Nova Roma

Chapter 371 - Field of flowers
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Chapter 371 - Field of flowers

Aphrodite opened her hands and let the fragrance of roses get bigger and bigger until it covered kilometers and kilometers.

The fragrance reached where the giant turtle was, and as if it were a relief, the turtle began to scream as if it were excited.

Death using her divine energy created a small portal that allowed her to see what was happening in the turtle up close.

The first thing she observed was the beasts on the turtle, which began to scream while some used their claws to tear their eyes.

Since they had no eyes, they jumped from the turtle to fall to the ground where their bodies would explode, leaving blood and viscera around the place.

The beasts that were not tearing their eyes began to bite against each other by initiating what appeared to be an orgy of s.e.x and blood.

The giant tortoise began to foam in its mouth, and surprisingly, it stood on its two hind legs giving a terrifying scream.

But unfortunately for her, her legs that had been devoured by the beasts could not resist their weight, and they broke, causing the giant tortoise to fall backward caused by a small earthquake.

The soldiers on the wall had some problems in sustaining themselves, but they managed to stand up without falling down the edge of the wall, but when they thought they had seen all a loud noise, it was heard which left the Legionaries temporarily deaf.

When they opened their eyes, they could see how a barrier prevented a sea of ​​blood from entering the wall; all the blood seemed to come from the broken shell of the turtle, which had an immense source of blood.

The blood came out for a few minutes until the blood hole stopped coming out of the chest hole.

But when the Legionaries looked more carefully at the remains of blood on the ground, they could see thousands of beasts that had died drowned, and others seemed to be united with their dismembered or eaten bodies.

The scene was so horrible that the Legionaries began to pray to Jupiter so that the souls of the beasts could be to reach the new Tartarus and will not remain in place to become ghosts.

Death sighed and looked at Aphrodite with a look of surprise "It’s the first time I can see how a group of beasts die in bloody orgies, I could see in the past some orgies of cannibals.

But this is a compelling way to die, the only thing I did not like is that now we have an endless amount of beast carcasses that can bring problems.

The good thing is that those who reached the sea will be eaten by the fish or join the seabed to continue their cycle, but these bodies on land will cause many problems.

Do you want to take charge, or do you want me to take care of it? "

Aphrodite smiled "What do you like best with roses or lilies?"

Death, with his hand on his chin, looked at the bodies. "Roses and their thorns will be problematic for Legionaries and other species, so the lilies should be the right plant for this place."

Aphrodite used his divine energy as a kind of green liquid began to emerge from his hand, which went down the wall, and when it touched the grassy ground, it began to grow.

When the green liquid reached the corpses, they dried up to dust, but in their bones, some beautiful lilies appeared which opened to leave the flower that released a very particular aroma.

The Legionaries who had participated in the conquest of the city of Angamuco by Ares could only pronounce "Campum Florum."

Thousands of lilies bloomed in the place eliminating the bodies and remains of blood on the earth, some priests and priestesses who climbed the walls shouted for the miracle that Empress Goddess Aphrodite had done.

While this was happening, Shini arrived at the place where Flavio was supposed to be but could not see him, but hse only felt the bond as if he were somewhere else.

With a worried look,s he could see that the tree was receiving divine energy so that with some anger, his scythe appeared and went to where Loki was.

In a bar in the capital, Loki and Thor were having some Legionaries while they were telling their anecdotes.

A Legionnaire using his hands began to count "There was me fighting in the mountains against those cannibals.

Our sergeant following the orders of the Steel Empress Hellena, which were to search and eliminate, we had to enter the Sierra de Insulae Canibalium to eliminate a small town of Caribs.

The area was steep and difficult to access; two of my companions fell down the steep mountain and died on the road, but because it was an area of ​​difficult access, their bodies only recovered months later.

But that would only be a test of how difficult it was to be in that place when we mounted the camp on top of one of the mountains, a group of wolves attacked us.

The first attacks were easy to repel, but as we went deeper, the wolves would attack more wildly and stop caring if they died or lived.

One of our partners told us that in their childhood in a town in the province of Dalmatia, they lived something similar to the wolves when they have no food nearby they will fight regardless of their lives everything to be able to bite human or animal flesh.

At that time, we understood that we would not fight against only a people of cannibals, but that we would also have to fight against wolves.

For days we were besieged by them, but ironically they saved our lives since, in one of their attacks, we could see that some shadows were trying to approach the camp, so they set the alarm, and we prepared.

Wolves and cannibals attacking our mountain camp because there was no wood just a pit with traps and our shields were our defense, the stone arrows bounced against our Paves.

The Crossbowmen protected by the formation of testudo fired on those cannibals who had no chance to defend themselves; all night, we fought, and in the morning, we could see dozens of bodies.

We recorded them and then burned them; we used the bodies of wolves to create dried meat and sausages for our mission.

When we arrived at the village, we found only burned houses and bitten bodies, but there is something we did not understand; according to our sergeant, the bodies were months old.

But then the question arose where the cannibals we killed that night came from ... "

At that moment, the door of the bar opened, and a beautiful woman with black hair and black eyes entered, the Legionaries quickly got up and gave Roman greetings "Salve Empress Shini."

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