On A Deserted Island With A Beauty

On A Deserted Island With A Beauty

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    On his first business trip, Chang Yuan was seated next to an absolute beauty.

    He was prepared to have a passionate love life and end his boring single life.

    However, he never imagined that their plane would crash and they would be stranded on a deserted island!

    As he looked at the vast ocean around them, Chang Yuan wanted to cry.

    The silver lining was that the beautiful woman had grabbed onto his clothes and was also stranded here.

    Chang Yuan mumbled, “Wait a minute. I suddenly realize that you look very similar to a certain celebrity. What was her name again?”

    “Is it Qiao Yuran?”

    “Ah, yes. You look like the superstar, Qiao Yuran.”

    She replied, “I am Qiao Yuran.”