What kind of person do Dad hope I will become?”

“A person who can live in a comfortable life.”

“I don’t want that. I just want to do the things I love. I will decide what to do, don’t worry about me, Dad.” The sudden pain of losing a child hits him again. He clenches onto his chest and breathes deeply, but he feels like he can’t breathe at all. Uncle Cheng hurriedly walks over to his side to support him.


“Bring Xia Mu back!” He pants heavily as he points at Xia Mu’s shadow. “I cannot lose him, cannot!”

Yes, it’s true that he wants his son and grandson to become a righteous man, but now, he hope they can be safe by his side. Even if they don’t want to, he will not give in to their objections.

“Yes!” After Uncle Cheng seats Commander Xia onto the couch, he and two security officers goes out to bring Xia Mu back.


The night slowly starts to darken; as the room goes pitch black, Xia Mu slowly lifts his head, his eyes showing determination and an incisive expression.

On one side, Xia Mu is locked inside his home. On the other side, Tang Xiao Tian completes his graduation rehearsal and gets in touch with Zhang Jing Yu. Zhang Jing Yu sounds like he’s about to cry when he shouts at Xiao Tian over the phone.

“My god, you’re finally coming back. Hurry!” Xiao Tian feels his heart sinking as his body turns cold.

“What happened? Tell me!” He shouts as he grips onto the phone. Zhang Jing Yu can’t really explain what happened to Shu Yawang. He only knows about the widespread news of Xia Mu shooting Qu Wei Ran, but knowing Xia Mu’s temperament, Jing Yu seems to guess what have happened, but didn’t dare to tell Xiao Tian. He urges him to hurry back before it’s too late. Tang Xiao Tian hangs up his phone and rushes home from his school. From the city of his school to his home in S City, it’s about a fourteen hour train ride.

He sits in the train cart as the train zooms by the dark night. He looks out of the window, the glass reflecting his silhouette. He narrows his eyebrows, looking like he is suppressing a never-ending amount of pain. He didn’t realize that his whole body is trembling slightly, just thinking about what might possibly happen to Yawang leads to a suffocating pain to his heart. He forces himself to not think, forces himself to stay calm, but he can’t do it. The premonition of losing something is driving him crazy! He needs to go back, go back to be by Yawang’s side, never separating from her again. He can’t have her encounter such dangerous events again, ever!

When the early morning train stops at the S City train stop, Tang Xiao Tian pushes the passengers away to exit out of the train and calls for a taxi cab to go straight to the military compound. During that time, Commander Xia’s voice can be heard from the three-story villa in the military compound, ordering Uncle Cheng to bring Xia Mu back. Uncle Cheng salutes as he receives the order, looking back at Xia Mu’s bed before walking out of his room. At the end, he still ran off. This kid, whatever he wants to do, no one can stop him.


Shu Yawang’s mother carries her vegetable basket with an anxious expression. Her nose prickles as she thinks about her daughter. She walks up to the entrance of her home, climbing up four flights of stairs. She is about to retrieve her keys out from her purse when a shadow flashes by from upstairs. She drops her keys to the floor from the shock, the keys creating a clear sound. She slaps her hand onto her chest as she said,

“Aiyah, you scared me to death! What are you doing, my child?”

“Auntie, where’s Yawang?” Tang Xiao Tian, who looks exhausted after not sleeping for one night, looks at her anxiously with his bloodshot eyes. Yawang’s mother purses her lips and avoids his gaze.

“Xiao Tian, why did you come back? Aren’t you busy preparing for graduation?”

“Where’s Yawang?” He asks again.

“Yawang, Yawang…” She stops and looks at him in hesitation.

“Auntie, tell me, where is Yawang? Where is she?” He grips onto her arms, his bloodshot eyes watering.

“Auntie, please tell me. Yawang is my wife, what happened to her? I’m begging you, please tell me.”

“She’s….she’s no longer your fiancée, ” Her mother answers back, turning her head away

because she can’t bear to see his face.

“Yawang is married to someone else.” Tang Xiao Tian stands still, unable to regain the grasp of reality. It’s like a clap of thunder striking in the clear sky, making him unable to react. He shakes his head as he steps back, looking at her in shock and disbelief as he clenches his jaw.

“Impossible! Impossible!”

“Yawang is mine, she’s always been mine.”

“She won’t marry someone else, never.”

“She loves me, I know she does.” He keeps muttering in a trembling voice, and as he meet eyes with Yawang’s mother, the tears being withheld in his eye sockets fall down. He have thought of many possibilities in the train. He is mentally prepared with any possible unfortunate events that she have possibly encountered. No matter what happens, he still wants her. He will be by her side and love her, never leaving her. But he never thought of…thought of this happening. He never have thought that she will become someone else’s wife.

“Auntie, she must be forced into it! Who forced her? Who?!” He suddenly yells out. Her mother raises her hand to wipe her tears away. She sighs out loud and answers in a sad tone,

“Whether if she’s forced into it or did it voluntarily, she’s already married. Xiao Tian, go back to school. I know my daughter, she’s very stubborn, she will definitely think she won’t be able to face you for the rest of her life. Don’t go look for her, if you do, she might harm herself. You two, you two are over.”

“Over?” He repeats her word, then shakes his head.

“No, it can’t be over. It will never be over.” He holds onto her hand and pleads to her.

“Auntie, tell me what happened to Yawang. Please tell me, I’ll kneel down in front of you!” She hastily lifts up Xiao Tian, forbidding him to kneel down. She sighs and opens the door before turning her head to look at Xiao Tian.

“Come in, I’ll tell you what happened.” At this time, the sun have reaches its peak, shining onto every person; the grief-looking Tang Xiao Tian who is sitting on the couch in the Shu family’s living room, Xia Mu who is wandering the streets after escaping, and Shu Yawang who is looking at a distance from the hospital room’s window.


Qu Wei Ran looks at Shu Yawang in awe, he thinks that his Yawang is more beautiful now. It’s like a type of quiet despair kind of beauty, so beautiful that he can’t stray his eyes away from her. He have her, forcibly pulling her away from her happiness to be by his side, even he don’t understand why he’s so attached to her. Maybe it’s because Tang Xiao Tian’s love is too beautiful. He thinks that if he have Yawang, he will also have a beautiful love.

“Lu Pei Gang.” He calls out to his caretaker while gazing at Yawang.

“Yes, Mr. Qu?” He asks as he walks towards him, “What do you need?”

“Pack up my belongings and help me with the discharge procedures.” Qu Wei Ran answers with a laugh.

“Mr. Qu, you can’t. Your body still needs to undergo therapy treatment, you can’t be discharged now.”

“No, I have to be discharged.” He argues stubbornly.

“Why?” Lu Pei asks in suspicion. Qu Wei Ran, whose gaze never strayed away from Yawang, smiles.

“Because…after stealing someone’s treasure, we need to hurry up and hide it..” Yawang turns her body slowly and gives him a cold look. Qu Wei Ran squints his eyes and smiles back at her.


The discharge procedures are done quickly and Lu Pei Gang reports back to the hospital room after he’s finished.

“Mr. Qu, it’s all done. Chief Qu wants you to wait for a moment, he will personally come over with someone to pick you up.” Qu Wei Ran who is lying on the hospital bed gives him a polite smile.

“I’m sorry for troubling you.”

“You’re too kind.” Lu Pei Gang replies back, dipping his head slightly before walking out of the room. Qu Wei Ran who is a good mood looks at Yawang who is staring out blankly at the window and sighs.

“Ah, I want to see Tang Xiao Tian.” Shu Yawang’s eyes flash, ignoring him. He cocks his head to the side, his eyes showing a gloomy and evil expression.

“I really want to see him cry in agony.” Yawang turns her body around and gives him a cold stare.

“Like he will cry!”

“He won’t? Hehe.” He looks at her in disbelief. “Oh and that kid, what’s his name? Xia Mu!” Qu Wei Ran’s handsome face displays a strong resentment and scary expression. Shu Yawang quickly walks forward.

“You cannot touch him! We had an agreement.”

“Yawang-ah, you have to believe me. Even if I don’t do anything, I can make his life into a living hell.” He chuckles back. Yawang gives a cold laugh in reply and turns her body away from him.

“Just you wait, I will also make your life a living hell.” Right now, Shu Yawang’s eyes are filled with vengeance, she just wants to drag Qu Wei Ran to the most darkest and painful part of hell. But she seem to forgotten that this devil is already in the deepest parts of hell!


Qu Wei Ran’s father have quickly sent people to pick up his son, renting the hospital’s ambulance to drive his son home. Qu Wei Ran is being put onto a wheelchair with Lu Pei Gang pushing him from the back. His father walks by his side and Shu Yawang follows from behind. The wheelchair enters the elevator and Yawang walks in right after. As the elevator door is preparing to close, Yawang’s blank stare turns into shock when a familiar shadow appears. She didn’t have enought time to confirm if it’s him before the elevator doors close.

The elevator slowly goes down as Yawang’s heart beats fast. Is it him? How can it be? She grips onto her arms and bites her lips, shaking her head in denial. It can’t be him. The elevator makes a ding sound and the doors open. Yawang steps out first and sees a hospital ambulance parked right in front of the entrance. The three men waiting by the ambulance rushes towards Qu Wei Ran’s father and Lu Pei Gang to assist them in putting Qu Wei Ran into the ambulance. Lu Pei Gang straps the seatbelt onto Qu Wei Ran before setting up the IV drip and oxygen mask on him. He makes sure that everything is set up correctly before nodding his head to his father’s direction.

“You can start the car.” Qu Wei Ran’s father sits across from the wheelchair and Shu Yawang sits silently next to him. A man raise his arms to close the ambulance doors, and when Yawang looks up, everything happens in an instant flash, but in her eyes, it’s in slow motion. That man grabs onto the ambulance door handle and locks it, making a “pong” sound She turns her head and shuts her eyes, she have already made her decision, why does she still feel unwilling to do this? Yawang, whose eyes are shut, is not aware of Qu Wei Ran, whose gaze is firmly fixed on her. The man who closes the door goes to sit on the shotgun, opening and closing the door. Another man turns on the engine and Qu Wei Ran feel the corners of his lips lifted, revealing a victorious smile.


At this time, someone opens the ambulance door! The sunlight shines inside the ambulance, causing Yawang to turn her head around. Under the bright sunlight, a shadow rushes in and grabs onto her right arm!

“Leave with me!” He yells, panting from the running. Shu Yawang can finally see his face clearly, he is still as handsome as ever, like a handsome teenager in a manga.

“Xia Mu?” She looks at him blankly.

“Let’s go!” He tugs on her arm.

“No, I can’t…” She shakes her head.

“Shut up! Just follow me!” He roars out this statement! She looks back at him in surprise, did he actually shouted at her? He tugs on her arm again, trying to pull her out. Qu Wei Ran’s father stands up and holds onto Xia Mu’s arm.

“You brat! How dare you appear in front of us again! Today, I will destroy you.”

“Go away!” He yells, throwing a piercing cold glare at him. Qu Wei Ran’s father turns agitated and raises his arm to strike him, but Xia Mu is faster than him and retrieves a gun out with his left hand. He points the gun towards Qu Wei Ran’s father’s head.

“Go away!” He lets go of Xia Mu’s arm in fear and walks two steps back. When being faced with a kid that has a criminal record, he didn’t dare to anger him. Xia Mu still have his hand around Yawang’s arm, and he pulls her as they two walk backwards facing them. Qu Wei Ran struggles to lifts his head from the stretcher and yells out,

“Xia Mu, if you dare to take her away, I will make you stay in prison for your whole life! Your whole life!” He stops and lets go of her arm, walking towards Qu Wei Ran and looking directly at him.

“I rather stay in my prison for my whole life than to let you touch even one strand of her hair! I hate that I didn’t kill you that time, but it’s not too late to act now since I’ll be in prison for a lifetime anyway!” With Xia Mu’s cold stare and voice full of hatred, no one will suspect his words as he places the gun near Qu Wei Ran’s head. Qu Wei Ran’s eyes show fear and his father shouts to stop him.

“No, you can’t!”

“Xia Mu, stop.” Shu Yawang pleads, running to Xia Mu’s side and pulling him away.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Xia Mu snorts out a sound, raising a leg and kicking down the IV drip stand and respirator before pulling Yawang away.

“Xia Mu, just you wait! I will not let you go-hu, hu- will not let you go! Hu-hu-”

“Mr. Qu, calm down, take a deep breath. Inhale deeply!” Shu Yawang turns her head to look at the chaos in the ambulance. She sees his father’s ashen face and Qu Wei Ran’s embarrassed face, and she suddenly wants to laugh!

At the end, she laughed.

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