Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 1167 - The Failed Fight -unedited
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Chapter 1167 - The Failed Fight -unedited

Just when he was done with the Zoo Staff and left them to their own devices, he heard his name being called when the Dungeon Supplier was strolling through the ever busy store instance of his. At first, he had the illusion that some of his dungeon fans recognised him but he thought otherwise and ignored it. After all, Jin was quite a common name and most of the newer cultivators did not know who was the creator of this dungeon supplier, but rather what this store provides.

"Hahaha…unless I am some recognised billionaire like Jackie Ma," Jin said to himself and then for the second time, he heard his name being called out again. So, he decided to entertain the thought and looked back only to be suddenly jumped on.

However, his training habit kicked in and instantly evaded the attack by pretending to trip from the other side. But the moment he saw that it was Rong, one of the Demon Exorcists that were employed under him. He held back his Astral Maqi and asked what's wrong.

Still, instead of replying, Rong continued to try to attack Jin and it created a commotion in the store instance. Some of the customers thought it was a new event while others who were around long enough knew that someone was about to start a fight they would regret. Not because of Jin but rather the enforcement Panda NPC coming in to stop any nuisance behaviour in the dimensional instance.

As much as it was heavily surveyed with rules enforced, the cultivators did not mind the strict conditions of play because some even felt safer than being in the streets. Not many knew that Jin had a continuous and beneficial contract with the Tiangong District Police station so any crimes committed in the store instance would be first punished by the Panda NPCs and subsequently the district police would take over the case almost instantly. It helps that he managed to strike a deal with the police chief to get a pair of police officers to patrol the store instance in return for additional perks for the officers in training.

This was also because the number of people using Jin's store instance was gradually increasing and the station could finally not ignore the fact that there were possible crimes being committed inside the instance. On average, there were at least one to two attempted thievery per week but all these monitoring by the System had enabled those evildoers to be stemmed out of the instance swiftly.

In turn, it boosted the reliability and positivity of the dungeon supplier store as some of the users wrote some amazing feedback in the Pandamonium forums. Sometimes, the System on behalf of Jin also sent a mail to every customer not to perform any insidious activities. It also took the opportunity to bring up these feedbacks to not just inform everyone but send a warning to users with potential motives in order to deter them from making such mistakes

"Stop moving! And let me hit you at least once!" Rong shouted with some agitation and the Panda NPC Enforcers had already emerged in the crowd's midst. However, Jin halted the NPC Enforcers and decided to take things into his own hands by stopping Rong's punch with his palm and immediately subduing him to the ground without mercy.

"Try harder next time. You could learn how to hide your presence better." Jin said and he could see the other three Demon Exorcists rushing to his side with an "I told you so" kind of expression on their face.

"Don't…" Rong coughed as he split to remove the dirt from his mouth.

"We told you so." The girls said in unison and Jin let go of Rong and told them to follow him back to the conference briefing room instance.

Upon reaching the conference room, the System instantly refreshes Rong's attire and they were sparkling new when the Demon Bull cultivator walked in. However, he was too angry to be surprised by the fresh set of clothes and sat quietly at the back of the conference room.

"What is he angry about?" Jin queried and Su Zhen, the White Snake Demon Cultivator replied that they had no work for a couple of weeks and were pretty aimless.

"Don't you guys have any Demon Exorcist work to perform?" Jin queried and Lian, the Qilin Demon Cultivator explained that after the Demon Horde incident, the rest of the demons had been executed by senior members in order to not risk losing any more Demon Exorcists.

"We tried telling them we had participated in it but they emphasized on the fact that we need some rest." Su Zhen added and the other three nodded their heads simultaneously.

"Looks to me there is some cover up going on since I heard that Grandma Yuan had been scheduled for retirement," Jin commented and Rong instantly stood up.

"That is what I had been saying all along, but these people right here are too scared to even investigate. In fact, they are the best people to do so considering the kind of ties they have with the upper echelon of the organisation. Guess, they do not have balls after all." Rong's outburst was a little terrifying but Jin stared at him.

"Then what does that have to do with ?ssaulting me?" Jin queried and hoped to change the subject since it was clear that the other three were not taking Rong's remarks too kindly.

"Because you as our supposed manager of the branch should have some knowledge behind the scenes."

"In fact I have none." Jin quickly interjected. "I am a manager by name, and until I completed the Demon Exorcists Advanced Training Centre, I was practically cut off from any communications."

"Then, what are you waiting for? Why isn't the centre done by now? Aren't you supposed to be some talented dungeon supplier to create all these? And shouldn't you be giving us some job to do?"

"Obviously, he is busy. Can't you see that his main priority is still his shop?" Lian, the Nine Tailed Fox Demon Cultivator tried to protect Jin not because of his supposed rank as the manager but as someone being shafted with that responsibility.

But it seems Rong had a lot of more in his mind until Jin snapped his finger and a portal appeared right beside him. He signaled the rest to enter including Rong without saying another word.

The Demon Exorcists were reluctant to comply at first but given the current situation, the dungeon supplier might have something in store to keep Rong's mouth shut.

True enough, when they reached the other side of the portal, the Demon Exorcists were blown away by the scale and magnitude of the new dimensional instance.

"This is…" Rong, who was frustrated, suddenly had his mouth hanging in awe and all that anger in him gradually dissipated.

"That's right. All your feedback and hard work for going to each and every branch of JODE was not in vain. All those begging and insistence for more information to make the advanced training centre a better place have turned into reality." Jin said as he teleported them to the top of the Principal's Tower.

"This is not just an advanced training centre. This will be the latest JODE Academy."

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