Only I Am A Reader

Chapter 21 - Basic Swordsmanship
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Deep within the forest that surrounded the small town, wind rustled through as if to respond to the soft sound produced by the smooth blade that kept moving nonstop.

'It's still stuck.'

Having already grown used to checking the Personal Book whenever he wanted to, Leo didn't stop his training or lose his focus, simply glancing at his target part with slight bitterness.

Over a week had already passed since he had standardized his training and routine, with only one day left before the unwelcome event. However, one of his few topics of focus, 'Swordsmanship' didn't seem like it wanted to move after reaching a certain point.


Personal Statistics:


Physique: 0.82

Mind: 1.3 (+1.9)


Personal Skills:


'Swordsmanship' - Prologue - page 10/10


While his Physique showed an increase of 0.01 today, his 'Swordsmanship' has been stuck on 10/10 for four days so far.

The progress overall wasn't small considering the start and the lack of time, but Leo couldn't help but be disappointed since he anticipated the change that would follow the completion of the so-called 'prologue'.

'I guess this might be how far simple modern sword books can get me…'

Naturally, Leo understood where the lack was, the Personal Book was nothing more than a parameter that measured things, 'leveling up' wasn't going to give him an increase in ability. In fact, it was the opposite, the change of the 'level' simply meant he grew stronger through his efforts.

Unfortunately, having already digested what he obtained through 'skill reading', Leo knew that simple training wouldn't push him further without more information to base his training on.

'It's disappointing but I can't just stop.'

Despite that, Leo didn't plan to abolish his sword training until he obtained more source material. Just like he lacked practical knowledge of the sword, he also lacked familiarity and experience. Even if he obtained a part of that through 'reading', it was greatly incomplete.

Less than two weeks ago, he was just a modern human whose concept of fighting was purely fictional. No matter how much he knew or read, he would remain inferior to the people of this world whose lives revolved around the sword. If he didn't put in the effort for the sake of minimal progress, he would be stuck in place.

Using it against the Fanged Wolves wasn't the main purpose of his sword training from the very beginning, Leo already knew two weeks of training wouldn't amount to much, especially with the lack of sword breath. This was mainly in preparation for the phase where he would solve his problem and obtain sword breath.

As a person who never held an actual sword before, Leo didn't plan to slack off on it to even slightly catch up with monsters like the main character who held nothing but the sword. Otherwise, it would be better to give up on following the main quest and let the Fanged wolves end things early.

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Even if it was unknown if he could live through his first ordeal, Leo didn't plan to remain stagnant.

'Feeling progress is great, but it's not an addiction…'

Although he convinced himself of that, his doubts were undeniably growing stronger as the date of the upcoming battle grew closer and closer. However, just as Leo cleared away his thoughts, and focused on his sword to banish these doubts. Something broke out of its 'long' period of silence.

[ The Prologue of the Reader's 'Swordsmanship' has ended. ]

[ 'Swordsmanship' has been corrected to 'Basic Swordsmanship'. ]

[ The First Chapter, 'Basic Swordsmanship', has started. ]

The state of forced immersion that Leo had put himself into was also forcefully broken by the sound, but he didn't mind as he glanced back at the book to see the changes announced by 'Book' reflected in it.


Personal Skills:


'Basic Swordsmanship' - Chapter 1 - page 0/10


The change and its timing were surprising, but Leo didn't simply feel happy about it. Instead, he pondered about it even more.

'Basic… is this a good change or a bad change?'

As things have progressed similarly to what he had guessed, Leo questioned the title change of the skill. Did it mean that his skill was lacking to be called anything but basic? Or was it the opposite?

'Perhaps it's only now that I can even call it basic.'

He could now understand the reason for the long delay, the 'level' of 'Swordsmanship' wasn't only influenced by the basis and the technique itself, it even encompassed familiarity and experience with the sword. It was only now that he was familiar enough with the sword to be judged to have reached the 'basic' threshold.

Reaching this far in less than two weeks could be called a small achievement, but it was greatly supplemented by 'skill reading', if it wasn't for it, Leo knew that even a month of 'familiarity' wouldn't even compensate for the difference.

'Well, if I do survive, I will have more than enough time to make up for my shortcomings.'

Having come to realization of the aspect of 'Swordsmanship' and the Personal Book's judging criteria, Leo felt slightly enlightened and encouraged. No matter how little it was, every bit of effort did matter, regardless of how much it did.

'Tomorrow is the big day.'

After Leo was done with his sword training, his mind felt like a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. He was undeniably afraid of failing the plan, but a huge part of the fear was suppressed by the excitement that looked forward to experiencing the true wonders of this fantasy world, strengthening his resolve in return.

Shrugging the distraction off, Leo put his swords away before he marched once again towards the Blackbird, it was finally time to pick up the finalized items. After two weeks of preparation, it was finally time to put his plan in motion!

'I will at least make sure they regret this.'

Although Leo wasn't completely confident when it came to surviving, he was at least confident that he would make the Fanged Wolves suffer!

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