Once Human, Now a Parasite

Chapter 732 - 676: Genesis Imoogi
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Chapter 732 - 676: Genesis Imoogi

The battle between Marjory of the Demon Team and Leo of the Holy Dominion/Church Team was still underway, however, the outcome was quite apparent. The handsome blonde-haired youngster was getting one-sidedly beaten. He looked absolutely miserable, his body riddled with wounds and one of his swords was lost.

The beginning of the fight wasn’t so bad, for him and the excited crowd. However, it suddenly took a surprising turn when Majory strengthened her body and engaged in close-ranged combat.

Actually, Leo was more focused on melee too but he wasn’t on Marjory’s level, sadly for him. He was thrashed in front of thousands of people but what angered him and embarrassed him the most was the Cardinal Patrick was also watching.

Leo looked up to the Cardinal and wished to become his disciple, which was one of the motives for his participation. Alas, his future was looking grim and even though he managed to remain conscious, he couldn’t fight back against the demon girl.

Marjory excelled in debuffing and hindering her enemies, at least that’s what the crowd thought till now. So far, she supported her junior, Cosima, and didn’t reveal her true prowess. Her ability to hide her trump cards up until this point was certainly commendable.

Even Arthur, who had bet on her, was slightly surprised. King Isadore Malfront, on the other hand, was cringing in his seat, his hands balled and his expression grave. He kept glancing at Arthur but that only made him irritated by the latter’s wide grin, which seemed to be indirectly mocking him.

Two minutes later, Marjory finally stopped flinging poor Leo’s body left and right. When she let go of his body, he limply laid on the ground, groaning and spitting dirt and blood.

Although he did try to stand up, Gutcha appeared and loudly declared the winner of the first battle. Sure enough, Leo tried to protest and say that he still could continue but he was ignored.

Put simply, the young man’s body was wrecked and even if he managed to stand up, there was no way he would win against Marjory.

The demon girl was expressionless, she nodded her head to the host before getting teleported outside of the arena.

"Alright! The next fight will be.... Sansal From the Imoogi Team Versus Bora from the MoonStar Team."

The two participants soon appeared on the stage, one was looking a bit anxious and the other was brimming with confidence.

The Imoogi race was said to be a descendant of the majesty Dragon Race. There were many variations of the Imoogi Race but the most frightening was the humanoid type, also known as Genesis Imoogi Race.

The youngsters belonging to the Imoogi Race were all part of the aforementioned race. Not only were they equipped with an outrageously strong physique but they also can master Magic easily. They were born with enough talent and power to reach the Exalted God Realm much earlier than their prodigious peers.

In fact, the youngest Exalted God that ever existed had been a Genesis Imoogi, but that record was recently seized by none other than Lucy MoonStar.

"Get ready!"

Gutcha raised his hand and looked at the two of them, both of which changed into a fighting stance. Bora readied an arrow and already pulled the elastic and soft string of his bow, whereas Sansal crouched down and put his hand on the ground.

After a couple of seconds of intense staring, the pigolo signaled the start. Bora immediately shot an arrow at the young Imoogi, but it struck nothing but air.

The one thing that archers must never do was lose sight of their target, and that’s exactly what Bora tried to do. Just as he shot the arrow, Sansal literally disappeared, he charged at him like a cannonball.

Bora performed a long backjump, just in time to dodge the incoming imoogi. As he was in mid-air, he pointed the arrow to the sky and fired dozens of arrows made of an orange light.

A rain of arrows cascaded on the imoogi but, again, none of them hit him. Sansal didn’t hesitate to use Magic and deflect all the energy arrows. A strong wind wave was invoked, dispersing the projectiles as well as blowing Bora to the side.

As he fell on the ground, Bora somehow managed to shoot an enormous silver arrow which managed to slow down the imoogi and push it to the back, though it dealt no substantial damage.

The several seconds bought by that shot allowed Bora to summon his unique Godspirit... A Godspirit that was actually capable of changing forms, and in each form had its special effects on both the opponent and the user.

A gorgeous horned deer landed next to Bora; The spiritual animal was made of hazy green light and though it didn’t emit any pressure, it still did something that disturbed and astonished Sansal.

With the Godspirit, Sansal didn’t dare get close to his enemy, at least not before he figured out what the deer actually did.

A gentle light enveloped Bora, alleviating the pain and healing the superficial wounds. On top of that, his longbow’s attack power and his attack speed were significantly boosted. Then again, the details of the Godspirit’s effects were only visible to Lucy and Arthur, who were the only ones that can use an advanced version of the Appraisal skill.

With the buff in full effect, Bora started shooting arrows like crazy. His blurry hands seemed to be moving slowly as one arrow after the other was shot at Sansal.

The young Imoogi couldn’t even get close to Bora. He tried his best to dodge the projectiles but he still got hit continuously, thus he was getting blown farther and farther away from Bora.

When the distance was deemed appropriate, Bora’s Godspirit changed into a small arrow which he snatched from mid-air and shot at the target. However, instead of flying at the Imoogi, it literally struck his c.h.e.s.t instantaneously as if it teleported.

Blood gushed from Sansal’s c.h.e.s.t but he didn’t cry or react in any way. Instead, he summoned the unstoppable gale and coupled it with a simple punch he performed from such a long distance.

The clash between the magma and the arrows was brief and, surprisingly, Bora’s arrows were able to emerge victorious, but they couldn’t reach Sansal.

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