Omega Summoner

Chapter 1234 Planning For The Heist
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Adrian is extremely happy with the new spell that he learned because it is of Mythical tier. This is his most powerful spell that he can cast by himself. It also has hints of the darkness element which mean it could be powerful against beings that have the light element inside their body.

"Seeing that I have already finished what I have done, I will not excuse myself for now." Adrian stated as he does not want to stay in the area anymore in fear of getting caught up in a more troublesome thing.

"That is for the better, Champion Equinox. My goddess will take some time to calm herself down. Thank you for completing her request." The God of Death Abaddon stated.

Adrian immediately tiptoed away as he reached out into the void once more. A metal door manifested itself which he opened. Adrian stepped foot inside that door and vanished from the Nether Realm as the two gods remained there.

Adrian appeared back into the mortal realm in the previous area that he also entered. He does not know how the door to the Nether Realm works but all he knows is that where he gets in is where he gets out. He looked at the ocean below to see any signs of Altum but there are no signs of him.

"I should go to Avalon first. I only have less than three weeks before the guild war starts. I need to plan accordingly for the next heist or rather getting back what is rightfully theirs." Adrian stated as he teleported back to Avalon.


When Adrian appeared back in Avalon, he immediately rushed towards the observation room after summoning all of his soulbounds out. He wanted them to explore the area while he formulates a plan for the next heist. He already has two of the three vestiges, and he will not stop until he gets all three of them.

"Do not cause trouble guys!" Adrian stated as he vanished.

? All of Adrian's soulbounds immediately started to party when their master left them. They can finally go around Avalon once again, but they needed to control their size. Sirius, Kanlaon and Saena transformed into humanoid forms.

Sirius turned into a young adult form that looks almost like Adrian but has a wild aura. His clothes are of high quality that has great fur covering parts of it. He looks extremely dashing which can make any female look at his direction but the wolf ears on top of his head gets greater attention. The wild aura that he emits also makes people unknowingly look at him with desire.

Kanlaon turned into a young teen that has clothes fit for a crown prince in the east. He wears robes for royalty as if he is born for it. Kanlaon also has golden hair that shimmers when light reflects upon it that makes him very ethereal while his six dragon balls still revolve around him like a weapon. He also has this aura that makes anyone look at him with respect which is accentuated by the dragon patterns weaved into it.

Saena's humanoid form is the newest addition to this roster as she can finally transform. Saena is a drop-dead gorgeous beauty that is of a female teen. She wears a feathery dress that has the rainbow motif, but it is not too much. She also has long white hair that has highlights of the rainbow at the tips.

When Adrian's close friends looks at Saena then they will say that she looks like a female version of Adrian. She also emits a sparkle whenever she walks as if she is a fairy that descended the heavens. The most notable feature of her humanoid form is that she has small white wings on her back that does not look strong enough to carry her in the air.

Charon, Dodu, Kimat, and Wisteria just transformed to their chibi forms as they have yet to unlock their humanoid transformation. Some of them are clearly jealous of the others especially those that have greater intellect.

"We can finally roam about!" Kanlaon stated as he always wanted to freely look at Avalon in his humanoid form.

"Master should really get rest in his own territory more as we are always out and about. I also want to rest and relax from time to time." Saena stated as she just likes being perched on top of a tree in peace.

"I for one do not like being idle but resting is also a part of training. I will take care of Kimat as Charon already slipped away towards its secret resting place. Make sure to behave even if this is master's territory." Sirius stated as he knows that those younger than him are troublemakers.

Sirius made sure to look after Kimat because he is the most mischievous among them and a certified troublemaker. He only seems well-behaved but that is only when Adrian is present. When Adrian is no longer looking at his general direction, Kimat will immediately become a troublemaker which only Sirius can control.

"I will take Dodu then as I like its squishy body plus it does not demand much." Kanlaon stated as he picked up Dodu to which the latter jumped to his arms. Dodu jiggled its body to inform Kanlaon that it likes him a lot.

"I will take little Wisteria then. It will be a girl's day!" Saena stated as the cute Wisteria slowly drifted towards Saena and scrunched her face to the former's tummy.

All the soulbounds went and looked around the territory to enjoy themselves. Charon, on the other hand, appeared near the altar for the God of Death Abaddon. He then looked for his favorite spot there and snuggled in comfortably.

All the players that pray towards the altar could see a small, hooded ghost sleeping next to it. This situation is one of the most talked about phenomenon in Avalon as people know that undead do not sleep. They know that this small, hooded ghost is definitely and undead, but they are wondering why it is sleeping.


One of the most famous quotes of the undead is that they do not sleep or tire but there is actually one that is sleeping. Other players even reported it to some of the elders, but they were all told to not disturb it as it was resting. In the end, the sight of a small, hooded ghost sleeping near the altar of the God of Death became something of a small event to stimulate the minds of those that pass through.


Adrian is currently at the observation room to see the traffic of the Silver City. The Daemos might not be able to get close to the Silver City because it is being guarded by a legion of angels, but they can still monitor them. Although, monitoring is not perfect because all demon eyes that try to get near will get blinded by the dazzling light that is emitted by the Silver City.

"Is there really no way for me to sneak inside the Silver City?" Adrian thought as he actually saw a video of the Silver City in the forums.

In the video that Adrian saw, he saw a tall tower called the Tower of Babylon. In the middle of that giant spire is a sun disk that looks like what the statue of the Sun God Ra holds. That Sun Disk the most out of place decoration that is there since the motifs of angels are usually winged architecture.

The only bad thing is that the middle of that spire is heavily guarded by ten angels. The Sun Disk seem to be an item that blesses the angels in the Silver City or that is what the players that did a video on it has stated. Adrian does not know if there are other security measures in place as a godly artifact like that will not be left with just ten guards.

What Adrian does not know is the fact that the Seraphim Mikhail is too confident that nothing in the Silver City will be out of his sight. The ten guards near the Sun Disk are actually just decorative guards that have been told to guard the artifact despite Mikhail having sight of all things inside the Silver City.

Adrian then looked at the other mirror that he is also observing. He is observing the settlement of the angels that actually abandoned the Goddess of Light. They were not turned into devils because they currently possess human bodies unlike the angels in the Silver City.

They are the angels that wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life and have found joy in living with other beings. They are angels that resonated so much with their host bodies that their souls have actually merged with the soul of the human that they have inhabited. If one questions them they are more human that angel as they can feel compassion and other strong emotions that the Goddess of Light does not want angels to feel.

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