Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 384: Fight Against a Supernatural Beast!
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Chapter 384: Fight Against a Supernatural Beast!

Meng Chao’s voice was like a golden horn. It echoed in the depths of the dark tunnel.

Gao Ye looked as if he was struck by lightning and did not move even after a long time had passed.

It looked like he did not dare to look Meng Chao in the eyes. He even shrank back a little in the dark.



Shattered stones, mud, metal bits from the train carriage he crushed, and acid that could melt stones came charged out of his mouth like a destructive flood.


Meng Chao was caught off guard. When Gao Ye’s attack struck him, he was sent flying like a kite with its string snapped. He crashed violently into the wall of the tunnel.

His shirt was instantly shredded, and he was covered in wounds. He looked really pathetic.

Gao Ye’s eyes shone with a savage light. He moved to launch a follow-up attack.

Fortunately, Lu Siya activated her spirit energy in time and used a large amount of stones and reinforced concrete to form a stone dragon that was about the same size as Gao Ye. It rose in front of Meng Chao to fend off the attack.

Gao Ye became tangled up with the stone dragon.

The stone dragon let out cracking sounds. It could not last for long against Gao Ye’s spikes, which vibrated at high frequency.

Lu Siya quickly dragged Meng Chao out of the human-shaped hole in the wall.

“What exactly were you thinking?” Lu Siya opened a high-efficiency medical injection with her teeth and stabbed it into Meng Chao’s shoulder violently. It helped to stop his bleeding and promote the healing of his wounds.

When she looked at him, her eyes betrayed the disbelief at what he did. “Did you seriously think that you could make this abnormal beast snap out of its delusions with your simple speech and high school student level oratory skills?”

“Well... I think so before.” Meng Chao was hurting so much that he grimaced. His lips twitched as he said, “After all, last time, when we were under Raging Waves and fought against Lin Chuan and the White Spirit, my silver tongue seemed to work!”

“...” Lu Siya sucked in a deep breath and forced herself to calm down for three seconds, but she still could not avoid cussing. “How many friggin’ screws do you have loose in your head? If running your mouth off worked every time, why the heck would we need to cultivate so hard?! We might as well just switch from fighting to debating!”

“Alright, I was wrong.” Meng Chao gritted his teeth and got up. With anger spitting out of his eyes, he stared at Gao Ye. “But this proves at least one thing. He has already completely lost his humanity. He’s no longer human.

“Those sincere words just now were spoken from the bottom of my head, and they were very touching. Even I was touched by my own words.

“If he had even 1% of humanity left, once he heard me, he would have come to a realization and felt so guilty that he cried. Then, he would have cast aside the dark side to join the forces of good.

“Since he’s unmoved, this means that he’s no longer a human. He’s no longer Gao Ye but a complete monster.

“Then... I have no other choice!”


Earthquake crushed the stone dragon Lu Siya had created.

As the crushed stones spilled everywhere, Meng Chao’s sabers shot out.

He jumped high into the air with his sabers and stabbed into the folds of the Ultimate Sandworm’s head.

Superstar had developed incredibly quickly over the course of one year, and Meng Chao had become a rich person. He had enough resources to hire skilled craftsmen from the Supernatural Tower to recraft Surging Lightning and Bloody Flame.

Not only did he embed higher quality crystals in them, he also had more beautiful and profound runic symbols carved into them. During the recrafting process, he even added expensive Apocalyptic Beast’s bone powder. It made the damage from the two sabers to increase to a terrifying degree.

While his spirit flames surged, the metallic shine from the two sabers was replaced by flames and lightning.

Not only did they easily stab into the Ultimate Sandworm’s head until only the hilts were left, they also caused the dozens of eyes it had to protrude because of the electric shock. They started sizzling with smoke from the burns.

The Ultimate Sandworm was in pain. It started tumbling about madly in the tunnel and crashed violently against the wall.

Meng Chao wrapped the chains connected to the hilt around his arms three times. Even if the chains dug into his flesh, he held tightly to the sabers and refused to let go. He even spun the hilts with all his strength to deal even more damage to the Ultimate Sandworm’s head.

Thud! Thud!

In the end, two horrifying, bloody holes appeared in the Ultimate Sandworm’s head. All sorts of strange, sticky liquid gushed out like a spring.

Meng Chao was also sent flying by the Ultimate Sandworm. He rolled three times on the ground to negate the impact. Then, he stood up again.

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Sandworm did not have a brain.

The neuralgia around its body allowed it to keep struggling on the verge of death even though it was heavily injured. This dealt even worse damage to its surroundings.

Boom! Boom!

Most of its eyeballs were now destroyed, so it was difficult for the Ultimate Sandworm to accurately locate Meng Chao. Hence, it decided to just crash against the walls like a lunatic to vent its pain. Its other goal was to...

“It wants to make the tunnel collapse from within!”

Meng Chao’s expression changed.

The Ultimate Sandworm had already created cracks in the underwater tunnel when it was ramming against it from outside.

Now, as it damaged it in a fit of madness, the intersecting cracks connected with each other.

In just a few minutes, the tunnel would completely collapse.

“Big Sis Ya, you’re in charge of strengthening the tunnel! I’ll stop him!”

Meng Chao gritted his teeth, and with a huge stride forward, he jumped up.

Unfortunately, this time, the Ultimate Sandworm was prepared. The spikes on its body started vibrating at high frequency.

Meng Chao had wanted to jump on its back and search for the place where the neuralgia were connected so that he could destroy the Ultimate Sandworm’s mobility, but his feet were nearly impaled by the spikes vibrating at high frequency on its body.

With those spikes, the Ultimate Sandworm started squirming madly in the tunnel.

Meng Chao now faced the same problem as he did when he met the Giant Sandworm under Trash Site 4.

The space in the tunnel was too small. The slightest carelessness would either result in him being squashed against the wall by the Ultimate Sandworm and being reduced to a pulp by the high-vibration spikes or swallowed by the giant mouth, where he would have to face the terrifying acid and adhesive liquid.

Meng Chao brought out the full strength of the Ultimate Style.

He turned into an illusion surrounded by electrical arcs and flames and danced around the Ultimate Sandworm. He left hundreds of wounds on the Ultimate Sandworm’s skin.

Unfortunately, its skin was so thick that it would drive anyone fighting against it mad. Last time, even when Ye Xiaoxing destroyed one-third of its body and organs, it was able to flee as if nothing had happened to it.

After evolving for half a year, it would definitely not be subjugated by Meng Chao’s sabers.

Instead, it seized the chance to cough up a mouthful of shattered stones covered in acid and adhesive liquid, which forced Meng Chao and Lu Siya to fend off his attack in a flurry of motion.

The cracks on the tunnel walls were growing.

They could hear the cracking sounds from above the reinforced concrete signalling metal fatigue.

Meng Chao felt anxious, but he could not find a way to solve the problem in one go.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

Rapid gunfire came from behind him and Lu Siya.

It was the Red Dragon Army!

The military squad had finally escorted all the workers and engineers safely to the surface and set up enough crystal bombs in the tunnel behind them.

Now, they came forward to provide reinforcements for Meng Chao and Lu Siya.

Even though the commander of this military squad was just a one-star superhuman and most of the soldiers were normal humans who had not awakened to supernatural powers, they remained fearless even before an existence even more horrifying than Hell Beasts. They pushed forward as they fired at Earthquake.

The armor-piercing shells created sparks on the Ultimate Sandworm’s rough skin.

The fire bombs also only created sparks.

The grenades, however, made it shudder in anger.

This scene touched Meng Chao’s heart, but he was also worried.

He was touched by the Red Dragon Army’s fearlessness and bravery, but he knew just how terrifying Supernatural Entities were. Their attack methods changed all the time and they never had just a few attacks.

Just as he expected, the Ultimate Sandworm’s head suddenly turned red and grew twice as big.


A red puff of gas shot out from the depths of its throat and filled the entire tunnel.


When the gas ran into sparks, explosions rang out in the tunnel. The impact swept through the area and sent more than ten soldiers flying.

There were often incendiary and explosive gasses like methane deep underground. There was also the sludge and humus that produced those gasses.

And the Ultimate Sandworm had used some method to store compressed methane in its body.

Once it fired it, it turned into a fearsome methane bomb.

Fortunately, Meng Chao acted quickly. When the Ultimate Sandworm’s head turned red, he threw his chain sabers and bound the waists of the soldiers who were at the forefront and dragged them away from the Ultimate Sandworm’s attack range.

Even so, there were quite a number of soldiers who were badly burned and sent flying into the wall. Their bones were broken, and they coughed up blood.

‘I have to give it my all! I can’t let it fire a second methane bomb!’

Meng Chao’s eyes turned bloodshot. He knew that if the same attack was repeated, the soldiers would not just be severely injured. Instead, the whole underwater tunnel would collapse, and the blood, sweat, and tears from countless people as well as the large amounts of investment would be destroyed.

When the Ultimate Sandworm opened its mouth again, Meng Chao removed all the grenades at his waist at the moment the methane was about to shoot out and threw them over.


Chain explosions happened in the Ultimate Sandworm’s gaping mouth.

It was badly battered, and its head split open like a rotten flower.

However, if it could be killed with just eight grenades, it would not have been worthy of being called a Supernatural Entity.

Slurp! Slurp!

Squirming granulation tissue shot out of its torn wounds. They closed the wounds like bio gel and started healing them rapidly.

Meng Chao knew the Supernatural Entity’s fighting strength very clearly, and he never thought that he could kill one just like that.

But while the creature had temporarily run out of methane and its mouth was torn open, it was the golden time to attack. Meng Chao used a chain saber to pick up an RG-6 with eight gun mounts, and with the other, he swept up a steel pipe from a corner. It was one of those used to support the tunnel during construction.

Meng Chao first tossed the steel bar that was half a meter thick at the Ultimate Sandworm, which was still dazed from the grenades’ explosions.

Moments earlier, Meng Chao had also used his spirit flames to burn almost all of its eyes.

The Ultimate Sandworm could not identify what had come charging at it. It just instinctively opened its sturdy mouth and bit down on it.

Unfortunately, its mouth had just been torn, and it had yet to recover its bite strength.

The steel pipe stabbed its mouth and let out a loud screech due to metal fatigue. It started bending visibly, but it did not snap even after a few seconds had passed.

The creature was then unable to close its mouth.

Meng Chao held the RG-6 with eight gun mounts and let out a loud shout as he jumped into the Ultimate Sandworm’s mouth!

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