Nova Roma

Chapter 373 - Working on a solution
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Chapter 373 - Working on a solution

Hellena, who was taking care of Bastet in the imperial mausoleum in the capital while talking with her mother-in-law Julia heard the door of the room open, and Shini entered.

"I understand that you are angry with Flavio, but our husband disappeared and is in the bud of the tree of life.

I can feel it, but it is not possible to get it out without the help of Heimdallr; we need to go to Europe and return with all the Nordics; otherwise, I don’t know what will happen to Flavio. "

Hellena sighed and kissed her daughter as she handed her over to her grandmother, with an angry look, she patted Shini on the shoulder.

"You already questioned Loki, Flavio told me that he was a master of lies, first my children and again my husband.

Shini, I’m tired and upset with Flavio, but no one steals my husband if we go to Europe, and Heimdallr has no information about the tree of life sapling. I will kill Loki and make him a coat. "

Shini nodded, "Don’t worry, I will help you with everything you need, he is also my husband.

But now we have to help Admes build "

While this was happening in the capital, Aphrodite and Death were having tea while listening to the story of Anjali.

"That gigantic turtle was the guardian of this place, my ancestors found her injured many cycles ago.

They took care of her, and she became the guardian of this place, but those damn beasts ls became that thing, Thank you for ending her misery goddesses. "

Aphrodite smiled "It is nothing Anjali, but your people need to be prepared, from tomorrow they will receive training and studies like any Roman citizen.

They will have to protect this place until the council of the gods can meet and choose the guardians of the city.

I would like to stay longer, but I can feel that something happened because Hellena and Shini are angry and somewhat worried, first our children and now this. "

Death smiled. "You don’t have to worry, Aphrodite. I can take care of defending this place, but if something happened, it may be necessary for you to defend the capital in case something could happen."

Aphrodite nodded, and after finishing his tea, he got up to go to the capital, Anjali could only sigh because he did not understand what happened, but the face of the two goddesses scared him enough.

In the workshop of the dwarves, Hellena and Shini were dressed in overalls while using hammers loaned by Hephaestus.

Admes was guiding the gods. "Remember that the magic steel plates must be heated to an exact temperature if the resistance is not done correctly, it will be weak.

The Selene is a big and strong boat, but we will make it a portable wonder, we have to be careful with them, thanks to you two this baby will be ready in 4 days, if we continue working in this way. "

Hellena continued to hammer the magic steel while tears fell from her cheeks that fell to the steel plate.

Shini could hear her murmur, "You are not going to escape Flavio; first you are going to apologize to your daughters and then to us, after that, I will give you a good blow and then hug you.

I hate this feeling, and I don’t want to feel it again. "

Shini somehow could only scratch her head, she did not feel the same as Hellena because she believed that Flavio had done nothing wrong with his two daughters in his dimension.

This because she could see how he gave them tools so that they could live in peace, but she could not judge Hellena either.

Many times when she picked up the soul of the mothers you were fighting with her just to be able to stay with her children a few more minutes so they could say goodbye some other times she could see how the mothers managed to stop their progress while seeking to collect the soul of the children.

She knows very well that if there is something equal or more powerful in humans, it is the love of fathers but especially that of mothers, as death could only be indifferent, but now that there is a baby forming in her w.o.m.b, she can only say yes same that will defend him even over her life.

After working for a few hours the workshop came, Aphrodite also dressed in overalls and a big hammer "Girls, Tania told me what happened, I will help with whatever they need."

Behind her also came Amanda and Felix, "Mothers we are also going to participate we want to bring the stupid father because we want explanations about our two sisters in that dimension.

True, Amanda. "

Amanda nodded, and they walked over to where Shini and Hellena were, Admes started to sweat coldly, but at the same time, he was quite happy because he could build a modification to Selene that would make Skidhbladhnir look like a useless piece of trash.

While this was happening, Flavio just ate his fish "The food was very delicious Architect, but there is some way to get out of this place.

If I disappear for a long time, my wives could get mad at one more than they already are due to my stupidity of leaving my daughters alone in a different dimension. "

The Architect shook her head. "I would like to tell you that you can go out, but it is not possible unless the dimension will be from within since otherwise there are no possibilities to go out.

In some way, you and I will be in this place for a few hours or days, since the weather works differently than it normally does, so I suggest you sit down or you can also see the bones of those limbo beasts, maybe you can understand them. "

Flavio sighed and held his nose "I am angry, but there is no point in expressing it since it is a situation that I cannot control.

Since we’re going to be in this place that you think if we have a chess game while you tell me more about Limbo, I want to know everything from creatures to anything I can kill without much trouble. "

The Architect smiled, and a table appeared where a thick chess game was, "You want white or black pieces."

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