Nova Roma

Chapter 24 - The wedding
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Time passed quickly for Flavio who was responsible for making many preparations for his trip, from obtaining exotic species of animals and plants.

But perhaps the most important thing is that the relationship between Flavio and Hellena, a year ago Flavio ordered to create an engagement ring for Hellena, the two would marry when Flavio turned fifteen.

So he decided to do as romantic as he could, one night after a candlelight dinner, Flavio bowed to Hellena and handed him a gold ring with a big ruby.

Hellena did not understand what Flavio was doing but he explained that it was a ceremony before marriage where the man asked for his girlfriend’s hand to make her his fiancee.

At that moment some tears fell from the face of Hellena who cried from the cheerfulness, hug Flavio "Thank you Swety"

Flavio and Hellena woke up very early in the morning 5 years have passed, Flavio now have 15 and hellena 19

In a few days, they will say goodbye Emerita Augusta and go to the Americas but that is a problem for later, today is a special day for them

After being so long together finally get married, the city was filled with a lot of guards because they were the most important figures of the empire the uncle of Flavio July and his grandfather August, his mother Julia and her stepfather wore and next to them were Ayesha and Aurora, their two little twin sisters.

The ceremony began in the middle of the day thanks to the religious reform adopted the form of marriage used by Catholics clear that with very marked differences as for example the priestess who married Flavio and Hellena

After the chair Flavio Kiss hellena and placed on his ring finger a beautiful sapphire ring as a sign of his love, after the event the party had a great flow of coffee liquor, wine, schnapps, brandy and thanks to the Arabian Peninsula was conquered could be brought from India many species including the pepper, what can use for accompany carnitas and barbecue with some spicy.

Flavio almost did not take but today was a special day so without paying attention he drank and drank, after spending a good time Hazel told him that the "Mariachis" were in position and unhurriedly changed into a black suit with curious embroideries and a great hat also embroidered and rose to the small stage that was prepared for the party behind him also came out more musicians with a similar suit

This caught the attention of all the high hierarchy of Rome who fell in love with the costumes and thanks to them this suit in the future it would be a symbol of status for later generations in Europe.

(Mariachi Outfit:

On stage the music of the trumpets started playing accompanied by the violins to open the melody, then the guitar completely musicalized the work and Flavio began to sing:


"I learned with you

that there are new and better emotions ... "

"I learned with you

to know a new world of illusions ... "

"I learned that the week has more than seven days

to make greater my few joys

and to be happy I learned with you ... "

"I learned with you

to see the light on the other side of the moon ... "

"I learned with you

that your presence does not change it for any ... "

"I learned that a kiss can be sweeter and deeper

that I can leave tomorrow of this world

the good things I already lived with you ... "

"I learned with you

that I was born the day I met you ... "

After arriving at the end of the song a trumpets solo accompanied by the guitars and advancing the song in the chorus was returned to sing part of the lyrics for the end to end with a strong applause

All present cried for the beauty of the melody, but Flavio did not think to stop there, if only he left them with tears it would not be the right thing because it is his wedding and also the most important hellena day simply can not finish that way

Therefore he makes a signal with his hand and they enter more musicians and begin to play a song that will please the hearts of the people "the huapango de Moncayo" or as he named it in Latin "Canticum Gaudium" (Song to Joy).


Unlike the previous one here, only a cheerful and moving melody that gladdened the hearts of the people played, the violins, trumpets, clarinets and guitars gave the soul to the song, no matter if it was the emperor or a simple servant from his place they could not contain the desire to dance with the beautiful music that sounded, this lasted for some minutes that for the present were the best in his life, after the song ended the applause and shouts of joy could not be contained.

For years, Roma promoted the symphonies both civil and military (warbands), but with the events that occurred in the wedding of Flavio the "Mariachi" was promoted in the peninsula of Hispania, becoming an integral part of the culture in Hispania and In Rome

The historian Tito Livio wrote: "Rome owes much of the culture that we have today thanks to Flavio the grandson of the august emperor since he was a child. He was a genius in all the fields he touched, it proved to be a jewel from the military to the civil, the day of your wedding... "

The day before the invasion of the Americas Flavio prepared his army to launch into the unknown, the fleet will be divided into 3 the first batch will be army and supernatural beings commanded by Flavio and Hellena

The second will be the civil population who will lead them will be my stepfather and my mother, finally the fleet of animals will be commanded by Idril and the elves leaders because they are perfect to keep them calm on the journey each fleet will leave with 2 months of separation to give time to Flavio to conquer To the Olmec people who live in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec

With this in mind, Flavio pointed his hand towards the Atlantic and said "It is time to return my land, this time I will take care of changing the destiny with my own hands , just wait and see ... "

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