Omega Summoner

Chapter 1235 The Trio
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"We finally reached level 150 after all that grinding!" Basil stated as they are teleported at the town proper of Avalon.

"We would not have suffered if you were careful enough." Pana stated as he has this haggard look on his face from dealing with the traps that Basil activates.

"It is not my fault that Pyro has become so big after his evolution. He is actually very heavy because he has not yet grown his wings. I wonder when will he grow his wings though? Maybe his next evolution?" Basil wondered.

"Calm down everyone. The important thing is that we finished the quest. If it was not for Pyro, then the quest would have been more dangerous." Ark stated he came in between the two before they fight again.

Although they work well together, Pana and Basil like to bicker with each other because their playstyles are not the same. Basil is hot-headed and likes to rush at the enemy with her full power while Pana is the calculative type of player. It is up to Ark to be the bridge between the two as they all started their journey in Pandemonium together.

Ark is a patient person and the glue that holds the three together, but they all get along quite well. It is just in their nature to let out their frustrations using their mouths after the quest. They never take the insults to heart as that is just their way of venting out stress.

"Anyways, thanks for accompanying me into the dungeon. I managed to clear my job class change requirement thanks to you guys." Basil stated as she is only one step away from getting the hidden class that she unlocked.

When Pyro reached level 100 and evolved to a Molten Spike Dragon, the Goddess Tiamat gave Basil an oracle that she was her chosen one. Basil already knew that Pyro was special, but she did not think that he was that special. She already had doubts that Pyro is not a normal fire lizard because he grew at a fast rate.

The most notable difference that Pyro had from fire lizards is the fact that he could breathe fire while others just spit flaming mucus. She also unlocked fire magic when Pyro learned Flame Breath as her soul resonated with his. She was finally convinced that Pyro was indeed a dragon when it evolved looking like a raptor.

She also knows that Pyro will keep growing because he is still in the juvenile stage according to the status board. Should Pyro become an adult then he will definitely become a large dragon with wings as there are already bumps on his back. The only thing Basil needs to unlock the job class called Mother of Dragons is to have another dragon as a soulbound but that is not easy.

She cannot use dragons like drakes as they are lesser dragons but will need to tame elemental or pure-blooded dragons. The only known summoner to have a pure-blooded dragon summon is the Demon Equinox. A dragon is a very powerful creature which is why she waits for the time that Pyro becomes an adult.

"Since both of you have stopped bickering, we should submit the quest to Pann. The firebird egg that we got on he way was much easier compared to defeating a dungeon boss." Ark stated but there is something weighing on his mind.

Ark is a bit jealous of the two because one has a unique class while the other is on the quest to become one. Pana has already changed to the unique job class that he got from an item from the Genesis Village. His current job class is called Quagmire which is an archer that can attach traps into their arrows.

It is also a job class that gives the Trap Specialist passive skill which makes traps become useless in front of the possessor. The only shortcoming of this job class is that they use a short bow which means they cannot snipe enemies from afar. Nevertheless, this ranger job class has great mobility in short range and mid-range combat.

"If this keeps up then they will surpass me. I must at least get a special class that can equal them." Ark thought to himself as his job class is Magic Knight which is an advancement of the warrior class.

He wanted to wield magic and a sword which is why he chose the magic knight class, and he excels at it. The only problem is that he is getting overshadowed by his friends in fights. In the end, he decided to use mainly defensive magic. He mastered defensive magic to a high degree that he has not yet died or even his two friends.

They are a unique party that has yet to die as they carefully planned everything thanks to Pana. They managed to overcome almost any difficult situation thanks to Basil and Pyro. They have never been strayed too far from Avalon as well because there are a lot of dungeons near the place with varying levels.

The three finally agreed to submit their quest item to Pann when the two finished bickering. Basil is even more excited as Pann is her mentor for Beast Rearing. She is learning the ropes of nurturing beasts from Pann as she will tame dragons once she becomes the Mother of Dragons.

When the three arrived at Pann's abode, he was talking to a young teenager with golden hair that is wearing a grand robe. In the hand of that young teen is a cute oval looking plasma monster that has a cute face. They are shocked because Pann is actually talking while smiling which he never does as his personality trait is grouchy.

"Hi, Master Pann! We got the firebird egg that you wanted." Basil stated as she was the one that got the mission from Pann anyways.

"Ah! You finally arrived. I thought it would take all of you another week to get a simple bird egg." Pann stated but his eyes lingered towards Kanlaon who looked at Basil with interest.

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