One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 2979 - Meeting on a Narrow Path (6)
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Chapter 2979: Meeting on a Narrow Path (6)

Meng Qingxue knew very well where she stood. She was in a disadvantaged position. Without Mu Yanchen’s protection, she was nothing.

Jiang Qimeng became even more furious when she realized the situation had come to a deadlock. However, she was determined that no matter what, the matter had to be settled tonight!

Before this, Mu Yanchen had kept this little vixen so well hidden that they could find no traces of her!

Now that they had run into her, they weren’t going to let her out of sight!

At the thought of this, Jiang Qimeng strode over to Meng Qingxue and grabbed her arm, leaving no room for negotiation.

“Little b*tch, I’m telling you. No matter what, you will come with me today! We will settle the score between Enya and you!”

“I’m not leaving!”

“Come with me!”

As they were tussling with each other, Mu Yanchen came back with the report and saw this scene of the crowd that had gathered. Standing at the centre, surrounded by these people, were Song Enya and Jiang Qimeng.

When he saw Jiang Qimeng yanking Meng Qixue’s arm roughly, he immediately rushed forward and shoved Jiang Qimeng aside. He stood in front of Meng Qingxue protectively and swept an icy glance over them!

“What are you doing?”

When Song Enya saw him, she was even angrier. Her expression turned ugly when she saw him going up to Meng Qingxue and standing by her side without even thinking twice.

“Mu Yanchen, what do you mean by this? Get it clear in your head who your fiancée is! It’s not her! It’s me! I’m also the one whom you’re marrying!”

Song Enya hollered at him, “What do you mean by that?! And what does she mean by that?”

When Jiang Qimeng saw him, her attitude softened a little. She sighed and said, “Yanchen, you and Enya are going to have a wedding next month! You keep hanging around this woman, where does that leave Enya?!”

“I wasn’t the one who insisted on marrying your daughter back then!”

When Mu Yanchen thought of how this mother and daughter pair were eyeing Meng Qingxue so menacingly, he could not help feeling angry. He said icily, “It’s clear I have no feelings for your daughter. She was the one who insisted on getting married. Back then, I told her that I’d marry her on the condition that she would not interfere in my personal matters. This was an agreement, and I made it very clear!”

“This is an affair!”

Song Enya accused, “No matter what, it shouldn’t be happening!”

Mu Yanchen reminded her, “Song Enya, we’re not married yet.”

“But, our wedding is taking place next month!”

She continued angrily, “Why is it this way? All I’m asking for is a marriage in which two people are loyal and sincere towards each other. Can’t you even be a loving husband?”

“Do you have what it takes to do that?”

Mu Yanchen paused for a moment before he added, “If you don’t want this disloyal and insincere marriage, you can bow out anytime. I don’t mind!”

“Bow out?”

Song Enya looked at him in disbelief. She could not believe that he would say something like that!

For a moment, countless fragmented scenes flashed through her mind.

Whatever she had fought so hard for, whatever she wanted for herself, they had all eluded her.

She had racked her brains and tried all means to win Mu Yazhe. She had suffered great pains, bore all humiliation, and even attempted IVF to conceive Mu Yazhe’s child so that she could marry him, but in the end, she realized that she was the one being manipulated!

Mu Yazhe had done his own sums and turned the tables on her, giving her no leeway to back down!

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