Nova Roma

Chapter 35 - Flavio Meets Yolotl
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In the small imperial palace, Flavio and Yolotl were the representative of the tribe of the nahuales in a room drinking some coffee.

"Very well Yolotl, welcome to Origin Civitatem tell me what I can help you with" Flavio said while drinking from his coffee

"We would like me and my tribe to live here, the God Tezcatlipoca gave us the order to meet you therefore the best way to do it is to live in this place, I hope you can help us with that" Yolotl said while drinking the bitter drink but sweet that they served him

"For me there is no problem but remember that there are laws here I hope you can respect them, from then on you will be granted a small house to each one of you in terms of your living expenses will be granted a job, and children they will be sent to the school for free where they will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you can agree we can continue "Flavio said while watching Yolotl with curiosity

Yolotl was thinking about Flavio’s words "If we accept what jobs we should do"

Flavio drank from his coffee "It depends on what you know how to do, I just remind you that in Nova Roma women have the same rights as men, therefore they can work on anything, even military"

Yolotl looked at Flavio with rarity "Women in the military that is a baseness women should be at home taking care of children not carrying weapons men should take care of their land and them!"

Flavio heard the screams of Yolotl "There is no where you are wrong, women should not be chained in one place they should choose what they want to do, to take care of the children, the empire I think Nursery and schools so they can grow without any lack, these institutions are supervised at all times to prevent abuse of children, if they want to care for children are free to do so and that also applies to men "

Yolotl was furious this was against the ancestral teachings before he could speak Flavio called Lilith so he could see something that his two little children had.

When Lilith arrived carrying the two hyperactive little ones she was surprised to see the bracelet and the necklace of the little ones, she could feel the energy of the mother goddess Tonantzin, she looked at them for a moment and then looked at Flavio with surprise.

"How can you realize the mother tonantzin supports our form of government, sometimes it is necessary to make changes to the way of thinking for the common good" Flavio said it while carrying his children

Yolotl could not contradict him even though for him this "Emperor" was a god, it does not mean that he was his god, but after seeing the protections of Mother Tonantzin things were different, that meant he had direct contact with the mother goddess and the mother goddess he would not support someone who will seek to harm his children, he had to give in to his thought and accept what Flavio said, something that further enhanced his acceptance was seeing the two babies flying through the air, his coffee he was drinking He poured out in surprise to see that image.

Yolotl left the place still not understanding what he had seen, Flavio sighed and did not hesitate to give a kiss to his little children "Thanks guys, they helped dad to win a tribe of Nahuales", the little babies just moved their hands in the air as a sign of joy.

When Yolotl returned he told his tribe that he had arrived according to Flavio, they were surprised by what he said but after hearing about the mother tonantzin and the babies, they had no choice but to believe, they did not hesitate because the leader of the tribe always is an honest person otherwise Tezcatlipoca will not allow you to be a leader.

An elven guard led them to the houses so that they could live, something that surprised them again was that the houses were not made of wood or adobe, they were of the same red stone they occupied for the fortresses on the road, another thing that It struck them that above the houses there was a kind of square construction that was connected to a pipe that connected to a kind of aqueduct that seemed to come out of a stone tower, they asked the elf guard that was that tower, she He said it was a water tower, that every 2 days he pumped water for the fractionation, that way there would be no lack of fresh water in the houses.

Inside one of the sample houses they saw with surprise how there was a kind of tool that when turning turned out water, not only that but inside it there was a bathroom quite unthinkable, the bathroom had a kind of cup built with a White material looked like stone but it was not.

Yolotl asked "What’s that" pointing to the cup, The elf guard said "That’s a porcelain toilet bowl used to expel waste like poop or urine just have to pull the top chain to let the water go with dirt ", Yolotl and others were startled by what they saw, also explained how to occupy the shower to bathe.

What the women liked the most was seeing the Briquette stove and the fireplace, they explained how the briquette stove worked and that if they were cold they could use the fireplace (Campeche is a very hot land but during the rains may be somewhat cold so the fireplace).

When the tour of the sample house ended, Yolotl asked if everyone has a house like that. The guard shook his head and explained "Only those who are strategic people like you or we have rights to houses like this, for the common population. they are almost the same, the difference is that they do not have a shower, they only have a bath and the water comes every 3 days, if they want to bathe they have to go to the hot springs that are free for any citizen, if they want to have a shower they have to pay out of their own pocket to buy a house on the imperial island ":

When the speech was over, everyone could thank Flavio for the great houses he had given to them and for the trust that the Nahuales had for them, after this Yolotl went with his children and wife to his new home to sleep because tomorrow he will start his new life in origin civitatem.

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