On A Deserted Island With A Beauty

Chapter 13 - Be Kind to Others
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Chapter 13: Be Kind to Others

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Chang Yuan hid the knife in his sleeve.

The three women were also holding their own sticks. They were staring at the entrance of the fence in the corner of the cave.

The few people outside were getting closer and closer. Chang Yuan and the others could hear their voices.

A young man said, “We’re finally here. I thought we went to the wrong place!”

“How could we be wrong? The fire is right here. We should walk towards the fire!” A middle-aged man said confidently.

“Stop dawdling. Auntie Wang is going to fall sick! We can’t stay in the rain anymore!” A girl reminded them anxiously.

“Cough, cough, cough!” A middle-aged woman coughed weakly.

Although they saw the faint fire inside the cave, they didn’t care whether there was an owner inside or not. They just barged in.

“Hey! I didn’t expect it to be you!” The young man was the first to stoop down and come in. When he saw Chang Yuan and the three women inside the cave, he revealed a shocked smile.

“Come in. It’s an old acquaintance!” The young man waved his hand behind him, and the group of seven people squeezed into the cave.

The cave, which could barely accommodate four or five people, now had seven more people, and it became a bit crowded.

They could only sit cross-legged on the ground.

They came in without Chang Yuan and the others’ consent, which made the four of them a little unhappy.

Zhuo Qianqian was a little angry and thought, “Why don’t you guys find your own place instead of occupy our tiny place. How shameless.” Just as she was about to say some rude words to drive away this group of people, Tong Wei tugged the corner of her cloth. She then looked at the sick and old woman.

“Kid, I didn’t expect you guys to find a good place!” The ugly young man teased Chang Yuan.

Chang Yuan didn’t reply. He just stared at the few of them cautiously.

The middle-aged man with a big belly, who was the leader of the group, said, “Kid, look at the heavy rain outside. We couldn’t find a good shelter to stay. Can you let us stay for a night?” He spoke with a fake smile. He was a typical hypocrite.

Chang Yuan hated this kind of people the most. He didn’t want to bother with the middle-aged man.

“Where is your manner? We’re talking to you! Are you mute?” A ‘plastic’ girl, who clearly had done plastic surgery, looked fiercely at Chang Yuan, “I don’t think we need to say anything to them. We just have to kick them out of here!”

“Such a nice place. It’s such a waste for these people to stay here!”

“And those two b*tches who jumped ship! They betrayed us, so they should get out of here as well!”

Chang Yuan and the other three were already displeased with these people. They did not expect that the other party would be so unreasonable and threaten them. They were instantly enraged by the plastic girl.

“You b*tch, watch your mouth!” Zhuo Qianqian held a stick in her hand and directly poked the plastic girl’s face with the tip of the stick. It happened to hit the bridge of her nose.

“Ouch, my nose bridge is crooked…”

“Liu Fanyu, enough!” The middle-aged man said impatiently, “You have no manners at all!”

“We are civilized people. Or have we become barbarians after two days on this deserted island?”

After being scolded by the middle-aged man, the plastic girl did not dare to say anything more.

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The ugly young man found the rabbit meat that Chang Yuan and the others had stewed in the iron pot. There was still half a rabbit left. Chang Yuan planned to reserve it for the next day.

“I knew it! It’s rabbit meat, so fragrant!”

The ugly young man took out the iron pot and gave the rabbit meat to everyone to eat. He also gave a little more to the middle-aged man.

“Xiao Gu, you performed really well. I’ll give you a promotion when we get back!”

The ugly young man was delighted to be praised by the leader.

“Thank you for the promotion, Director Zhang. I will wholeheartedly support you!”

Chang Yuan looked at the two of them and mocked them in his heart. They were already trapped on a deserted island, yet they were still acting they were in the office. It was pathetically funny.

“What… What are you doing? This is our food!” Qiao Yuran was a little anxious when she saw their food had been divided by these unwelcome guests.

“We’re in a critical situation. Everyone should help each other! Don’t be so unreasonable!” Xiao Gu said righteously.

The three women rolled their eyes at him, as if they were saying, “It was not that we don’t let you eat, but you should ask before you take it. You can’t just eat our food without permission.”

Chang Yuan had already guessed that this would happen. Since he decided to let them in, he had already mentally prepared himself.

After all, he was not an evil person. He could not just let them stay in the rain.

Being kind to others was Chang Yuan’s moral, “I will treat you well, but if you treat me badly, then I’m sorry. I’ll be worse than you. If you treat me well, then I’ll treat you better.”

At this moment, the sick old woman coughed violently. “Cough! Cough!”

Seeing this, Chang Yuan said, “It’s dangerous when you fell sick in old age. At best, she’ll be seriously ill. At worst, she’ll probably die!”

“What can we do? She is sick and old. She’s just wasting our food. What’s the use of living like this? We are not doctors! We can only watch her die from illness!” The other girl beside the plastic girl, Li Wei, spoke as she looked at the old woman with disdain.

These words made the leading middle-aged man a little dissatisfied. From the looks of it, this middle-aged man was about the same age as Auntie Wang. They were both in their early fifties, so he was offended by Li Wei’s words.

Auntie Wang also heard these words, and tears flowed out of the corners of her eyes. Initially, she was ready to enjoy life and travel around the world. However, their plane crashed.

Now, she was going to die of illness on this deserted island. It was truly tragic.

“What are you doing!” When Li Wei saw Chang Yuan suddenly walking towards her, she frowned and question him.

She thought that Chang Yuan was unhappy with her words and wanted to teach her a lesson, so she subconsciously took a step back.

However, Chang Yuan didn’t have the time to bother with her. He stopped in front of Auntie Wang and reached out to pinch her wrist.

Everyone was puzzled by Chang Yuan’s actions.

Soon after, Chang Yuan opened his eyes and looked around the cave as if he was looking for something. “Pull that grass down!”

Chang Yuan was talking to Li Wei. Li Wei was dumfounded by his sudden request. She pulled down a handful of grass that Chang Yuan was pointing at.

“This is licorice. It’s a type of herb that is often used in Chinese medicine. Chew it in your mouth into smaller pieces. You don’t swallow it. Use your saliva to moisture it!”

Chang Yuan tore the licorice into small pieces and helped Auntie Wang up.

Auntie Wang did as Chang Yuan said.

Li Wei was a little confused.. “Seriously? You can cure people by eating licorice? I think you’re making her illness worse!”

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