Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

Chapter 11
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Chapter 11: Chapter 11 young Master Jue, please take it easy on the night when Madam is pregnant

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

Just by hearing the voice, Shi Jue knew who it was.

The anger that had just subsided flared up again. He hugged Xia Weiyang and confined her in his arms, blocking the view in front of her.

Shi Jue probably did not even know what he did subconsciously.

“Mom, get out! ” With a cold rebuke, Shi jue quickly tidied up the clothes of the two of them and carried Xia Weiyang who was moving around.

Shi Jue suppressed the heat from his body that was constantly screaming and walked out in big strides.

“Son, where are you going? ” Lin Xilan stood still and wanted to stop him. However, when she saw the fierce look in her son’s eyes, she was a little scared. However, she still chased after him.

The opportunity that she had created with great difficulty was destroyed by her son.

When would she be able to hold onto her grandson.

“Go save your grandson, ” Shi Jue said in a deep voice as he walked faster and faster.

Outside, a cool breeze blew across his face. Instantly, the heat in Shi Jue’s heart eased a lot. He exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and the restlessness in his body calmed down a little. When he thought of the elegant fragrance he smelled when he first entered Xia Weiyang’s room, his cold and handsome face was ice-cold but also a little helpless.

It seemed that his self-control was still normal!

Seeing Shi jue’s figure disappear from her sight, Lin Xilan only came back to her senses after a while.

Grandson! ? ?

Son meant that she had a grandson, and it was in the belly of the girl just now.

Suddenly, Lin Xilan’s well-maintained, rich and noble face was filled with joy from the bottom of her heart, but before she could be happy for a while, her face suddenly froze.

It seemed like she had done something wrong.

She had drugged that girl and even put in some incense to stimulate her passion.

Then, wouldn’t the grandson that she had obtained with great difficulty be very dangerous!

“Son, wait for Mommy. Mommy knows that she was wrong. ” Lin Xilan shouted and quickly chased after her. “My grandson, please don’t be hurt. Grandma has let you down. When you come out in the future, grandma will treat you even better... ” Lin Xilan mumbled.

At the hospital.

Outside the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Lin Xilan rubbed her hands and paced back and forth. From time to time, she would take a careful look at her son, who was sitting on a bench by the wall with his eyes closed. His eyes twinkled, and he wanted to say something but stopped.

Suddenly, the door opened.

“Doctor, my daughter-in-law, how is my grandson? ” Lin Xilan couldn’t wait to greet him.

Taking off his mask, the doctor looked at Lin Xilan and then at Shi Jue, who had opened his eyes and was staring at her. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. This young master jue was really troublesome. In less than a night, he actually brought a pregnant woman into the hospital twice.

“Madam, Young Master Jue, both adults and children are safe, ” the doctor said directly. “It looks serious. Fortunately, the dosage is small. Otherwise, the child might really be in danger. ”

After saying that, the doctor glanced at Shi jue carefully. He made up his mind and said, “young master Jue, try not to have sex with the pregnant woman for the first three months and the second three months. Even if you have sex with her in the middle of the month, don’t use supplementary drugs. It’s not good for the child. ”

After saying that, he looked at Shi jue’s gloomy face, which looked like a storm was coming. The doctor closed his mouth and left timidly.

Lin Xilan, who was relieved, rolled her eyes and smiled embarrassedly, “son, it’s not my fault that you didn’t tell me! I’m anxious to have a grandson! ”

Shi Jue glanced at his mother and said coldly, “the grandson is yours, but a woman can never be the young madam of a noble family. ”

Lin Xilan was stunned, “son, you don’t like me! ? ”

If she didn’t like me, she would have gotten me pregnant.

If she didn’t like me, she would have brought me home.

Don’t think she can’t tell when you’re nervous when you don’t like him.

That kind of nervousness has nothing to do with children.

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