Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Chapter 837 - Deception
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Chapter 837: Deception

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: AL_Squad

“It’s you!”

Xia Yu could hardly hide his surprise.

Regardless of what, Wang Lu should not be able to be here at this moment. He had personally confirmed the thickness of the space barrier between the two-worlds passage and the Nine Regions. Even if the people of Nine Regions imitated the Against the World Dragon Pillar and broke through part of the barrier, if they wanted it to accommodate living people, at least people at the two-worlds passage should have the strength of peak level Senior Immortal.

But how could that be possible? Without the refinement of Immortal Spirit and the support of the Immortal Law of the Immortal World, how could there be someone in Nine Regions comparable in power to the peak level Senior Immortal? An elephant could not grow in an ant’s nest, nor a whale in a puddle. The limit of Nine Regions was confirmed by the first group of Immortals who ascended to the Immortal World millions of years ago.

That time was still the most powerful and dreamlike era in the Nine Regions. All the people that walked on earth, without exception, have almighty magical abilities. The great beasts in the Age of Desolation were born with strength that could move mountains and fill the seas. When they became adults, they were even comparable to the True Immortals. Human beings were born with spirit roots and the path of cultivation was smooth and unimpeded.

At that time, there was no systematic Immortal Path. People explored the way forward according to their own abilities. Some moved thousands of kilometers a day, and some took arduous steps. After hundreds of thousands of years of exploration and accumulation, someone finally found out the most spacious path of cultivation—the Immortal Path. And the result of the exploration of immortal cultivators was the birth of the Immortal World.

It was because they were sure that the Nine Regions could not bear a more powerful force that the first group of cultivators made up their mind to leave the land that nurtured them and ascended to a new world, where they started from scratch and completed the transformation from mortal to immortal.

If Nine Regions could accommodate beyond the Immortal World, then what about the tens of thousands of years of accumulation of the original people with amazingly powerful supernatural abilities?

Xia Yu somewhat felt incredulous, but this did not affect his basic judgment.

For this uninvited guest, he waved his hand and sent out a world-destroyer divine wind, which swept toward Wang Lu. Wherever this divine wind passed, the time and space there disintegrated. Even the strong and vigorous astral wind in the ninth sky had to give way.

Even Senior Immortal Xiaoyao himself found it extremely difficult to resist this divine wind. Thus, seeing Xia Yu’s move, Xiaoyao immediately stepped aside to avoid being caught by the aftershock.

At the same time, his heart was full of doubts and surprise.

By appearing here, what did Wang Lu want to do? He was not trapped in the debris of the two-worlds passage. It meant that he finally deduced the synchronization rate of the giant Divine Weapon to the extreme at the last moment and managed to return to Nine Regions smoothly. However, how could he be so stupid that he thought he could face the power of the Immortal King? What did he think the Immortal King was? What did he think of the main culprit that caused the destruction of the numerous worlds?

But, was Wang Lu that stupid? Didn’t he even have the basic logic ability to see the strength of the opponent? After all the hardships, he finally managed to return to Nine Regions, then, did he come here just to die?

Two diametrically contradictory questions made Xiaoyao hesitate whether to rescue Wang Lu or to stay away before Wang Lu’s cards opened up.

At the next moment, the divine wind collided head-on with Wang Lu. In an instant, his body was torn apart. His flesh and bones were cut into countless pieces and were washed away by different periods of time. Some fragments turned into ashes due to long periods of time, some solidified permanently and remained unchanged, while some others traced back to their origins and gradually returned to nothingness.

However, just as the body was destroyed, Wang Lu’s voice rang again.

“Of course, it’s me. Otherwise, who else could appear between you two, father and son, insensitively? Those group of pigs underneath you who don’t dare to even look up?”

This time, the Immortal King finally looked serious.

It was not surprising that he could kill the opponent in a single move, but what was unexpected was that he did not notice the one he killed just now was a clone.

The Immortal King’s eyes could see through all the illusions in the world. Even in the face of the gods of the Western Continent, his divine eyes have never been deceived. And what he saw just now was Wang Lu himself, and he was not wrong...

“Hahaha, are you wondering why I’m still alive? Are you wondering why you can’t distinguish between the real me and my clone?”

As he spoke, the second Wang Lu came out from the void.

“If you want to know, come and beg me, and I’ll tell you.”

However, before his words fell, two auroras shot out from the divine eyes of the Immortal King and penetrated Wang Lu’s forehead and heart. The next moment, Wang Lu’s body was completely wiped out by the supreme spell of the Immortal Path.

However, Wang Lu’s voice was still unhindered in the ninth sky.

“Is this how you, Immortals, ask for help? Kill me with your eyes? You...”

The Immortal King coldly snorted, and the sound wave instantly scattered the astral wind in the ninth sky, which made the sky of the Blue River Region seem unusually clear. And Wang Lu, who was hiding in the void, was shook. His internal organs turned into mud, and blood flowed out of his seven orifices until he died.

“Are you that stupid that you really can’t understand people’s words? Since you want to play, then play as much as you like. Let’s see how long you, this daughter-murderer, can last.”

“Enough!” The Immortal King finally stopped and said, “What do you want to say?”

Thus, the fourth Wang Lu arrived by the astral wind.

“There are a lot of things that I want to say, but let’s go back to the first question. Is this your attitude towards asking for help?”

The Immortal King was angry but remained silent and did not make his move. On the side, Xiaoyao found this funny.

The Immortal King was actually played by a young kid like he was a toy between the palm of his hands... Was it really important what Wang Lu wanted to say? Did it really matter that he couldn’t die?

As long as the target was not Wang Lu but replaced by the Spirit Sword Mountain on the ground, how could Wang Lu be at ease at all? Wang Lu couldn’t be killed, but could other people on the Spirit Sword Mountain also not be killed? Moreover... He had already guessed what Wang Lu was trying to do now.

It was indeed ingenious in terms of creativity, but it was essentially still an insignificant skill. If the Immortal King’s eyes were not unobstructed, it should not have been invisible.

The truth was very simple: Each of the four Wang Lu that were killed just now were real Wang Lu. None of them were avatars or illusions, so of course, the Immortal King’s eyes could not tell the truth from false.

As for how there could be so many Wang Lu in this world... It was better to ask the other way around. Why couldn’t there be so many Wang Lu?

He was now one hundred percent synchronized with the giant Divine Weapon, and what was this giant Divine Weapon? It was none other than an artificial creation. So, in other words, Wang Lu was no longer a pure human being now. As long as there were enough resources, how difficult it was to make multiple copies of him? In the Red Sea Underwater Workshop alone, nearly a hundred degraded versions of the giant Divine Weapon had been built. Moreover, wasn’t his Non-Phase Method the best at multi-combat fight? There were hundreds of golden cores inside that woman, which had long gone beyond the scope of common sense. As her disciple, Wang Lu had the magical ability of creating avatars, which couldn’t be more reasonable.

As for where the resources came from... This was not a problem. Wang Lu had ruled the Nine Regions for fifteen years and possessed the resources of the entire continent. Thus, this was mere child’s play to him.

These things were not difficult to deduce. As long as one had a certain understanding of Nine Regions and an above standard logical thinking ability, it was easy to deduce the truth. However, at this time, the Immortal King seemed to be completely blinded.

Compared to when he had just ascended the throne tens of thousands of years ago, he was absolutely different... Perhaps longevity really had an endless wonderful taste, but what was the difference between an Immortal who was drowned in beauty but couldn’t extricate himself and a handicapped person?

Xia Yu was truly a dotard. An Immortal King who isolated himself in the Palace of Three Purities, and one who rarely appeared for tens of thousands of years did not deserve any allegiance from anyone.

When he thought of this, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao made another decision in his heart.

At this time, the conversation between Wang Lu and the Immortal King continued. Although the Immortal King could not bow down and admit defeat, Wang Lu was willing to continue the topic.

“Your Majesty Immortal King, I am here on behalf of Nine Regions, and I sincerely suggest that you stop everything, what do you think?”

“Stop everything?”

“All the Immortals return to the Immortal World, and from then on, the Nine Regions are off-limits to the Immortal World. There would never be any Immortals who descend and harass us. Let us all keep well water from interfering with the river water shall we?”

The Immortal King sneered, “In your dreams!”

“I’m serious. If the fighting continues, it would only destroy everything. What the Immortal King wants is refining the land of Kyushu, extending life for the fairyland and yourself. But for us, it’s a dead end. So... Since that is so, we definitely can give you some unpleasantness before we die.”

The Immortal King scoffed, “Relying on you guys, a group of bastards?”

“We might not be enough, but what about the gods of the Western Continent? You can see that this land has been contaminated with the Holy Light of Western Continent. Then we can present this land to those gods of the Western Continent reasonably and fairly. For the gods of the Western Continent, this must be a great gift that couldn’t be rejected because they are also in the same predicament.”

“How could that group of waste be compared to my Immortal World?”

Wang Lu said with a smile, “If the Immortal World is in a perfect condition, the gods of the Western Continent who are also in despair would certainly not dare to take action. They have not even digested their own territory after all. But now that most of the power of the Immortal World is held by the Nine Regions, are you really confident that you can face the full might of the gods of the Western Continent?”

Wang Lu’s words immediately made the Immortal King even angrier.

At this time, Xiaoyao smiled and intervened in the conversation, “Wang Lu, you want to use the power of the Western Continent to restrain us, but you don’t know that the gods of the Western Continent don’t even have the guts to touch the edge of the Immortal World. His Majesty once single-handedly charged into the Pantheon and severely injured the gods there. Now, His Majesty’s Immortal power is stronger than ever, why do you think they would have the courage to come here to be someone else’s cat’s-paw?”

When he heard of these words, the Immortal King took a deep look at Xiaoyao.

These remarks were, of course, nonsense. Back then, there was a war between the Immortal World and the gods of the Western Continent, and there were also some cases where they charged into the Pantheon, but that war was so fierce that it hurt both sides at the same time. Although the Immortal World ended up winning that war, it was a pyrrhic victory. It was difficult to say whether the gods of Western Continent would really be afraid of the power of the Immortal King.

However, those were things of the past, tens of thousands of years ago. For the present people of Nine Regions, it was completely shrouded in a fog, and it was impossible to judge whether it was true or not. Thus, Xiaoyao’s remarks were actually pretty good.

However, in Xiaoyao’s opinion, what he said didn’t matter.

Because his intention was to delay the conversation as best as he could.

Because he had already seen that Wang Lu’s most powerful blow, which had been brewing for a long time, was on the verge of breaking out.

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