Origin Court: Accepting Disciples With A System

Chapter 293 Supreme Saint Realm, Tremors
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All of the territories in the Realm of Spacetime had each a vessel that kept their territories together. Each of these vessels had its functions, either common to them, or just unique to one or two. Nevertheless, they were like machines, or artifacts of unknown ranks, who kept their territories from the void space. If they would activate all of its functions all at once, who knew what would happen?

If the Holy Light Palace had the Vessel of Luminescence, the Dragon Emperor also had the Paramountcy Vessel. Both of these vessels contain extremely dense qi and suffused within them were the different types of rules that they could comprehend, the dominant being the rules of space and time.

They were like world cores that kept a world intact—that if you remove this core, the whole world would collapse. However, cores didn't have functions. Vessels had.

"For real, Brother Gu?" Long Sheng was shocked. He did not know what the Temporal Lord was planning, but he could not just go against his orders. Even if he were to disobey him, what could he do? That Temporal Lord was the lord of one of the temples.

He was undoubtedly one of the two strongest people in Da Shikong. Moreover, what other choice did he have right now? If this could save his son, why would he not activate the Paramountcy Vessel? Whatever the Temporal Lord was planning, either way, as long as his son could have a new life, he would not complain.


Long Sheng shook his head and clenched his fist. Although the vessel that he held was very important to him and he didn't know what would happen if he activated all of its functions, what he could only see now was that he could have hopes of curing his own son.

On the other hand, while this was ongoing, Long Guang, who was hiding behind the palace, finally exited his cultivation after reaching a certain cultivation—a cultivation that he was confident of—that with it, he would be able to trample anyone that would block his way.

"Now, it's time for a show to commence," Long Guang muttered to himself.

Even though he looked childlike, the aura raging around him that spoke so much dominance was screaming for a fight. However, he had to restrain himself and not be arrogant. His master taught him to be cautious—even if he had trump cards on his own, he could not be certain with others if they also had those—but certainly, in this world where everyone would hunt you for being weak, they would really have their own trump cards.

That was why, as long as he was not faced with a life-and-death situation, he would not reveal any of his trump cards. Not to mention, his master had given him a lot of life-saving tokens. He was not worried. Now, what he could only do was exert dominance over all the forces under his adoptive uncle, who was now bedridden.

'I also need to find master very soon. Uncle has fallen ill. Master might be able to heal him. As far as my memories are telling me, master is certainly someone very powerful… he might have ways,' Long Guang thought as he clenched his little fists.

"Uncle, just wait for me. I'm just going to beat up some dogs who just don't want to listen," he whispered to himself as he flew up the sky and looked at the Dragon Emperor Palace.

Feeling that some people were coming in his direction, Long Guang could only grin. They were underestimating him too much. If it were not for his memories, he would not have cultivated this fast. However, after recovering some memories he didn't know of the origin of, his cultivation skyrocketed.

In the Saint Realm, there was something known as the Supreme Saint Realm. This would only be possible if the Saint Realm was cultivated to the extreme. That meant having crowns of at most 999 in number—that would then mean extremity. One would then be called a Supreme Saint.

And Long Guang had just done that. With that cultivation, he would be able to injure normal peak Saint Kings even though he did not yet break through. After a few years, however, not only did he break through after achieving the extremity of the realm, but he also broke through to the Saint Emperor Realm and even reached the peak. After realizing he was restrained by the power of the realm, he stopped cultivating as this was the most extreme he could do. Therefore, he could only go out.

And this time, someone delivered their lives to him—their killing intent quite obvious for him to notice.

"Hey, if it isn't this our precious Dragon Son. It seems like you've already had enough of hiding and finally came out on your own. Do you intend to surrender now, little Dragon Son?" A man with a black and strange bandana on his head approached the location of Long Guang. He was even taunting the little kid, who was not even little in terms of strength.

"Haha, he actually reached the Saint King Realm. What a shame. With your talent, you will definitely come on top if only the Dragon Emperor did not—"

That man was interrupted with the wave of Long Guang's hand. Unbeknownst to them, with that wave of his hand, there was already an invisible compressed spatial arrow. And just like that, that man's head exploded into pieces.

The other men who turned to look at their company who just died had bulging eyes. All of them froze on the spot as they looked at the little kid in front of them incredulously.


"You wanna have a go, huh?" Long Guang talked, as though he was the oldest among all of them present. "Who ordered you all? The Dragon Princes? Do they not learn their lessons well?"

As he said those words, all of the people who came to kill him froze in midair. Even those who reached the Saint Emperor Realm were no exception. Long Guang then walked in the air as he looked at these people one by one. "You're subordinates of the Dragon Princes, correct? In fact, a fourth of each of their subordinates group had been sent here just to kill me, a little kid. Do you really think you can kill me, though? Do you not know? I walk in the Path of Dominance. Whoever tries to obstruct me from advancing, I would eradicate them if they insist."



Just his laugh caused the space around them to crack. Others did not even have the chance to save their lives as they were also killed by his laugh—especially those who had weaker cultivations.

"Weak," Long Guang said as his eyes turned red. "Too weak."

With that, he released his aura that covered the entire area where they were. It was even restrained by Long Guang to an extent that he wouldn't alert some of the old monsters in the Dragon Emperor Palace.


"This is the path I will tread on. Other than my master and my fellow disciples, no one can stop me from going forward. To me, on this path of mine, you are just mere small stones I could kick away to clear my path," he said, domineeringly as he shot one look after another.

Just using the rules of space, he was able to exert dominance over them as they could not move. With just his eyes as well, he was able to use his soul that was strong enough to manipulate the rules he comprehended to kill every man in the group that tried to kill him.

"This was the killing that I have long wanted. Well, I don't like killing. However, the looks of fear in their eyes and the subservience that I felt from them… are so damn satisfying… I feel like it's making me stronger. Should I just try to intimidate everyone in the palace? I wonder how I would fare against the Dragon Ancestor himself?" Long Guang muttered to himself as the heads of the people he caught using the rules of space continued to explode like popcorn.


That was what he felt.

However, after he killed all of them, his face returned to being stoic, and right after that, he felt the entire territory of the Dragon Emperor Palace trembling…

He didn't know the cause—but Long Guang, with his growing intelligence from the memories he had acquired, there was definitely something wrong going on this time. It seemed like he had to hasten the way he would move from now on!

At the same time, Lin Diyu, Yang Lujia's first disciple, also felt a temporary tremor from the Fiend Emperor Palace's territory. He did not compete for the said trial to become the next Fiend Emperor. He simply sat down inside his abode, especially when he heard the news that his little junior brother wouldn't be coming.

Therefore, he just cultivated—although he seemed to have reached an unbreakable barrier in his cultivation. However, that tremor just now had him question himself. "What the hell is going on? That feels ominous."

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