Nova Roma

Chapter 3 - Tying ropes
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"Young master Flavio please wake up, Lady Julia is waiting for you to have breakfast, I need to change your clothes and get you ready for breakfast or Lady Julia will be angry with me," a beautiful maid said as she moved her little Master

Flavio opened his eyes and found a person with bright red hair at his side. It was his servant Arabela a slave of the family who was of Germanic origin, she was part of the entourage of slaves that his grandfather gave Vitelio to help with the needs of his mother.

"Thanks, Arabela the last thing I want is my mother to be angry for not accompanying her for the first meal of the day"

Flavio proceeded to remove his silk blankets that wrapped his body and got up from his bed, Arabela had a surprised look as her young master always acted like a spoiled child, and had never risen by himself. She always had to wake up young master and proceed to help change his clothes and took him to meet with Mrs. Julia

"Young Master, Are you feeling alright? I noticed that you are acting quite differently or maybe it is just my imagination, maybe I should stop drinking Master’s wine"

Flavio felt a drop of cold sweat running through his back when he heard Arabela talk.

Hmmm,I have an idea, in theory, I am just a rickety god but in the end a god is a god, I wonder if I have some kind of hypnosis power it does not have to be very strong, just strong enough to allow them to accept my current behavior without causing unnecessary attention or fears, anyway I lose nothing by trying>

"Hey, Arabela can you see my eyes for a moment. It is very important for me"

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The German maid saw into the eyes of her little Master and got lost in those small but firm blue eyes of her Master.

She felt that she was dragged into a bast blue sea, and she simply lost his ability to think or do anything

Flavio wiped his sweat from his forehead and said

"Arabela can you understand and obey my words, if you can just say yes."

Arabela with dead eyes said, " Yes young master, I will obey all your orders, What can I do for you".

Flavio was very happy that his hypnosis worked very well, now he will try another thing.

"From now everything that I do will not seem strange to you, you will keep your loyalty to me above all things including your own life, Am I clear?"

Said Flavio while he felt a small and uncomfortable mental change in Arabela.

Arabela nodded her head "If that is the wish of my young master, then I will do as you order, Arabela will obey you forever."

Flavio placed his hand on his head

"With this, this little issue is solved, you can get back to your normal work but first give me a head massage, I have a headache."

Arabela got close to Flavio and started to massage his head with incredible skills, Flavio just closed his eyes because he felt so comfortable "I think I can get used to this, it’s amazing how skilled you

are at doing the massage"

In the triclinium (dining room or place to eat in Rome), a small child and a beautiful young woman of 21 years were chatting, the woman was looking into the eyes of the child.

"Do you understand mother?"

Said the little boy while cleaning a small trace of blood that came out of his nose

"Yes my son, I will find merchants in Lusitania and I will arrange operations for selling the merchandise that you have and I will also order the slaves to bring the beetroot you are looking for and the other materials you mentioned for the papermaking " Julia replied casually.

"Thank you mother, with this we can improve our finances, it is a fact that we can not always be living on the money that Grandpa organizes for us," said Flavio while drinking some milk with honey.

Julia has to agree that they cannot only survive with the money of her dad and husband, when she was drinking some wine she remembers that paper her son said: "My son, I still have some curiosity about this paper, what is its function?"

Flavio looks at their mother and smiles because of the surprise question

"Mother, Paper is important for two reasons, the first one is that the cost of the papyrus. It is too expensive to make, but the paper is different and is much cheaper to produce.

You can’t make a lot of papyrus but I can make a lot of paper. With this advantage I can occupy in some future a technique to produce mass produce books, you can imagine mother all the knowledge of the world in your hand. The books are the future, even the price to buy one will be very little money,",

Julia looked at her son with eyes of doubt and said

"But that is impossible it would take a long time to write, even the scribes take hours to write in papyrus just a small text"

"Do not hesitate, mother, your son will create and show you a device which can create a large number of books"

"I do not have any doubt you can make it my son, but that is just one of my questions. The second question is why you did not use the sponge of the sea when you went for the bathroom this morning"

Flavio looked decisively at his mother " Because I hate to clean my ass with a sponge of the sea ! it is something painful and quite unhygienic, just going to the bathroom is a pain, I prefer to wash my ass with water before I use that stupid sponge"

Julia surprised was watching her son not knowing what to say, its the first time she listens to somebody doesn’t like the sponge of sea and most importantly it is her son.

That night Vitelio arrived at the palace and found his little son waiting for him at the door, "Father can you look into my eyes please?" ...

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