Online Game: I Began By Enhancing Endlessly With My SSS Rank Talent

Chapter 512 - 512 Thunder, Heaven Ascension Cultivation
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512 Thunder, Heaven Ascension Cultivation

Hearing the introduction of the Firmament Saint Emperor, Meng Tian stepped forward. The powerful aura on his body revealed even more strength.

“Thank you for your trust, Your Majesty. I’ll preside over the entire test process for this marriage recruitment.”

Meng Tian cupped his hands at the Firmament Saint Emperor, then turned around and said to all the young talents present.

“In order to obtain the heart of the Flying Serpent Princess, looks and strength are indispensable.”

“Therefore, the content of the test naturally revolves around these two aspects. I’ll start with looks!”

As soon as he said that, most of the people present were in despair. They knew their looks.

With that, before anyone could react, Meng Tian began to choose.

As expected, the elimination rate was very high. More than a hundred people present were eliminated in an instant.

“General Meng, don’t eliminate me! Take a good look. I’m a high-quality man. Her Highness will definitely fall in love with me.” Tian Yiming wailed. He was the first to be eliminated and felt that he had missed 100 million soul crystals.

“I’m just a little fat. It’s only 500 catties. Give me a chance. I’ll lose weight now!” A disciple of a large sect cried and begged.

For experts, it was still very easy to lose weight. This was because the cultivation technique he cultivated was mainly for defense, so he was also eliminated.

Zhou Han was speechless. This was really an era where looks mattered. However, he was handsome and suppressed everyone. He also had the attitude of watching a good show.

After all, the spots for the selection represented the face of the Firmament Imperial City. Therefore, he had to be handsome and strong.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he be laughed at by other forces for not having a decent talent in the Firmament Imperial City?

Regarding this, Zhou Han also understood very well the reason why such selection rules were set.

After a round of selection, a total of ten people, including Zhou Han, stood out. They were all handsome and handsome.

They stood there like beautiful scenery.

The eliminated prodigies had nothing to say because he was indeed very handsome.

Of course, the most handsome person was Zhou Han. From the outside, he looked like a modest gentleman and was as gentle as jade. He belonged to the level where men fell silent and women cried.

However, on closer inspection, one could feel his domineering temperament. This was the confidence and indifference unique to peerless experts.

It was precisely because of this temperament and his handsome face that Zhou Han’s charm was admirable.

“Congratulations on passing the preliminaries and entering the second stage to compete for three spots.” As Meng Tian spoke, she subconsciously glanced at Zhou Han.

Zhou Han’s powerful strength was without suspense, so he was actually only competing for two spots.

“General Meng, please tell me what we should do.” One of the prodigies hurriedly asked, eager to try.

“It’s simple! All you have to do is attack me! I’ll choose the three strongest according to the power you feedback.”

Meng Tian walked to the center and added with a smile,

“Remember, everyone has three chances to attack. Use all your strength. Don’t be afraid of hurting me!”

As he spoke, a violent aura surged out of Meng Tian’s body. The blue aura kept condensing and quickly formed a light barrier.

There was a powerful force on the light barrier that was constantly circulating and flickering with a powerful luster. It was obvious that this defense was no small matter. It was easier said than done to shake it.

“Let’s wait for our enemies to tire themselves out and restrain them with silence! Meng Tian’s cultivation has improved a lot again!” The Firmament Saint Emperor revealed a satisfied smile when he saw this.

As for why he wanted this method, it was because he felt that most of these prodigies were very close in strength. If these prodigies fought each other to decide the spots, it might cause some damage and consume a lot of energy.

In that case, even if he arrived at the Cloud Void Sacred Palace, his condition would not be the best and he would be in a weak position.

That was why the Firmament Saint Emperor had sent Meng Tian to be in charge of the test. In that case, many problems could be resolved.

“May I ask if Dharma treasures and weapons can be used?” another prodigy asked.

“Of course you can. That’s not all. Some secret skills and sealed power can be used. Show me all your strongest methods!”

He knew that these prodigies more or less had powerful trump cards and their own opportunities.

Therefore, it was very normal for some sealed ancient powers, inheritances of mighty figures, powerful Dharma treasures, and so on to have these.

“Then I’ll go first!” Among the ten people, Jun Moxie stood up with his head held high, taking the lead with a faint smile on his face.

The eliminated prodigies did not leave. Seeing that Jun Moxie was going to be the first to attack, everyone was looking forward to it.

After all, his talent was publicly acknowledged to be powerful in the Firmament Imperial City. Because he had obtained the guidance of the ancient phoenix, he had also obtained the title of ‘Phoenix Chick’.

“The phoenix is about to take action. I’m looking forward to his performance.”

“That’s right. The Phoenix Chick has top Supreme-grade combat strength. If he uses all kinds of powerful secret techniques, it’s simply unimaginable.”

“Although General Meng Tian’s combat strength is shocking, it’s only an energy barrier. In my opinion, this is no pressure on the phoenix at all!”

“Shh! Be quiet! The Phoenix Chick is about to attack.”

As everyone discussed, Jun Moxie had already accumulated his strength. His aura had already risen to its peak.

At the same time, he summoned a huge hammer that flashed with lightning.

“Thunder, Heaven Ascension Cultivation, Heaven Collapsing Purple-Gold Hammer!”

In the blink of an eye, Jun Moxie roared angrily and used all his strength to smash the hammer at Meng Tian’s blue light barrier. His aura was fierce, fast, accurate, and ruthless.



Suddenly, he felt a huge rebound, shocking Jun Moxie.

When he looked again, the powerful energy of the purple-gold hammer had already dissipated into the air the moment it touched the light barrier, as if it had never appeared.

“What? What a divine power. What happened just now? It was too fast. Even an eight-star Supreme-grade expert like me didn’t see it clearly?”


Everyone also realized this situation. Their expressions changed and their hearts were in turmoil.

“There’s no ripple on the light barrier? The Phoenix Chick is too lousy!”

“It’s actually unworthy fame. To think that I was his fan before. He’s really useless. Even I can do it!”

“You trash. How useless. To think that I became as famous as you as the Crouching Dragon. How embarrassing!”

“Move! Let me do it!” He pushed Jun Moxie away, his face filled with confidence.

After all, he was known as the Crouching Dragon and was ranked at the top among the many prodigies. This was also the source of his confidence.

“I have a sword that is invincible when unsheathed!”

“Purple Lightning, Mystic True Flame, Nine Heavens Hanging Sword, Shocking Change!”

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