Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely

Chapter 115 - 115 Suppressing the Whole Scene
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115 Suppressing the Whole Scene

Lil Xue’er gave everyone Holy Moment!

Chu Bai used Blood Sacrifice and sacrificed 20% of his health.

His attack reached 3,240.

It was a pity that even though he sacrificed his HP, the Source of Recovery from the Demonic Dragon Cloak would recover half of the health points of the damage taken. Thus, the effect would not be triggered.



Chu Bai pointed his index and middle finger at the sky!


In the sky, a hundred sword shadows bloomed like flowers.



100 sword shadows suddenly pointed their tips at the battlefield and fell.

-3,240, -3,240, -3,240!

One sword would kill one person, so a hundred sword shadows meant a hundred people would die!

Other than a few who dodged or used their talent to reduce damage and were not killed, the rest were all killed.

Everyone was speechless.

“Another big move! God Bai Ye used another big move!”

“So fierce! F*ck! I’m dumbfounded.”

“F*ck! He’s using it again. Can he keep using such an exaggerated move?”


The second Dust-Sealing was released, and another hundred sword shadows fell.



Everyone was completely dumbfounded!


Old Dream Tian Yu swallowed his saliva.

Was he crazy?

How could an early-game player do this?

No, why was it that every time he wanted to f*ck up Bai Ye, Bai Ye could always come up with something new?

If Bai Ye had such a powerful skill, why did he not use it in Sky Demon Forest?



Old Dream Tian Yu took a look.

They were very fierce!

In such a short time, he had lost one-third of his thousands of people!

However, Old Dream Tian Yu saw damage values appearing on the bodies of Playboy and the rest!

They were either high or low!

However, the damage figures on Bai Ye’s body were ridiculously low!

The others could not withstand the damage at this frequency!

“Don’t be afraid! Their invincibility is over! Kill! Come with me to stop Bai Ye from using his skills. The rest of you, hurry up and kill the others!”

After Old Dream Tian Yu finished speaking, he drew his weapon.

“Innate Talent, Steal!”

He stole half of Chu Bai’s attributes in an instant!


Old Dream Tian Yu was dumbfounded when he saw that his attack had increased by more than 1,000 points!

Then, he stared at Chu Bai.

“You’ll definitely die this time!”

His attack power was close to 2,000!

There was no more reason why he could not kill Bai Ye!

This was the time when he had the best chance to kill him!

“Lock On, Pierce!”

Old Dream Tian Yu aimed at Chu Bai, and his figure rushed over as if he had teleported.


A huge damage figure appeared above Chu Bai’s head.


After that…


The Demonic Dragon Cloak’s effect allowed Chu Bai to recover half of his health points from the damage he received.

It had to be said that Old Dream Tian Yu’s talent was quite impressive.

“You’re looking for death!”

Chu Bai’s eyes narrowed when he saw Old Dream Tian Yu rushing over.

“Ruling Strike!”

He released it at Old Dream Tian Yu.

“Do you think that I don’t have some skills just because I’m the hall master of Feng Ling Dynasty Spirit Light Shield!”

A shield appeared on his body!

Chu Bai’s attack hit.


However, it did not deal any damage, nor did it cause a stun effect. It only broke the shield.

The Spirit Light Shield could completely block a single skill.

“F*ck! Old Dream Tian Yu is so strong!”

“He actually dealt as much damage as God Bai Ye? God Bai Ye’s HP is so high. He hasn’t even gone through the second transition and he has 3,000 HP?”

“Are the immortals fighting? Old Dream Tian Yu is indeed capable.”

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Lightning, Thunder!”

Old Dream Tian Yu raised his sword, and with lightning surrounding it, he slashed at Chu Bai continuously!

His sword seemed to have transformed into a lightning whip, and the attacks were almost long-range.

Dozens of other players beside Chu Bai had already rushed over.

“Go to hell! F*ck you!”

Old Dream Tian Yu’s eyes were bloodshot as he continued to swing his sword at Chu Bai!

The corners of Chu Bai’s mouth curled up slightly.

“Night Incarnation.”

[Night Incarnation: after activation, the user will enter the state of night incarnation for five seconds. They can’t be selected for five seconds but can attack the opponent. Cooldown time: three hours.]

The Shadow Ring’s Night Incarnation made Chu Bai unable to be selected. His figure became blurry, as if he had merged into a black mist.

All the attacks passed through his body.


Chu Bai charged toward Old Dream Tian Yu!

Old Dream Tian Yu’s eyes narrowed!

“F*ck! You think you can outrun me?”

Old Dream Tian Yu picked up his speed and ran toward his own group.

On the other hand…

As the invincibility effect was gone, it was very difficult for Chu Bai’s group to face the attacks of nearly 2,000 people.

Everyone’s health bars fell below half.

Lil Xue’er’s Heavenly Healing filled up everyone’s bars.

However, there were too many players and too many attacks!


Lil Xue’er’s Light of the Holy Spirit had ended, which meant that they could be controlled!

“Behind me!” Zhang Shan shouted.

Everyone rushed to his back!

“Ha! The Universal Shield!” He shouted and raised his shield in front of him!

The shield instantly enlarged by several times and blocked the countless attacks!

“Unmoving as a Mountain!”

His body burst out with a golden light.

“The damage I’m taking has been greatly reduced. I can hold on for a while. Don’t worry about the front. You guys take care of the side first,” Zhang Shan said to the others.

“Super Large Frying Pan! Leave this to me!”

Long Mengyi raised the pan in her hand, which instantly became hundreds of times larger!

Everyone was speechless.

They raised their heads and looked at the pan that seemed to have blocked out all light!


Long Mengyi threw it at the crowd.

The hundreds of people were instantly stunned.

“Don’t underestimate me! Water Roar!”

Lu Yufan was preparing for a big move!

[Ding. You’ve been affected by the talent, Curse. Damage rate reduced by 80%.]

A voice rang out in her mind.

“We’re done for!”

Lu Yufan showed an unhappy expression.

This ultimate move of hers could instantly kill many people!

However, the damage had been reduced by 80%…

“Then I’ll slap you to death too! Heaven’s Will!”

The Power of Revelation increased her damage by 100%.


Several water dragons came down from the sky! They attacked the players.

“Sword Essence Technique!”

Jiang Qianyue stabbed her sword into the ground, and golden light burst forth.

Then, in a distant place, the shadow of a huge sword suddenly fell and smashed dozens of people away.


A huge bolt of lightning landed in their area!

Everyone received a significant amount of damage!

“Sister Qingyu, can you instakill that mage?” Lu Yufan asked.

“I’ll go and drag him out!” Playboy said.

“No need.” Yu Qingyu’s beautiful eyes narrowed.

“Instant kill!”

As an assassin without a group attack, Yu Qingyu’s damage output was limited, but… she was good at killing people in seconds.

Her figure disappeared and suddenly appeared behind the player.

The player was still chanting when his throat was suddenly slit.


A huge critical hit instantly killed the player, and Yu Qingyu entered the invisible state and returned to her original spot.

“Sisters-in-law, please cooperate with me!”

After Playboy finished speaking, he jumped into the crowd!

“Group Taunt!”

Dozens of people were ridiculed by him!

“It’s here, Water Language Curse!”


The players in that area were instantly killed.

Everyone was speechless.

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