Nova Roma

Chapter 37 - Adventure in the jungle 1/3
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In the imperial palace Flavio and hellena woke up in the morning, for their little babies that flew over them, after some great kisses of good morning Flavio was changed as he had a meeting with Marco the baron who conquered Xilancago.

In the reception of the palace a small space where there was a perfect table to drink coffee or chocolate and very comfortable armchairs, sat Flavio and opposite Marco.

Flavio was drinking a cup of hot chocolate "Welcome Marco, I hope you’re having a great time with your wife, I know you’re going to be a father in the future."

Marco drank his hot coffee "to if it is his Majesty Flavio, sorry for my imprudence but what did he want to talk to me about?"

Flavio put aside his drink "Marco I have a mission for you but before I hope you can sign a confidentiality contract with me, you can do it"

Marco hesitated for a moment but knew that the emperor was someone of confidence "Very good emperor where I have to sign"

Flavio nodded and I got a contract he pricked his finger with a needle and placed a drop of his blood in one place, Marco did the same when the contract was sealed a tattoo in the form of chain appeared on his arm.

Flavio nodded "Well marked at the time you signed we can continue, There is a race that is very similar to humans or elves have characteristics of animal and human, so little we know are the result of a nahual and an animal reproduce , your mission is to go with Yolotl a nahual leader and a group of brave men to the jungle to look for these groups to come to live in the Roman civilization, their value for the empire is very high remember not to force we do not know how they can react and remember I want free population, not slaves "

Marco agreed to the request of Emperor Flavius, after this meeting he retired to organize his team, he did not understand why the emperor loved these beings but his duty was to find them.

Two days spent Marco as leader and Yolotl as a guide they met they would be responsible for entering the jungle with a team of 10 elite soldiers, they were placed leather boots with metal soles, loose cotton clothing with green camouflage, food very resistant as dry crackers, lighters, special hammocks with mosquito nets so they do not touch the floor when they sleep, compass and notebook to mark the map, among many other things more like cleaning or miscellaneous items, the weapon chosen was the machete and a gun of spark of a bullet model 18 (18th century), after being ready they started towards the depths of the jungle of Campeche with Chiapas.

(Video on "Sightings" of chaneques (Mexican elves do not confuse with the European goblin), if it is true or not I leave it in their hands but I think it is important that they see it so that they understand a little what will be written next: https : // v = 75UVOE6-Amg)

The jungle is usually a very dangerous area but thanks to Yolotl the danger was reduced to a level at least sustainable, inside the jungle the sounds of different animals surprised Marco’s team had never seen anything like this, the closest thing It is the forest of Teutoburg but this place changes a lot to the forest. The climate is much hotter and life is more abundant.

The more they entered, they could see quite a lot of insects. Fortunately, Flavio gave them a repellent made with chamomile although it is not as effective as eucalyptus or citroen. It is the only material that was available in Europe for the production of repellent. lavender, rosemary, alfalfa and cempasúchil (The flower that is used to venerate the dead in Mexico is also mosquito repellent) these are used to plant them on the roads and streets of the city as natural repellent plants.

The time of camping arrived since the light lasts very little at approximately 7 it starts to get dark and they do not want to be in the jungle at night walking, they chose to camp in an area where there were enough trees to place the hammocks and to put a fire that will illuminate at night.

Marco and Yolotl were sitting around the fire while the full moonlight slowly illuminated the jungle, "You know I’ve lived all my life in the jungle but despite the fact that Origin Civitatem life is comfortable and the great god tezcatlipoca asked that we lived there, I miss the comfort and safety of the jungle "Yolotl said while looking with love to the jungle

"I understand you to a certain extent, but sometimes we do not have control of the decisions that happen around us, if for me it would be preferable to be with my wife taking care of her in her pregnancy but I have a duty with the empire, because everything we do will benefit what our children will live, I have confidence in the emperor that is why everyone who followed him in the great migration does not doubt his words we have seen him create miracles, he defended a city where the enemy surpassed the defense 4 to 1, I create amazing music and objects that help our daily life, among many other things, if the emperor wants to rescue these forgotten my duty is to do it "Marco said while drinking hot chocolate water.

They continued talking for a long time until they went to sleep in their respective hammocks, in the morning they woke up but realized they did not have their boots where they left them, Yolotl smelled a little and indicated that they waited for him knew where the boots were, He became a wolf and ran into the distance.

(As you can see the chaneque in my novel may be different or have variations but it is the image that I like the most (The image is not mine take it for illustrative purposes if the novel grows I will try to make an illustrated bestiary, I am not a very good drawer but the images in the cover page of my 2 novels "the chibis only" I made them to if they can expect something that is decent; P))

( )

After a while I return with a small tribe of small beings with quite rare ears, these little ones had in their hands Marco’s boots and the others ...

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