Nova Roma

Chapter 39 - Adventure in the jungle 3/3
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The people of Semihumanos were much more primitive than the human villages because they are isolated from the world and only their nahual relatives help them to prevent them from becoming savages.

While they were entering the village they could see some small children with animal ears from rabbits to sitting cougars quite thin waiting for death to end their suffering, Marco and the group of legionnaires could not stand to see this scene, during their training at school Flavio’s military learned the Flavian humanist doctrine which said that

"It does not matter if they are children of the enemies, they have not committed any sin they should go directly to the protection of the empire if a legionary or legionaries see abandoned children should take them safely to the nearest city in case they are in case critics must request reinforcements to ensure their well-being, children are the future of the empire and above all should be cared for "

Without thinking twice Marco and his team took out food reserves, pots and started a fire with which they began to prepare food, the children began to smell the aroma that came from the pans, with dead eyes slowly approached the legionaries who in some clay dishes served food to the little ones who, with their little hands and the occasional tear in their eyes, accepted without asking, they were so weak that they could not huddle, they waited, if they could not move, the legionaries brought them the food and fed them personally afterwards of feeding about 50 children they realized that they would need more food because there seemed to be more children, so without hesitation they asked Yolotl to ask for help in urgent need of food and reinforcements in his wolf form.

Yolotl agreed to bind the map and directions to the town on his back, he also put on his collar so that he would not be confused with a wild animal and ran out to ask Origin Civitatem for help.

Meanwhile Marco met with the leader of the town of Semihumanos a woman of about 40 years with gray fox ears, "I thank you for helping the children in their hunger but as you may have noticed we do not have many foods, we have to prioritize some".

Marco understood what he was saying, children are a burden that can not work, therefore feeding them is a waste, it is better to feed functional people. "I understand and I will not judge their actions, I do not come for that, I come in the name of Emperor Flavio to invite its people to the glorious Roman Empire as a special population "

Itzael the leader of the Semihumans was surprised by the words of this stranger, nobody ever cared for them and now someone wanted to support them "Why help us, what do you want from us?"

Marco presented a document that Flavio gave him especially with divine energy for the leader of the Semihumans could understand the reason for seeking to unite them to the empire.

Itzael did not know how to read but could feel that while, he could put his eyes on the letter he could understand what he was saying in his mind

"Dear leader

I write this little letter so you can understand your situation, how you realized some time ago there was an explosion of divine magic that traveled the whole continent with this unified 3 pantheons, the Mesoamerican, Egyptian and Greek / Roman, mother tonantzin approved this union if you want to know more you can come to corroborate yourself, but I want you to remember something the empire does not discriminate its citizens and if you join do not lack food or a warm home "

When Itzael just "read" the letter the tears fell from his eyes, he knew that better times will come for his people.

Marco began to work to mitigate hunger as best he could, prepared his team with his weapons and local hunters, went out into the jungle to hunt, something to eat.

In their journey they would go to hunt crocodile since it was an animal that is not very complex to hunt and contains a lot of meat, they occupied a tool developed by Flavio that consisted of an elongated stick and a gold wire that was placed in the mouth of the animal to avoid that he can open his mouth and counterattack while being sacrificed.

They reached a small swamp where there were crocodiles, they chose the farthest one and carefully approached to close their mouth once they were close enough to place the wire in the mouth of the animal this lost the ability to bite others moved quickly and They took from the legs and tail, Marco and another member of the expedition took their pistols and pointed them at the right angle to the crocodile’s eyes, two shots rang out and the animal’s life went extinct.

That day the people ate enough to sleep without hunger at least that day, during the time that followed the crocodile meat was the food in the place, the reinforcements took 10 days to arrive as the 5 villages along the way were Transformed into checkpoints to prevent them from being attacked or lost on the way to Origin Civitatem.


Good day have all of you dear readers, I will begin to rewrite the first volume of the novel to give better coherence to the story, I will also add a glasario of characters in the auxiliary volume, thanks for your comments that it is difficult to read the first part of the plot I will start to correct it, if you feel that another episode fails just mention it in the comments, I have all of them in mind

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