Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning

Chapter 158 - 158 Fighting an Emperor-tier Expert! I Can’t Do It Anymore! (1)
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158 Fighting an Emperor-tier Expert! I Can’t Do It Anymore! (1)

Lucretia and Lucal were in the midst of a fierce battle.

On the other side, Lin Bei had already killed the remaining Blood Demon Army with Qiqi.

100,000 Blood Demon Soldiers directly raised Lin Bei’s level to Level 59!

Moreover, he had accumulated a lot of experience. As long as he completed his profession advancement, he could continue to level up.


“Sigh, leveling up so quickly…”

Lin Bei sighed. Others were farming monsters to level up, but him? Killing Bosses to level up was completely different!

Most importantly, his speed at killing Bosses was even faster than ordinary players killing monsters. This was the most ridiculous!

Lin Bei used the Holy Light Purification Spell to cleanse the corpses of the Blood Demon Army while summoning the guardian clones. He asked them to carefully collect the spoils of war and the Blood Demon’s Blood. He stood at the side with Qiqi and looked at the dragon and bull fighting in the distant sky.

At this moment, Lucal had also transformed into a huge Bull Demon and was fighting the blood-colored fire dragon.

Soon, Lin Bei noticed something strange.

“Qiqi, look at them… aren’t they getting further and further away?”

Lin Bei frowned and felt that something was wrong.

“I think so.”

Qiqi glanced at the dragon and bull fighting in the distance and nodded slowly.

“Alright, they actually want to use the fight to secretly escape? I can’t let them succeed!”

Lin Bei sneered and instructed, “Forget it. I was still thinking that I would go up and reap the benefits after the two of them were injured. Now, it seems that they’ve been putting on an act for us to see from the beginning.”

“Qiqi, go and control them. As for the big dragon… suppress it for the time being. As for the Bull Demon on the other side, leave it to me!”

Lin Bei narrowed his eyes and said calmly, “It’s been so long, but I’ve never killed a true Monarch-level Boss! The current me should be almost certain!”


Qiqi nodded and took a step forward with Lin Bei. She crossed a thousand meters and arrived above Lucretia and Lucal. She raised her hand and slashed down with a sword beam!


In midair, the sword beam split into two and landed on Lucretia and Lucal.

The two of them did not have time to react before they were hit. They staggered and fell to the ground from the sky.

Lucretia returned to her human form. Dressed in red, she was nailed to the ground by the sword beam. Blood flowed from the corner of her mouth and she could not move at all.

On the other side, Lucal’s horns broke and he spat out blood. He was also in a bad state.

Fortunately, he was not nailed to the ground and his movements were not hindered.

Almost instantly, Lucal reacted.


The sooner the better!

That Extraordinary… came to torture people again!

“Where are you going?”

Lin Bei snorted coldly. The magical sword aura in his hand covered Lucal and stopped him.

“Hmph, don’t block the way!”

Lucal clearly did not take Lin Bei seriously. He snorted and was about to barge in.

In his eyes, Qiqi was the big trouble. As for Lin Bei, he was just using her power to intimidate others!

That man could not withstand a single blow!

Even though he had destroyed a large number of the Blood Demon Army previously, they were like ants in his eyes and were not worth mentioning!

Moreover, the Emperors behind were dealt with by the white-haired woman?

Therefore, in Lucal’s eyes, Lin Bei was at most a relatively powerful Emperor-level expert!

At most, he could stand shoulder to shoulder with him, but that was only at the Monarch level. He did not have to be afraid!

On the remaining bull horn, a blood-colored light condensed and finally compressed into an energy pillar that shot towards Lin Bei!

“Magic Flash!”


A laser-like red lightning shot out at an extremely fast speed. Even Lin Bei found it difficult to completely dodge within a short hundred meters.

However, he did not dodge.

He had 400 billion points of War God Shield on him. What was there to be afraid of!

As expected, a golden shield appeared on his body and easily blocked Lucal’s full-strength attack!

Your War God Shield has decreased by 100 million points! Current remaining 399.7 billion points!

Lucal was panting from exhaustion, but when he saw Lin Bei standing there unscathed and looking at him with a smile, he was stunned.


What is going on!

That was my full-strength attack!

Although a portion of the bull horn was broken, even so, the damage was enough to exceed 100 million, right?

But even so, it could not break through his defense?


Was that reasonable?

“Not bad. Anything else?”

Lin Bei smiled and looked at Lucal. He hooked his finger and gestured. “Again!”


Lucal’s eyes turned cold as he understood.

Hmph, he is just pretending!

My full-strength attack really deals more than 100 million damage!

You must have used some secret technique to block it previously!

However, there are restrictions on secret techniques!

You can use it once or twice, but can you use it eight or ten times?



“Alright, since you’re so arrogant, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Lucal sneered in his heart and prepared to accumulate strength to attack.

This time, he did not condense the Magic Flash to attack directly. Instead, he gathered his strength layer by layer, trying to stack the power of the Magic Flash to the limit and release it at once to directly defeat the other party!

Since the other party had provoked him and given him enough time to accumulate strength, if he did not make use of it, what was the difference between him and a fool?

“Kid, if I defeat you, can you let me leave?”

Lucal asked as he gathered his strength.

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