Nova Roma

Chapter 38 - Adventure in the jungle 2/3
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Yolotl explained that these little beings are chaneques some curious elves that serve the same god as the Tezcatlipoca, they infiltrated the camp at night to take curious objects among them boots and other things, they did not think that the things they took belonged to humans protected by Nahuales.

Among the creations of Tezcatlipoca there are rules that must be followed, you can not interfere in the protections of others, because if they do they can be punished by him, since they had sinned stealing things from Marco and his team had to return them and ask for forgiveness from those affected or suffer horrible punishment.

The leader of the tribe of chaneques apologized for the theft of his things and left in compensation, gold and jade headdresses that Marco gladly received, he would leave it in the army offices for his later payment equivalent to his team to do it as much as possible. Just as possible, when they wanted to leave Marco said "The emperor is a person very interested in different species, would be willing to migrate to Origin Civitatem clear that it would be respecting the laws of the place"

When the Chaneque leader heard this invitation he was surprised, he had never been invited to live in a city, since the creations of Tezcatlipoca the God of darkness are not very well seen and his appearance that is different from the ordinary human being also influences. other beings are therefore condemned to live away from human nuclei or other beings, but at that time someone presents an opportunity to live a life in a complex society known by Yolotl that the leader of the city is special because it is a god and his children have Mother Tonantzin as godmother.

After a rather superficial talk about the rights and obligations that would have the tribe of chaneques accepted the invitation to join the empire, clear that before they had to accompany Marco and his team to find those Semihumanos sought by the emperor.

In the jungle the howler monkeys climbed the trees, giving a somewhat gloomy atmosphere in the sunrises and sunsets, while more roamed could see amazing things that the jungle had to offer, scenes like jaguars fought with crocodiles by a spider monkey clearly about to die .

Another of the curiosities were the skunks which when attacked by some clueless they released a stinky urine that left the attackers blind, Yolotl and the chaneques incited to avoid approaching them because they can leave one stinking for days and it is necessary to use restrooms of tomato (tomato) to remove the aroma without mentioning that the clothing is spoiled by the aroma that does not come off.

The cenotes abounded throughout the jungle, are eyes of water that receive water from the underground rivers, are extremely important for all the Mayan culture inside of many were thrown offerings as sacrifices, clay figurines among others more therefore are places that even Yolotl or the chaneques fear, since in their interior the energy of those who died by sacrifice acomulates creating amorphous beings which can cause death to those who enter without the adequate measures, of course, as energy is weakening according to the time passes until it is returned to nature where its cycle begins again.

The map that was drawn from the jungle at least from where it happened took shape, to prevent future expeditions from being lost, they built small wooden marks that will guide the way they also emphasized taking care of the cenotes more in the spiritual point that in the physical, for that reason they recommended to send priestesses or priests to make a cleaning before occupying the water for anything.

Inside the jungle Yolotl and Marco met with some small Mayan tribes that lived isolated, fortunately they had respect for the nahuales therefore finding a place to stay made their lives easier, also without forgetting their work united these small villages to the protection of the empire, I knew that the emperor did not like to enter the jungle but have bastions that if developed can be spearheads for the unification of the Yucatan area, of course as good legionaries did not lose their customs.

They taught the natives to build small trenches and wooden walls to avoid being attacked by tribal enemies or animals such as jaguars and pumas, they only taught the basics since they are not allowed to do much more because they may rebel and cost valuable imperial troops in the capture of a small village, when they ended up in one village they went to another this was repeated 5 times, they took enough time because those 5 small villages in the future would be small forts in the jungle.

After 2 months in the jungle they finally found a large town of Semihumans, they would begin the work of diplomacy to bring these beings under the protection of the empire.

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