Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Chapter 37
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Episode 9 – Omniscient Sunfish (2)

The moment the yellow eyes looked at us, a deafening roar echoed in our ears.


[The 7th grade, Tyrannosaurus Rex has recognized you.]

[The ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ has triggered the ‘Fear the Predator’ skill!]

[The exclusive skill Fourth Wall has blocked the effect of the ‘Fear the Predator’ skill.]

My mindw as calm thanks to Fourth Wall, but I could stop the chills that occurred. This was the fear towards a predator.

“Everyone, get out of the way!”

The petrified Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye regained their spirits. I fell back with Lee Gilyoung beside me.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A long tail flew through the forest in front of us.


The men who were running fell on the backs and coughed up blood. Fortunately, Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye were away from the danger zone.

I shouted to Lee Gilyoung lying down next to me.

“Gilyoung fall back, while Heewon-ssi and Jihye-ssi scatter to the left and right!”

Then a message popped up.

[The character ‘Lee Gilyoung’ has activated the ‘Dinosaur Book’ skill!]


“Tyrannosaurus are agile compared to their size, but they are vulnerable due to their narrow field of view.”


“I saw it in a book when I was a child.”

“When you were a child?”

“...Younger than I am now.”

I stared blankly at Lee Gilyoung. This wasn’t the time to tackle it.


[The exclusive skill ‘White Pure Star Energy’ has been activated.]

I started waving the iridescent blade to attract the attention of the T-Rex. Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon weren’t tankers. I didn’t even need to mention Lee Gilyoung. Therefore, I was the only one who could take the risk here.

“While I draw its attention, attack its rear―”

I hadn’t finished talking when I saw Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon already at the T-Rex’s rear. They noticed quickly.


I barely avoided the incoming teeth and the stomping legs. Before I could wield Unbroken Faith, its tail passed over my head. An electrifying thrill swept over my body. I wouldn’t die because my stamina was over level 20, but it was dizzying.

Maybe I had been lucky until now. I might be the ‘sunfish’ rather than Yoo Jonghyuk.


Meanwhile, Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye was steadily dealing damage from the rear. It was a combination of ‘Sword Training’ and ‘Kendo.’ Noticeable sword wounds were being dealt to the T-Rex’s big legs. If this continued, it might take some time but the T-Rex would be defeated.

“Hyung! I’ll draw its attention!”

The boy didn’t listen to me about staying in the rear.

“No, Gilyoung you―”

“I can do it!”

All of a sudden, Lee Gilyoung came forward and started to make an unknown signal. I wanted to say something. Then a huge praying mantis came from somewhere, stabbed the T-Rex’s eyes and fled. It was the Titano that Lee Gilyoung had been talking to before.


The T-Rex’s eyes moved confusedly as it followed the praying mantis that disturbed its vision. Lee Gilyoung used dazzling hand movements to control the praying mantis. I looked at Lee Gilyoung with a fresh mindset.

Wasn’t this guy actually a hugely fraudulent character? No wonder why Yoo Jonghyuk coveted him.


Thanks to Lee Gilyoung’s success, the battlefield quickly became advantageous. The T-Rex’s movements became duller while a red light shone in Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye’s eyes.

[Demon Slayer].

It made them vulnerable to mental attacks but it was a good skill that made them stronger when they were excited. The sight of the two women’s eyes burning as they watched the rainforest was truly spectacular.

It was a pity that I had lost Lee Jihye to Yoo Jonghyuk. However, Jung Heewon also had overwhelming growth potential. Judge of Destruction was a good attribute and she didn’t have a sponsor yet.

It felt like the T-Rex’s stamina had decreased considerably. It was time to deal the final blow.

[Blade of Faith is activated!]

I started to focus my remaining magic power. I didn’t have a sponsor, nor was I as fast as Jung Heewon or Lee Jihye. But that didn’t mean my attack power was weak. I had a fraudulent system that overcame all of this.


Ether Blade.

[The special option of Unbroken Faith is activated.]

[The ether property is converted to ‘fire.’]

An enormous amount of magic power was sucked in and my physical fatigue became extreme. But I didn’t mind because there was a way to supplement it later.

The blade increased by one metre and was surrounded by flames.

I ran to the rear of the Tyrannosaurus.

“Everybody out of the way!”

The moment that the Tyrannosaurus hesitated and its movements slowed, I climbed its tail. I almost fell over a few times because I didn’t have the ‘Sense of Balance’ but I somehow held on by stabbing the blade into the epidermis.


The T-Rex poured out blood and its body rolled across the ground. I rammed the blade in wherever I could. Flames poured into the wounds caused by the blade.

The yellow eyes of the T-Rex stared at me as it gasped painfully, before finally dying.

[You have succeeded in being the first to hunt the 7th grade species ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex!’]

[You have obtained 1,000 coins as compensation.]

“Ah...we really got it.”

“I knew we could do it.”

Jung Heewon breathed heavily as she spoke with a proud expression on her face. She could be proud because the T-Rex was top-ranked among the 7th grade monsters. Lee Jihye belatedly rushed towards me.

“I had it!”

“What? It would’ve taken a long time if you continued hitting it like that.”

I wiped off my sword while speaking. Jung Heewon asked.

“But was a Tyrannosaurus killed in this movie?”

“No but isn’t this more fun?”


“The genre is fantasy, action and adventure. This should be enough.”

At this moment, a system message flashed in my head.

[The theater owner is satisfied with the changed ending of the movie.]

Jung Heewon screamed like it was absurd.


Yes. The strategy of Theatre Dungeon wasn’t to see the ‘real ending.’

If so, Yoo Jonghyuk wouldn’t have been able to beat this dungeon. It was to create the desired ending for the ‘theatre master’ at the core of this dungeon. Please note that the theatre owner was an extreme psychopath.

“Do you understand now? We just need to smash it.”

In other words, if we removed all the obstacles to the ending, the movie would end naturally.

[Now you can move to the next floor.]

[Go to the helipad on top of the research laboratory.]

“We will move in a little while. We have to get some rewards.”

I started exploring the area around the T-Red. Soon after, I found one of the guys who entered before us. The rest were eaten or mutilated by the T-Rex.

“Hey, wake up.”


Blood was constantly flowing from the man. The wounds were from the T-Rex’s claws. The bones were revealing, making it obvious that this person couldn’t recover.

“Breathe slowly.”

“C-Cough! ...Alive...”

I fed the man drinking water I had brought in. The man drank some water before coughing up blood again. I was forced to urgently ask him questions.

“How did you come here?”


“Who are the prophets?”

The man’s breathing was getting rougher.

“R-Revelation... received...”


“I want to... live...”

Blood burst out from the man’s mouth. He finally died. Jung Heewon and the others came up behind me.

“That person...?”

I shook my head and looked down at the fallen man.

‘Revelation.’ What funny bullshit.

As far as I knew, only Anna Croft had the ability of ‘Future Sight’ in Ways of Survival.

Then there was only one answer.

...There was someone else besides me. But they didn’t know as much as I did. The proof was that they didn’t dare come here in person to test out the information.


“Take a break.”

We covered the man’s body with a large lead and gathered near the dad T-Rex. W had to hurry to pursue Yoo Jonghyuk. But if we didn’t get enough rest, the party would be wiped out before we met him.

I searched the T-Rex’s body.

I looked at the head and heart but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any monster cores. That didn’t mean there was no income. Jung Heewon drooled as she watched the T-Rex being cooked over the fire.

“...Can we eat this?”

“We can eat it because it is cooked with magic flames. The unripe parts can be cooked with the Magic Power Stove.”

We sat side by side around the T-Rex’s leg. As we cut the cooked flesh of the T-Rex little by little, steam rose. Lee Gilyoung shouted.

“Fresh meat!”

Lee Jihye hurriedly rushed up and grabbed a pierce first. The rest of the group, including myself, also picked large pieces of flesh. Meat of this size? It was a luxury that couldn’t be dreamt of back when I was an office worker. Lee Jihye closed her eyes while enjoying the taste. Then she murmured in an ecstatic voice.

“Ah, the best taste in the world...”

It really was delicious.

The fat was properly wrapped around the muscles, making it different from the ground rats. The feeling every time I took a bit... If Yoo Sangah was here, she would’ve cried.

After I consumed the meat, I felt my stamina recovering. The meat of an advanced species had these special effects. However, caution was required in some cases. Jung Heewon sighed.

“Phew... I ate well. It is really delicious but I will cry if I eat anymore.”

We had a moderate rest and then headed straight to the laboratory in the centre of the island.

We encountered several raptors on the way but they were easy after the T-Rex.

There were many flasks and ampoules in the laboratory. There were small incubators containing dinosaur embryos and blood samples collected. There was only one thing missing.

My eyes caught a few items as we entered the inner corridor.

[Stamina Enhancing Ampoule]

[Magic Power Enhancing Ampoule]

[Agility Enhancing Ampoule]

[Strength Enhancing Ampoule]

As expected, it was here. I started to pack the ampoules. Just like the Ichthyosaur’s Core, these comprehensive stat growth items were available only in the early scenarios.

It wasn’t just one or two ampoules. There were close to 20 bottles. If this was the case, my stats would be able to level up explosively. It was in anticipation of this hidden scenario that I saved coins instead of investing them in my stats.

These ampoules were only available when the corresponding stat was less than level 30.

“Ahjussi, what did you find now?”

...Ah, this ghost-like girl.

“What? Stamina Enhancement Ampoule?”

Lee Jihye’s eyes shone as she grabbed one ampoule.

“Are you trying to eat these alone?”

“Eat them all? Of course I will share it.”

“Unni, look at this! Ahjussi...!”

The other people in the party came closer due to the turmoil. Jung Heewon was shocked when she checked the item information.

“Oh my god... what are these items?”

“...This is a hidden scenario.”

I spoke with a bit of disgruntlement. Damn, this was a bit difficult. I didn’t catch the T-Rex alone so taking all the items pricked my conscience...

[Some constellations are displeased with the situation.]

Lee Jihye looked at the Strength Enhancement Ampoule and opened her mouth.

“Can you give me the Strength Enhancement Ampoule? I am a bit lacking in strength.”

[The exclusive skill, Character List is activated.]

It was a summary version that only contained the comprehensive stats.

[Character Summary List]

Name: Lee Jihye

Private Attribute: Scarred Sword Demon (Rare)

Exclusive Skills: Sword Training Lv. 4, Demon Slaying Lv. 1, Absolute Sense Lv. 2, Ghost Walk Lv. 2.

Stigma: Sea Battle Lv. 1, Large Army Command Lv. 1.

Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 13, Strength Lv. 17, Agility Lv. 13, Magic Power Lv. 10.

This damn girl...

“Huh? Heewon unni, can’t I have it?”

“Um, Dokja-ssi was the one who discovered it so it is his decision...”

Frankly, it didn’t matter if the other party members received them but giving them to Lee Jihye was a bit of a waste. She was part of Yoo Jonghyuk’s group anyway.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ expects your fairness.]

Fairness... yes, let’s pick the most unbiased game I knew.

I smiled and made a suggestion.

“How about rock paper scissors?”

“Rock paper scissors?”

“There will be one winner at the end.”

Greed filled Lee Jihye’s face.


“Well... I will do what Dokja-ssi wants. But is it okay? It could be a mistake.”

“Then doesn’t that mean he is unlucky?”

Lee Jihye asked. She was excited at the thought of getting a share of the items.

“Let’s start with a Strength Enhancement Ampoule.”

I put out the Strength Enhancement Ampoule and said to Lee Jihye.

“You will face me.”

“I’m good at rock paper scissors. Will it be okay?”

“Ah, is that so?”

I smiled at Lee Jihye.

[Exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint stage 1 has been activated!]

[The character ‘Lee Jihye’ has prepared ‘scissors.’ ]

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