Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 383: Be Prepared, Gao Ye!
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Chapter 383: Be Prepared, Gao Ye!

In an instant, the surface of the water was covered with the torn flesh from the piranhas.

However, the water did not calm down because of it. Instead, it started surging even fiercer. Soon, eight tentacles resembling those of the Slit-mouthed Anacondas shot out and went straight for Meng Chao’s limbs and head.

Meng Chao snorted coldly. His chain sabers danced around him and formed an absolute defense that acted like a meat grinder, which cut the tentacles into pieces.

The tentacles danced madly in the air as they pulled back, and a large creature appeared in the dark.

The tentacles belonged to an aquatic monster that resembled an octopus. It possessed practically no bones, and its body was very soft. When Gao Ye had crashed into the tunnel and created a crack, it had slipped through it inside.

‘Why are there octopi in the river?! This Other World is so messed up!’

Meng Chao made his chain sabers dance, forming dozens of illusions again. They entangled with the octopus monster’s tentacles practically at the same time.

The runic symbols shone one by one on the chains, and it was as if blades made of flames and electricity had been inserted into the chains.

He pulled them back viciously and yanked out five of the creatures’ tentacles from the roots.

The octopus monster grimaced in pain. Its head was like a giant heart, and at that moment, the mouth opened wide. Perhaps the octopus wanted to fire out ink, poison, or its organs.

But Meng Chao would not let it have the chance. His spirit energy flowed rapidly in more than sixty main meridians and hundreds of branch meridians. They activated the spirit acupoints, and his spirit tattoos appeared. They were domineering tattoos and blended his body together with his weapons.

The illusions of the dozens of chain sabers overlapped with each other again. He pulled them back, and as his arms swelled up, he threw them forward again.

This time, the two chain sabers spiralled and thrust forward like a spear with lightning and flames intersecting with each other. They drove straight into the octopus monster’s body through its mouth.

The octopus monster’s inborn skill was interrupted. It suffered from a spirit energy backlash, and Meng Chao’s chain sabers wreaked havoc in its body as well, so it instantly started twitching madly.

The next instant, scattered sparks and electrical arcs gushed out from where the tentacles were severed. Smoke came out of the creature’s head along with the pungent scent of something burnt.


The two chain sabers came out of the back of its head.

At the same time, its destroyed flesh also came out of its body, and the octopus shriveled up like an emptied grain sack. It had breathed its last.

Meng Chao pulled back his chain sabers.

The entire fight had lasted only five seconds.

Meng Chao suppressed the creature completely during those five seconds and did not give it a chance to fight back.

One year ago, he was a one-star superhuman who had to run when he faced high-grade Nightmarish Beasts or wreak his brains to think of ways to fight against them in the northern battlefield.

Today, without blinking, he could casually kill a Grade 3 Nightmarish Beast.

To Meng Chao, this was what it meant to live through a year where his strength increased by leaps and bounds and he became an entirely new person!

His spirit flames illuminated the water and the aquatic creatures who fled while shoving at each other.

Once they sensed his absolute strength, the small aquatic monsters’ desire to survive overcame everything else.

Meng Chao retreated to Lu Siya’s side and helped her open a high-speed spirit energy replenishment fluid extracted from a superbeast’s blood.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Lu Siya poured the contents of the spirit energy replenishment fluid into her throat, and some color returned to her face. She looked down at the communicator on her wrist, frowned, and said, “The captain has already received our signal, and they’re rushing over. But they ran into a lot of monsters on the way, so they might still need some time. Can you continue?”

“Yeah!” Meng Chao stopped for a moment and thought about what she said. “A large number of monsters? Where did they come from? There was no fog descent over the past few days!”

No fog had torn through the dimension and left behind a large space-time rift.

So, it was impossible for the monsters in the wild to form groups and be transferred into Dragon City.

Only small space-time rifts could appear at any moment.

However, such rifts would only transfer a few monsters over. Whenever any passionate citizens saw them, they would usually surge up to the monsters and kill them. Then, they would cut them into pieces and bring them home as food.

“It’s... Gao Ye?” Meng Chao’s mind raced, and he thought of a possibility. “Over the past few days, aside from emptying the foundation of a building and eating half of a train, he has been leading us around in circles. He didn’t do anything else besides this.

“Could it be that he had secretly cleared a tunnel leading into Dragon City from the wild so monsters could pass Dragon City’s defense line? Then, he secretly moved them and had them lurk around until the zombies could cause a major ruckus and they could join the attack to create even more trouble.”

If that were really the case, the monsters’ ability to coordinate their attacks had increased to another level and they had to be now treated as a civilization.

When Meng Chao thought of this, he quickly came up with another thing as well.

“Wait. Gao Ye should still be around. Why is there suddenly no sound?”

“Careful!” Lu Siya cried out.

The water in the tunnel suddenly became murky, and it soon turned into tumbling lava.

A huge whirlpool appeared five meters away from Meng Chao.

Along with the splashes, a figure that was even larger than the octopus monster shot out of the mud and rushed toward Meng Chao. There was no space to escape.

It was Gao Ye, the Supernatural Entity—Earthquake!

“Gao Ye!” Meng Chao roared and threw his chain sabers forward.

They were knocked off kilter by the air flow mixed with shattered stones and mud that came out of Gao Ye’s mouth and sank into the walls of the tunnel.

When Meng Chao sensed Gao Ye moving toward him with lightning fast momentum, he could only yank at the chain sabers and move to the side.

Gao Ye’s gigantic, spike-covered body fell heavily into the water, and the force of it could shake mountains. Cracks formed on the walls of the tunnel because of it.

Lu Siya gritted her teeth. Her spirit tattoos shone, and like living roots, they spread out in all directions.

Not only did she manage to close up the cracks, she also made the reinforced concrete and stones under Gao Ye turn into mud. When half of his heavy body sank into it, she solidified it again. She also summoned more than ten spikes to stab him.

But Gao Ye acted like an elephant stabbed by an embroidery needle. He did not seem to feel it at all. The spikes around him trembled at a high frequency, and he easily shattered the sturdy rocks and reinforced concrete encasing him. He swung his tail and crawled underground again.

When he saw Meng Chao, he opened his mouth inch by inch. It was covered in dozens of rows of sharp teeth, which could crush a carriage.

There were dozens of green eyes in the folds on his head. They shone with a dim light as they stared at Meng Chao and Lu Siya.

No shred of humanity could be found in those eyes anymore. The only thing left was a brutal, predatory desire. It seemed like there would be no end to it.

“Gao Ye, I didn’t expect that you would end up like this!” Meng Chao said with grief while panting for breath. “I went to the hospital you often went to for treatment and I saw the room you used when you were hospitalized. I also saw the patients who had lost their dignity.

“I participated in a lot of activities organized by Blue Home, and I understood the ideals of the Home Party. I also saw that there are a lot of problems in the current Dragon City.

“I admit that there are problems with Dragon City and that our civilization is sick. The phenomenon of us never adapting has persisted even after we transmigrated from Earth. In this new world that has spirit energy and miracles, countless normal people who have not awakened to supernatural powers have slowly lost their direction and can’t find their own place. In fact, they might soon be cast aside by the new world, and will end up as sacrifices of the era.

“Gao Ye, both you and I came from normal families with no power and authority. We were willing to fight for normal people as superhumans and wanted to see superhumans coexist with normal people so that we could work together to build our home and create a beautiful future.

“I also agree with your thoughts. Superhumans need to be kept in check. Normal people should think of ways to find their own strength instead of waiting for the strong to bleed for the weak.

“But having a beautiful wish isn’t a reason for you to do whatever you want.

“Look at you now. Just what have you become? You’ve completely lost yourself in this twisted power, and you’re straying further and further away from your original intentions!”

As Meng Chao shouted loudly, Gao Ye seemed to suffer from a paralysis spell and froze on the spot.

His large body started twitching lightly.

It seemed like Meng Chao’s words had triggered the last shreds of humanity left behind in his demonic body.

“Haven’t you realized? You’re used by someone!” Meng Chao struck while the iron was hot and continued. “I know that there are a lot of problems in the order that Dragon City is currently carrying out. But we’ve walked out of the apocalypse. Even though we’ve built the Survival Committee and Supernatural Tower, the law of the jungle still exists and it’s still deeply affecting everyone.

“The mega corporations can cover up their crimes and the cultivation families are still growing into a monster. The powerful are always powerful, and they just keep on getting stronger. While the new paths for the poor to improve are decreasing, and the existing ones are becoming narrower. These problems are all around, and they must be rectified.

“But reforming order doesn’t mean that you must completely crush the old order! Dragon Citizens are already sick of living in the apocalypse. There’s no order and law there.

“We’re also sick of trembling in fear against the threat of zombies and monsters.

“But look at what you’ve done. You’re helping abnormal beasts bring monsters under Dragon City and trying to destroy the first underwater tunnel in Dragon City. You killed countless innocent citizens, but aren’t they the people you said you wanted to protect?

“Do you really know what you’re doing? Did you really not notice that you’ve strayed from your original intentions and are walking further into darkness?

“Are you really ignorant of the fact that you’re controlled and are helping the enemy tyrannize us?!

“Wake up, Gao Ye. You shouldn’t be like this! Humans shouldn’t turn out like this!”

Gao Ye remained silent.

There was no longer a spot on his deformed and swollen body that could show human expression.

But the dozens of eyes looked around from behind the folds. No one knew what thought processes were happening behind them.

“Even though you’ve changed beyond recognition, I’m still willing to trust you one more time just based on the words you left for me in your experiment log!”

Meng Chao clenched his fists and hissed, “I trust that you’ll break free of the enemy’s control and remember your original intentions as well as awaken your pride as a human.

“It’s not too late for you to turn back now. Stop with the destruction and tell me where you have been hiding to go through your treatment and evolution. Your changes were not natural. They’re results of modifications by a lab.

“Tell me just who has been modifying you and where their lab is. Tell me their plans and goals.

“I swear that once we deal with the enemies using you, we will definitely solve the problems in Dragon City, but not with your current methods!”

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