Outside Of Time

Chapter 1144 Human Emperor’s Edicts
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This 𝓬ontent is taken from 𝒇𝒓𝓮𝓮𝔀𝓮𝒃𝙣𝒐𝓿𝓮𝓵.𝒄𝒐𝙢

Chapter 1144 Human Emperor's Edicts

With the surrender of the Black Heaven Race's ritual priests, although the war with the entire Black Heaven Race continued, this war that originally belonged to King Tian Lan came to an end.

Half of the Black Spirit Region was captured and fused into the Holy Wave Large Region.

Part of the army was sent back, but a portion was stationed here to monitor the Black Heaven Race's priests.

Among the ritual priests of the Black Heaven Race, the main priest, Yousang, would become an emissary of Xu Qing's identity as a god.

He worshiped Xu Qing fanatically and sincerely spoke of his mission.

In the future, he wanted to build temples dedicated to the Purple Moon in every province of this half-region, establishing a divine religion associated with the Purple Moon.

He even planned to head to the Holy Wave, the Moon Offering, and the other regions, and build temples there, preaching doctrines, and increasing the believers of Lord Purple.

His identity changed, becoming the first pontiff of Purple Moon Divine Religion.

However, it was only on the surface.

Among the priests of the Black Heaven Race, there were actually many experts. There were even a few Soul Accumulation cultivators in the past.

However, they were different from cultivators.

They didn't cultivate the Dao and served the god their entire lives. Most of their strength came from the blessings of the god. freewebnovel.c(o)m

Hence, the death of Crimson Goddess caused them to become incomparably weak. It was as though they were on the verge of death and could barely maintain their vitality.

Xu Qing's appearance caused hope to appear among them.

As Xu Qing's strength grew in the future and the Purple Moon gradually turned from illusory to real, the moment the Purple Moon completely materialized, the weak high priests of the Black Heaven Race would recover their peak strength again.

Xu Qing tacitly agreed to this and left the Black Spirit Region.

However, the immortal art that permeated this place didn't dissipate. It continued to envelop the sky of the Black Spirit Region, transforming into blood red clouds that to a certain extent covered the light and heat from the Sun of Dawn.

This allowed the Black Heaven Race in this half of the large region to have space to recuperate.

However, the war was still ongoing. In the other half of the Black Spirit Region and the Black Heaven Region of the Black Heaven Race, there were constant life-and-death battles.

However, it had nothing to do with Xu Qing.

The Holy Wave Large Region wasn't in charge of the entire war against the Black Heaven Race. They were only responsible for this area.

This was a military pledge made by King Tian Lan to help the Seventh Prince gain a foothold in the Holy Wave Large Region. Although he had died, the Holy Wave Large Region still completed the pledge perfectly.

From this moment on, the range of the Holy Wave Large Region increased greatly. Fenghai County truly controlled the power of a large region and a half. As the County Governor, Xu Qing's authority surpassed all county governors.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call him a vassal lord.

Most importantly, Xu Qing had Ning Yan by his side.

Ning Yan's existence caused Xu Qing to stand on the side of righteousness, and his actions became unrelated to usurpation.

It was the same even though King Tian Lan had died.

With Ning Yan stepping forward, his words and actions pushed everything towards the battle for the throne.

Although there were many who understood it, sometimes, the significance of a covering cloth did not lie in itself, but in the fact that… it couldn't be lifted.

If it wasn't lifted, this would only be a battle between princes.

However, if it was lifted, there would be a violent conflict with the human race in the Holy Wave Large Region, half of the Black Spirit Region, and the Moon Offering Region.

The price of this conflict had to be borne by the person who lifted the covering cloth.

As for the Human Emperor, if he didn't want to lift it, the others… couldn't either.

From the start to the end, everything was actually a game and checks and balances between the two sides, much like the battles between cultivators. It depended on whether the battle was worthwhile or not.

Hence, half a month after the matter in the Black Spirit Region ended, two imperial decrees from the Grand Imperial Capital Region were sent to the Holy Wave Large Region.

The first imperial edict was for Xu Qing!

"In accordance with the heavenly mandate, Emperor Mystic War proclaims: Throughout history, the governance of the world relies on wise ministers. Eastern Triumph had Yan, Mirror Cloud had those who were willing to eliminate evil, and Dao World summoned Ling Wang Xu."

"When the minister is upright, the sovereign rules the world, and now I hear of the virtues of Holy Wave, governing Fenghai, managing the Holy Wave, pacifying the Black Spirit, guarding the land of the human race, and fulfilling the duty of defending the borders."

"I appreciate your sincere heart of loving your roots. Holy Wave is a place where the ancient sovereign established his foundation, a crucial location for the national veins. As such, its importance is unparalleled. I summon the talented and virtuous Xu Qing to enter the Grand Imperial Capital Region. I will personally bestow upon him a residence in the Imperial Academy to learn of the ways to manage the county and officials."

The second imperial edict was for Ning Yan. The wording was much simpler and the intent to teach him a lesson was obvious.

"Twelfth child, Yan, you are unruly and undisciplined, restless in mind and body. You secretly secretly fled the imperial city, and recklessly acted on your own. You should have been strictly monitored, and this negligence is inexcusable."

"However, considering your young age and the early loss of your mother, I have failed in upbringing."

"Moreover, on the account of the fact that you helped the Holy Wave, showing talent and virtue, I will observe your conduct."

"Now, immediately return to the palace without any delay. If there is any deviation in your return journey, I will know, and at that time, you will be judged without mercy."

In the pavilion of the Fenghai County's County Governor's residence, Xu Qing looked at the two imperial edicts in front of him and fell into deep thought.

Old Master Seventh and Marquis Yao weren't here. Only the captain and Ning Yan were with Xu Qing.

At that moment, the captain sat there, eating a peach while looking at the two imperial edicts. He clicked his tongue and glanced at the reserved Ning Yan. 𝙛𝓻𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝒃𝓷𝓸𝒗𝓮𝓵.𝒄𝓸𝓶

"Little Ning, your father treats you quite well. He first scolded you and then said that he was at fault…"

"This is helping you shoulder the matter of King Tian Lan."

"However, your father is indeed ruthless to you. The harshness of his last sentence has already seeped out of the words. If you make the slightest mistake on the way, he will kill you."

Ning Yan looked at the captain with a fawning expression and secretly glanced at Xu Qing as he spoke in a low voice.

"Captain, don't joke around. My father… doesn't treat me that well. He uttered this because he is helpless to do anything to me on the account of Boss."

"In my heart, there's only Boss and the captain. I don't care about the others."

"I've already thought about it. I'm not going to the Grand Imperial Capital Region. However, if Boss and Captain want to go, Little Ning will definitely follow you immediately."

The captain laughed and put his arm around Ning Yan's neck. He then took out an apple and placed it in Ning Yan's hand.

Ning Yan immediately put on an excited expression. He held the apple and looked at the captain gratefully.

The two of them looked at each other, as though their hearts had fused together and they had become good brothers.

Xu Qing swept his gaze over but didn't say anything.

He knew that he had to answer the Human Emperor's summon no matter what.

Otherwise, the stance of the Holy Wave Large Region would ultimately be incorrect.

Moreover… according to Zi Xuan's senses, the purple lantern was also in the great region of the human race.

Logically speaking, he had to make a trip there.

Moreover, he really wanted to know what the core imperial city of the human tribe was like and what kind of heaven's chosen and sceneries existed there.

In addition… he already knew that the Seventh Prince had fled. Xu Qing had killing intent toward this potential threat.

For the old Palace Master of the Sword Holding Palace and the Seventh Prince's previous actions, everything needed to be settled.

"Also, the Great Emperor is there…"

Xu Qing mumbled inwardly. He then lifted his head and looked in the direction of the Yinghuang Province's Sword Holding Court. He still remembered the majestic emperor's figure he had seen during the Sword Holder's Heart Inquisition Ceremony.

"I will go and greet him."

Determination emerged in Xu Qing's eyes. However, he knew that this trip to the Grand Imperial Capital Region would be a long journey. The path ahead was uncertain, and his return might take quite some time.

Therefore, before he left, he decided to make a trip to the Nanhuang Continent.

He would visit the graves of Grandmaster Bai and Captain Lei.

There was also Huang Yan.

There were some things that Xu Qing already had an answer to in his heart. Hence, he wanted to make a trip to the Phoenix Forbidden and have an open chat with his old friend. Just as he was thinking, a voice rang out in his mind.

"Master, don't worry. When we go to the Grand Imperial Capital Region this time, You Lingzi will definitely guard your wellbeing. If anyone dares to have ill intentions toward Master, I will definitely turn them into ghosts!"

His voice was firm and filled with pride. It was none other than the Diamond Sect's ancestor.

As this voice echoed in Xu Qing's mind, the Diamond Sect's ancestor buzzed out of the void at the side and moved around Xu Qing, emitting a resplendent light. One look and one could tell that he was definitely not ordinary.

Xu Qing's gaze landed on the Diamond Sect's ancestor.

A few days ago, Old Master Seventh gave the fishbone iron stick that he had refined to Xu Qing.

Compared to before, its might had been reborn and there was a qualitative leap. It also emitted an ancient aura.

Originally, the iron stick was only an ordinary item and could at most be considered an ordinary treasure. With the Diamond Sect's ancestor transforming an artifact spirit, it underwent a sublimation and experienced the lightning tribulation, its might increasing greatly.

However, the material was still ordinary.

It was only when the fish bone of the Immortal Forbidden deity was fused that it underwent a fundamental change. With the addition of the flesh of Crimson Goddess and Old Master Seventh's special ancient refinement technique, this treasure was finally refined to an astonishing level.

Its appearance changed even more. It was no longer a thin rod but like a demon-subduing staff, slender at the tip and slightly thicker at the end. It had a pitch-black color, exuding a chilling aura. While sealing the surrounding void, it also emitted a brilliant light, shining on its own.

Especially at the end, there were three carved heads – one representing Immortal Forbidden god, another representing Crimson Goddess, and the last was the face of the Diamond Sect's ancestor.

The first two had their eyes closed and their divine might was restrained. Only the third head had a fawning expression that didn't match the overall situation.

Xu Qing stared at the Diamond Sect's ancestor floating in front of him and recalled what his master had uttered when he handed this item to him a few days ago.

"Fourth, this item uses the Immortal Forbidden God as its bone and Crimson Goddess' flesh as its spirit. Only the artifact soul is a little inferior. However, on account that it's a little silly, it's barely enough. To a certain extent, this is basically a divine embryo."

"It was forged by me using the Summer Immortal's method recorded in the ancient books. Hence, I call it an immortal artifact!"

"You have to remember one thing. The greatest display of an immortal artifact is the terrifying might produced the moment it self-destructs."

"Moreover, this artifact essence is stupid and easy to fool. You have to control it well when you use it later. It's best if you let it self-destruct. This way, its might will be even better."

The Diamond Sect's ancestor couldn't hear these words.

At that moment, it naturally didn't know and was still speaking proudly.

"Even if it's the Little Shadow, I'll poke a thousand holes in it if it continues to rebel, and let it know who is the second boss!"

Xu Qing fell silent. After some thought, he cast an admiring gaze.

The Diamond Sect's ancestor was immediately excited.

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