Passion Heaven

Chapter 11: Yawang, don’t cry (pt. 2)
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Chapter 11: Yawang, don’t cry (pt. 2)

When the cab arrives to the front of Hyde Industrial Group, Shu Yawang rushes out and pushes the glass door open, making a beeline towards Qu Wei Ran’s office. She is a couple meters away from his office when she suddenly hears a gunshot behind her. She whips her head around and freeze in position. Her breathing stops and the whole office building turn silent.

Bang. Another gunshot is fired, and it seem to awaken the company employees. They all start to scream and run out of the meeting room. Yawang also snaps back to reality and she bites her lips nervously when she feels her hands turning cold. She leans against the wall as she tries to move towards the meeting room when everyone is trying to run away.

When she reaches the meeting room, all she can see is a handsome young man with his arm raised, holding onto a gun. His blank eyes stare at the man on the chair. The man is wearing a suit, a pair of golden-rimmed glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. He is paralyzed on the chair, his eyes shut tight as blood flows out from his wound. The blood drips down to the floor, staining the young man’s white shoes red. Yawang’s mind goes blank as she stares at the scene before her with widen eyes and trembling lips.

In the room, it’s stenched with blood and Xia Mu is frozen in position, his right cheek being hit with blood. His face does not reveal any expression, but the slight trembling of his hand shows his current emotions. Yawang slowly walks towards them, bending her body forward to look at Qu Wei Ran who is sitting on the chair. She lifts up her hand and places a finger under his nose, and then she quickly pulls her hand away. She covers her mouth, about to cry. He killed someone, he really killed someone for her! She raises her head and looks at Xia Mu who is still frozen in position. She stands back up shakily, lifting her arm and taking the gun away from his hand. She holds onto his hand and coughs out his name.

“Xia Mu…” Her voice awakens him, and his eyes wander to her. Tears start to stream down her face.

“Yawang, don’t cry.” He lifts his hand and wipes the tears away.

“No one will bully you now, no one will!” Her heart starts to burn in an uncomfortable way. She cries and extends her arms out, hugging Xia Mu and crying.

“Xia Mu, Xia Mu…”


At the winter of her twenty-second year, she is standing in the crossroads of police cars and ambulances. The young man she held in her embrace is being taken away in handcuffs. She follows the police car, her cries sounding exhausted. From then on, she feels her life is being shattered into pieces, it can never be put back exactly the way it was before.

She sits on the bed lifelessly and hugs herself. Her pants have some blood stain on it and she stares at her hands blankly. She bites onto her fingers and her body shakes continuously with fear. Ten days, it’s been ten days since Xia Mu was arrested. The situation seems to heading towards the worst case scenario; Qu Wei Ran have lost an abundant amount of blood and is currently in a deep coma in the hospital. The doctor announce he will mostly likely be in a vegetative state.

Qu Wei Ran’s father cannot bear the possibility of losing another son, so he goes crazy to take revenge on the imprisoned Xia Mu. He have the security footage of the incident published online, the topic of a child of a military official killing someone with a gun quickly spreads in the online community. The netizens who never thinks of consequences after typing their comments spread the slogan “One life for another life!”. His father spends extravagantly to have the television station report this news for three days, causing an uproar of dissatisfaction from the general public. The chief of the Public Security Bureau regards this case very highly, refusing to meet anyone that is sent from the Xia family, making them unable to bail Xia Mu out.

Commander Xia originally asked Qu Wei Ran’s father to settle this before having this case going to court, but the father reply back,

“Commander Xia, I think you understand the pain of losing your son at an old age. This pain can not be settled in whatever way possible.” His reply exhibits his determination, if Qu Wei Ran really dies, he will spend his whole fortune to make sure Xia Mu goes to jail!


Everyone in the Xia family villa is quiet, Yawang’s father standing outside of the living room as Commander Xia talks with the lawyer with a frozen face and clasped hands.

“Lawyer Liu, how do you think the court will sentence this case?” The lawyer inhales deeply as he narrows his eyebrows.

“In this case, if Qu Wei Ran really does die, then he will definitely be charged with murder. In this country’s law, juveniles will not be put into death penalty. They will be sentenced according to the law, the worst case scenario being life imprisonment and the lightest sentence will be imprisonment for fifteen years. If he doesn’t die, then he will be charged with illegal possession of gun and attempted murder. That two charges will lead to at least six years of imprisonment, but it really depends on the judge.” Commander Xia turns silent for awhile before turning his head back.

“How confident are you to have them place the lightest sentence?” The lawyer pushes his glasses back.

“Depends if the man in hospital is going to die or not. Commander Xia, you can also go to the city procuratorate and find the judge who is in charge of this case. Even though there are clear evidence, it’s the judge who decides the length of the sentence.”

“The plaintiff is grasping onto the case tightly, will they ask for a heavier sentence?” The lawyer shakes his head.

“The victims usually sue for civil damages, it have nothing to do with criminal liability. The only thing they can request for is higher compensation.” Commander Xia nods his head at the lawyer’s reply.

“I understand, you may head back. I’m sorry for troubling you with this case.”

“Not at all, it’s no trouble, Commander Xia.” The lawyer packs his files and stands up, tilting his head and bending his waist to a slight bow. Commander Xia nods his head and Lawyer Liu turns his heels and exits out.

“Xiao Cheng.”

“Yes, Commander?” Uncle Cheng asks as he appears in front of Commander Xia.

“What did Judge Wang say?”

“Judge Wang said he will try his best.”

“What does trying his best mean?!” He pounds his fists onto the coffee table. “See what happens if he dare to sentence Xia Mu to prison!”

“Commander, I heard that Qu Tian Yong (Qu Wei Ran’s father) are giving out gifts to the court prosecutors.” Commander Xia looks at him coldly. “But no one dare to receive it.”

“Keep finding other judges, try to delay the case as far as they can. Don’t let it enter the judicial process, wait until the news die down first.”

“Yes.” After Uncle Cheng leaves, Yawang’s father lowers his head in guilt.

“Commander Xia, this is my fault.” Commander Xia clenches on his fist and pounds it on the table, lecturing Yawang’s father with an angry voice.


“Shu Quan! (Yawang’s father) I hand over Xia Mu to you to teach him, and you taught him to become a loyal dog! He will jump and bite whoever bullies your daughter, you had done a good job teaching him! Well done!” After his angry spurt, he pounds his fist onto the table before standing up and leaving the room. Yawang’s father clenches his jaw as he lowers his head, breathing deeply to control his temper.

On the twentieth day since Xia Mu was arrested, the doctor announced Qu Wei Ran’s brain have an extreme shortage of blood and oxygen, thus leading him in a deep unconscious or coma state, and declared him to be in a vegetative state.

On the twenty-fourth day, the Qu family uses all the connections they have to urge the court to have the case go under judicial process as soon as possible, determined to put Xia Mu in jail!

On the twenty-sixth day, Shu Yawang finds out that she’s pregnant…


In the intensive care room, a man is lying on the bed peacefully with a respirator. His cheeks are sunken, but he still looks handsome nevertheless. Shu Yawang looks at him behind the glass. She stares at the man with her cold eyes, not moving away from her position until she hears footsteps coming towards her.

“What are you doing here?!” A hoarse voice shouts behind her. She turns her head and looks at him, she seen him before in the work dinner. He looked like a successful businessman then, but now he looks like he aged twenty years, his head full of white hair instead of black with an exhausted look on his face. She lowers her gaze and reaches her hand out for a handshake. Qu Wei Ran’s father looks at her with hatred, he heard his son was hurt because of this woman. He can’t believe that he, Qu Tian Yong, will experience the pain of losing two sons at an old age! The Qu family line will come to an end!

“Get out,” He bellows out, pointing his finger to the door. “My son don’t want to see you.” She looks down to the floor and murmurs out,

“I’m pregnant.” His father is in shock. “It’s your son’s.” He widens his eyes in disbelief.

“You’re….you’re telling the truth?” She nods her head. He grasps onto her shoulders tightly.

“What conditions do you want to be able to give birth? Money is not a problem!” She inhales deeply, then lifts her head up.

“Let go of Xia Mu.” He gives her a sharp glare.

“No, if I let go of him now, what happens if you don’t give birth?”

“If you don’t let go of him, I will definitely not give birth.” His father’s eyes wander from side to side as he thinks of what to do.

“Alright, I’ll agree to it for now. But I will speak to your father about the conditions.” Yawang laughs sarcastically.

“Is that necessary?” He gives a cunning laugh.

“Of course, you youngsters change your minds so often, I will be worried.”

“Whatever you like.” After she gives her reply, she leaves the room. Qu Wei Ran’s father rubs his hands excitedly, looking at Qu Wei Ran behind the glass.

“Wei Ran, this is great, you have a kid. Our family line will not come to an end. This woman made you become this, I will definitely not let her live well. Wei Ran, Dad will avenge her for you.”


Three days later, Qu Wei Ran’s father presents his conditions:

- Yawang must marry Qu Wei Ran.

- After the child turns one year old, she can ask for a divorce. After the divorce, she cannot claim any fortune from them.

- During the pregnancy and breastfeeding period, she must stay in the Qu family’s residence.

Yawang’s mother looks at the conditions and immediately stands up to protest.

“No! I will not agree to these! I will not have Yawang give birth to that bastard’s child unless I die! Even on my deathbed, I will not let her to do this!” Yawang’s father smokes lifelessly on his chair, the ashtray full of cigarette butts. Her mother walks over to him and gives him a slight push.

“Say something! Honey, you can’t, you can’t agree to this. If you agree to this, Yawang’s life will be ruined.” Shu Yawang is curled up on the couch, her eyes staring ahead, her right hand unknowingly reaching over to the ring on her ring finger of her left hand. Her father pushes the cigarette onto the ashtray, extinguishing the smoke from it.

“I can’t have Xia Mu go to jail.” He speaks in a gloomy voice. Her mother hits him in anger.

“Are you crazy?! Yawang is your daughter! If you want to repay your debt, do it yourself, don’t drag my daughter into it! Don’t even think about it!” His eyes turn red, letting her mother continue to hit him. She keeps on hitting him until tears run down her face. She walks over to the couch and hugs Yawang.

“Don’t be scared Yawang, I won’t have you have that child. Mom will go with you to abort the baby tomorrow! We will get rid of that dirty thing tomorrow! It’s okay Yawang, don’t be scared.” Yawang’s nose prickles and her eyes redden.

“Mom, I’m going to give birth to this child.” Her mother lifts her hand and slaps her arm.

“Are you crazy? Do you know what you’re saying right now? Giving birth, you think it’s easy?” Yawang shuts her eyes.

“Mom, I cannot ignore Xia Mu, he did this because of me…”

“What do you mean he did this because of you! You didn’t tell him to use a gun to murder someone! It’s not your fault, why are you the one suffering the consequences…” She slumps down to the floor and cries. Yawang hugs her knees together and weeps softly. Her mother sits up on the couch and rocks Yawang.

“Yawang, are you sure about this? You don’t want Xiao Tian? Didn’t you like him ever since you were little? Didn’t you always want to marry him? If you give birth to a child of another man, how are you going to get married?” Yawang lifts her head and smiles bitterly.

“Mom, how can I marry him in this state? I don’t deserve him.” Her mother hugs her as she cries,

“Hush! What do you mean you don’t deserve him? Don’t think of such things, we can hide this. The Tang family knows nothing of this, and even if they do, Xiao Tian….he won’t look down on you.” He won’t? Yawang bites onto her lip and looks at the ring, then forcefully pulls it out. Even if he won’t look down on me, I’ll look down on myself!

“Mom, I already made my decision.” She ignores her mother’s cries and leave the room, walking to her bedroom and closing the door, closing off her mother’s cries and father’s silence.


During the evening in the barracks, two shadows swiftly runs behind the trees, making a stop in front of an office building. One of the shadows murmurs out,

“Xiao Tian, are we really going to sneak inside?” Tang Xiao Tian looks around his surroundings and nods.

“Of course, why else are we out here in the middle of the night?”

“No, if we get caught, we will get punished. We’re going to graduate soon…”

“If you’re scared, then go back. I have to make a phone call tonight.” He pushes a tree branch away and starts to climb on the back wall of the office building.

“Ah, Xiao Tian, wait for me!” The shadow behind him quickly follows Xiao Tian. What rotten luck! Their school’s graduation practice is abnormal; they will lock the students in a confined space and confiscates all their phones, forbidding any contact with the outside world. For a month, they’ve been battling and practicing, and they still have to endure it for another two weeks.

When Xiao Tian climbs up to the third floor, he reaches out for a pen in his pocket and picks the lock on the window.

“Xiao Tian, if you want to be a thief, you’ll be an exceptional one.” His comrade comments. Xiao Tian chuckles and opens the windows, entering through the opening. There is a desk inside the room, and he quickly notices the telephone lying on top. He immediately dials Yawang’s cell phone number, but it went straight to voicemail. He narrows his eyebrows and dials her house number.

“Hello?” Yawang’s mother answers.

“Hi Auntie, this is Xiao Tian. Is Yawang home?”

“She’s home.” She muffles out hesistantly.

“Auntie, may I speak with her?”

“Um…she’s sick.”

“Yawang is sick? Is it serious?” He asks in a worried tone. There’s silence at the other line.

“Auntie, please say something. Is it serious? She hadn’t written any letters to me for a month, is it bad?”

“No, it’s not serious. Don’t worry about it and keep studying. When you come back, she’ll be fine then.” Xiao Tian wants to keep talking, but his comrade pokes him to tell him to hang up. He still needs to use the phone, if they stay here any longer, they’ll be put in a dangerous situation! Xiao Tian hangs up and lets his comrade use the telephone, deciding to call again after he’s done. However, shortly after his comrade is connected to the other line, they hear a shout from outside of the office.

“Who’s in there?!” Xiao Tian and his comrade quickly flees from the scene in fear and runs back to their dorm. The two pants heavily as they reach their dorm, trying to catch their breath.

“Such rotten luck, I just spoke a few words with my girlfriend and people already caught us!” Xiao Tian furrows his eyebrows, making a worried expression.

“What happened?”

“My girlfriend is sick, I want to request a leave of absence to go home.”

“Are you crazy? Requesting a leave of absence at this time? Do you not want to graduate?”

“But Yawang is sick..” He makes a fist with his hands anxiously.

“What did her family say?”

“Her mom said she’s fine.” He answers with narrowed eyebrows.

“Then it’ll be fine. Wait until our graduation practice is over, she will definitely be better then. Don’t worry.” He shakes his head and quickens his steps.

“No, you don’t understand. I’m feeling anxious right now, it’s been like this for awhile. I’m really worried.” His comrade looks at him with a worried look.

“Don’t scare yourself. If it’s really bad, her family would have told you. Besides, she wasn’t feeling that well when you came here. It’s not like she’s going to die right away…” Xiao Tian turns his head back and throws him a glare. His comrade pats him on the shoulder to comfort him.

“Ah, just two more weeks. It’ll fly by quickly, it’ll be okay.” This is the first time Tang Xiao Tian hates being a soldier. He hates how he have no freedom! He looks out to the evening sky with a worried face. Yawang…how are you? What happened? Why am I feeling worried? Why does my heart feel so painful?


Shu Yawang gently spreads open her hands and look at the ring resting on her palm. The diamond on the ring shines brightly against the moonlight. She looks at it for awhile before putting it in a box and locking it in her drawer. That ring that once brought her an indescribable feeling of joy, that ring that once brought her the greatest happiness, she don’t deserve to wear that anymore…

Money makes everything easier; even though Qu Wei Ran is in a vegetative state, his family are able to easily produce a marriage certificate. Yawang just needs to sign on the certificate and she will become Qu Wei Ran’s wife. In the hospital room, Yawang looks down at the marriage certificate. After awhile, she picks up a pen and signs her name. She leans her back against her chair and looks at the signed certificate. Before, she thought that the name beside her’s would be someone else, but in reality, it’s not…

Qu Wei Ran’s father, who is sitting across from her, gives her a scornful look.

“Don’t have that unwilling look on your face. If my son wasn’t in this state and you’re pregnant with his child, I would not allow you to marry him.” She looks back at him with a scornful look as well. His father takes the certificate away from her.

“From now on, you will stay here.” She ignores him like he’s not even there. Now, she understands Xia Mu’s feelings, she understands why he will be so calm, why he won’t interact with others, why he always have that expressionless look on his face.

“When are you going to let go of Xia Mu?” She suddenly asks.

“Oh, the Xia family already bailed him out after you signed the certificate.” Yawang sighs in relief.

“Good, he’s back home.” Qu Wei Ran’s father stands up from his seat.

“I did what I promised, so you better keep your word. If you decide to do anything and cause the Qu bloodline to die out, don’t blame me for any future consequences.” He walks out of the room and shuts the door swiftly. She glares at his back coldly as he leaves. She removes her shoes and curls her body onto the couch, staring at Qu Wei Ran who is lying on the hospital bed in front of her. He lies there silently, his face being covered with a respirator, the ECG flashing out a fluctuating wave. She tilts her head, looking like she’s been possessed, and climbs down from the couch. She walk towards the bed and extends her arm out, pressing her hand against the respirator on his face. Her gloomy eyes stare down at him as she grasps onto the respirator tightly. She is about to pull it off when a hand suddenly stops her.

“What are you doing?” Yawang turns her head and sees a man wearing a black suit standing behind her. He forcefully pulls her arm away and checks the hospital equipment to see if it’s still working, then pulls Yawang away from the bed.

“Miss, what you just did before can be considered as attempted murder.”

“Sue me then, take me to jail.” She does not look like a flustered criminal getting caught in the act. The man narrows his eyebrows at Yawang’s arrogance.

“Miss, my name is Lu Pei Gang, and I am Mr. Qu’s caretaker. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been sitting behind where you’re standing right now. I will be sitting there from now on, so please do not commit this type of act again.”


Yawang shrugs her shoulders, completely ignoring his words. She turns her heels and walks back to the couch, sitting on the chair nearby. The sunlight shines through the window and she tilts her head to welcome the warmth. She closes her eyes and feel the weak, yet peaceful sunlight. Lu Pei Gang looks at Yawang’s profile and scratches his head. This woman is strange, even since she stepped into the room, her eyes are blank. Other than the time she looked at the marriage certificate with hesitation, she was expressionless the whole time. Even when she tried to take the respirator off from Mr. Qu, she was expressionless.

In this room, there’s a person in a vegetative state, a person who doesn’t speak, and a person who doesn’t know what to speak of. Lu Pei Gang thinks his job will make him depressed.

“What date is today?” Yawang suddenly asks. Lu Pei Gang is stunned from her sudden words and scratches his head as he thinks.

“April 30th.” Her eyes move slightly, then she lowers her head.

“He’s going to be back soon.” She murmurs softly.

“Who?” Yawang buries her face on her knees.

“I wish he won’t come back. Never ever come back.” Lu Pei Gang turns more suspicious of this woman.Sometimes she will look arrogant and cold, and at other times she will look sad and pitiful. He looks at her as she continues to murmur to herself,

“Don’t come back, I’m scared that he will come back. Please don’t come back.” She can’t face him, if he knows about this, she will want to die! Shu Yawang realizes how much of a coward she is, a weak coward. Lu Pei Gang can’t take her constant muttering anymore.

“Hey pregnant lady, don’t get agitated.” She ignores him and buries her head down. Lu Pei Gang scratches his head and looks at the time, it’s time for the routine check-up. He grabs a book and head towards the bed, checking the hospital equipment to make sure they’re performing efficiently. Then, he puts the book down and sits near the bed, pulling Qu Wei Ran’s arm gently. He starts to massage his arm to prevent his muscles contracting, as a caretaker, he needs to perform a full body massage four times daily.


After massaging for half an hour, Lu Pei Gang stops as his muscles ache. Massaging a strong yet unconscious man is tiring. He stands up and wipes off the sweat on the corner of his forehead and is about to resume his massaging when he suddenly sees a finger moving slightly. Lu Pei Gang holds his breath and holds onto Qu Wei Ran’s hand as he waits patiently. He sees the finger moving again.

“His hand is moving.” He says excitedly. Yawang lifts her head and looks at him in suspicion.

“It’s true, it’s really moving.” She stands up and curls her hands into a fist.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s going to wake up.” She takes a step back, staring at him in disbelief.

“No, you’re lying…” Lu Pei Gang ignores her and pushes the button on top of the hospital bed. Soon, three doctors dressed in a white gown rushes in the room and crowd around the bed, observing the patient. Yawang bites onto her fingers as she looks at them nervously. No, don’t wake up! She really don’t want him to wake up, at least not until the child is born. Don’t wake up! Don’t wake up! Don’’t wake up! Don’t!

“This is a miracle! He’s starting to recover consciousness. I think within three days, he will fully recover!” Yawang lets go of the finger that is bleeding from her bite and slumps down like a deflated balloon. Yawang has always been a happy person: she have a loving family, a boy who she likes, an adorable younger brother, and great friends. In her twenty-two years of her life, she gets whatever she wants. She thinks, maybe because she has too much, so now, she is suffering. Lu Peng Gang extends his arm and shakes Yawang.

“Are you alright?” She slowly awakens from the shaking and she looks at him.

“If he wakes up, will the Qu family not care about the baby?”

“You’re worried about that? Didn’t you know? Your brother’s second shot hit his area.”

“Where?” She asks, giving him an odd look.

“There. It’s going to be hard for him reproduce.” He rubs his chin before continuing. “But since medical technology is advancing, there should be a way to fix it. Don’t worry, Mr. Qu is a smart man, he will not take risks. Rather than anticipating for the advancement of medical technology, they would rather have you give birth to be safe.” She looks at him and nods.

“Thank you.” Lu Peng Gang scratches his head and smiles.


There’s an old saying that good people do not live long and disasters last for centuries. This saying fits Qu Wei Ran perfectly. After two days, Qu Wei Ran opens his eyes and when he sees Shu Yawang standing in front of him, his eyes widen in surprise.

“Why are you here?” She looks back at him and laughs coldly.

“I’m your wife now, of course I have to be here.” He can’t help it, but to smile when he hears her reply. His dry lips crack and starts to bleed.

“I’m curious of what happened, but no matter what, I’m happy.” She laughs cruelly at him.

“What? Don’t you know? You’re an eunuch now! Or should I say sterile?” Qu Wei Ran’s face is suddenly twisted and he widens his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean literally.” Qu Wei Ran suddenly struggles to sit up, wanting to see his body, but he can’t move. All he can do is shout and scream. Lu Peng Gang runs to his side and holds him down.

“Mr. Qu! Stay still!” When Qu Wei Ran’s father walk in, he sees all the commotion and rushes to his son’s side.

“What happened?”

“Dad! Why did you save me? I rather die in this state!”

“Wei Ran, it’s okay. Dad will find someone to cure you! I asked and they told me there’s a chance of recovery in America! Don’t worry…” No matter how he comforts him, Qu Wei Ran continues to shout in agony. His father turns around and glares at Yawang.

“You told him.” She laughs coldly back at him. He raises his arm up, ready to strike her.

“Go hit me. Don’t blame me if that leads to a miscarriage.” He lowers his arm, the anger within him making his chest rise up and down violently. Qu Wei Ran calms down after awhile, and after he realizes how it all happened, he looks at Yawang.

“I couldn’t believe you would do this for Xia Mu.” She sits on the couch and flashes a cold smile.

“It’s not all for Xia Mu.” She lifts her gaze and looks at him with vengeance.

“You ruined me, so I’m going to ruin you. I will be by your side to torture you and ruin you until I eliminate the hatred in my heart!” Qu Wei Ran stays silent for awhile, then gives Yawang a strange look.

“Yawang-ah, revenge don’t suit you. I don’t like this type of you.”

“I never wanted you to like me.” She replies coldly, her fists balled tightly. Qu Wei Ran continues to speak as if he didn’t heard what she said.

“But I welcome you to torture me! Welcome!” She glares at him.

“You sick person!” He stays lying on the bed and tries to call her out with a coy voice.

“Yawang-ah, I want to drink some water.” She glances over and ignores him. Qu Wei Ran sees her reaction and starts to complain like a child.

“Ah, how can you be so cold? I’m your husband.” Yawang throws down the book in her hands and stands up.

“You want to drink some water?” She walks by the bedside drawer and pours down hot boiling water in a glass cup, then pours it down his throat. Lu Peng Gang quickly runs to her and stops her, pulling her arm away.

“Stop, stop! My goodness.” As the two struggle, the water splashes out from the cup, burning Yawang’s hand. She loosen her grip on the cup and it falls to the floor, shattering into pieces. Yawang inhales deeply to calm herself down, but a hand suddenly pulls onto her’s. She looks up and see Qu Wei Ran with a worried look.

“Yawang-ah, your hand got burned. Does it hurt?” She quickly pulls her hand away from his grasp.

“You crazy person.” She turns her heels and walk back to her seat, rubbing her hand ferociously. Lu Peng Gang sighs and asks Qu Wei Ran as he changes the bedsheets,

“Why do you always have to agitate her?” Qu Wei Ran looks at Yawang and smiles.

“Don’t you think she looks cute when she’s mad?” He turns his head and looks at Yawang. Mad? I don’t think mad is a suitable word for how she is feeling right now.

“Hey, don’t look at my wife, I won’t be happy.” Qu Wei Ran warns him with a glare. Didn’t you tell me to look at her? This person is sick! Lu Peng Gang shakes his head and walks back to his seat after tucking Qu Wei Ran in with a blanket. He observes the two people in the room, one who is glaring at a book and turning the pages angrily, and the other who is looking at the reader with a smile.

“If you keep looking at me, I will claw your eyes out.” She throws the book towards Qu Wei Ran, but he swiftly moves his head to avoid being hit.

“You’re my wife, I can look at you however I want.”

“Qu Wei Ran, you’re going to drive me crazy.”

“It’s alright, I can be crazy with you.”

“You are crazy to begin with.”

“That’s because of you.” She shoots him a glare.

“Then why won’t you die because of me?” He looks back at her with a crazy, twisted smile.

“That’s because you didn’t die. When you’re alive, I want to have you. When you die, I’ll die with you.” She glares at him without saying anything. He looks back at her with an innocent look on his face.

“Yawang-ah, can you not be so far away from me?” She stands up and sits by the window, her back facing him. She don’t want to talk to him, she don’t want to bother with him. She’s scared that she won’t be able to control herself and kill both of them!

It’s alright if she dies, but what about Xia Mu? Xia Mu, how are you now? Yawang lifts her head and gazes out the window…

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