Nova Roma

Chapter 20 - The triumph of July
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Past 5 years since so Flavio already is a boy 10 years and hellena a beautiful Teen 14 years

During that time Flavio and Hellena became much closer in all aspects, at the request of Hellena Flavio I investigate a little more to know what had happened to Hellena’s brothers.

What they found was too sad, all his brothers had died in strange circumstances years ago, leaving only Hellena as the only descendant of Marco Antonio and Cleopatra.

Something curious that Flavio found was a ritual performed by Ptolemy XII Hellena’s grandfather, to get more power he gave his wife to the god Anubis and from that relationship, Cleopatra was born.

Unfortunately, the information was lost a long time ago, because the related people had died only the legends of some locals remained.

Today he finds in Rome to celebrate the triumph of its uncle July, some months ago he eliminated the Picts of the north of Britain (Scotland)

The island It was pacified by the less in general, there are some tribes what they took refuge in the mountains or big forests of the island for they, Flavio recommended the creation of posts of control in that places with that control is a fact that little bit too little bit they are going to die

Flavio recommended to July a period of 5 years with that post of control after that time removing systematically its the best option.

Also in Hibernia (Ireland) the Jews as well they finished its task of conquest single having problems in the areas swampy of the north with some tribes what they took refuge in that place as well applied the same what in Brittany and with that it started the great migration of Jews, no matter in what part of the empire become in dough to the called of its people for to go toward Hibernia

Thank this the risk what Christianity emerge in Palestine reduces to cero, the empire as well gave it a very kindly lapse of 1 year for Leave the continent to the Jews in case of what these be found after of the year will be transported in quality of slaves to " ירושליםהחדשה! ( New Jerusalem ) to what its people he order of their punishments.

Another of the great changes suffered by the empire was the creation of schools throughout the empire and that was mandatory for every Roman citizen, freedman and even slaves clear that education changed depending on the social stratum for a citizen education was complete and encompassed mathematics, history (Flavio created a history where the Roman Nationalism was enervated, so that they generate a feeling of belonging to the empire)

Latin (reading and writing), basic biology (How the body works, where we come from (Flavio advanced the theory of the species of Darwin and explained how the human evolved) and how we got sick if there is no cleaning) and finally military training to develop discipline and loyalty in children

As soon as the freedmen education was reduced to mathematics, history, Latin and training military, the slaves were taught Latin, military training (with emphasis on absolute loyalty to Rome) and history (unlike the other two strata of society created the doctrine of Rome is superior and it is a pride to serve Roma, also generated the idea that if you worked and honored Rome could be freed

(Reform that Flavio helped to write his grandfather any slave who has above average skills could be freed and be a freedman who can help Rome in other ways)

With this education, Rome began the way for the assimilation of the cultures that make up the empire, in terms of religion the reform begins to give its first shoots in the newly built churches (Hellenistic (Remember that although the names of the gods change between Greek and Roman is the same))

Where the priestesses and priests begin to expand the word occupying the sacred texts and gaining followers with a fairly fast speed because in most cases they are not forced to change their favorite deity (within the Roman and Greek pantheon).

Another event that happened at that time was Julya’s mother’s wedding, Flavio was proud that his mother could find a person with she could be happy, 3 years ago she fell in love with the commander of the guard of Lusitania, a permanent army with more than 30,000 that Flavio created as its tip of spear in the conquest of the new world

They receive very complete training and only one branch of them can prove the special weapons that Flavio created the musket and the bronze cannon.

Flavio grandfather doesn’t know of these weapons, he does not intend to show them because he loves Roma but loves more to his future empire and if Nova Roma does not have a superior armament in case of contingencies the empire may suffer

The stepfather of Flavio is called Lució his mother met him when Flavio was training future army commanders

Unknowingly they two fell in love and began a relationship that led to their marriage 3 years ago and just a few months ago.

Flavio was glad to hear that he can have a brother or sister, Flavio had a talk with Lucio where he spoke very clearly with him and warned that he never dare to hurt his mother because he would not hesitate to cut his eggs and make him eat them

This threat was deep inside Lucio and every time he saw his stepson a cold sweat ran down his back.

During the triumph July triumphal entered Rome with cages where he had the main Pictish and British kings who did not surrender to Rome, they had suffered the "Vitellii Poenas" (Punishment of Vitelio)

The punishment that Flavio gave the Cantabrian leader for daring to kill his father, the punishment became popular with the Romans because the enemies of Rome were in cages without limbs as animals were one of the main attractions in the capital of Roma.

Apart from bringing the kings, there were carts full of gold and slaves after the triumph was held a banquet where the highest sphere of power of the empire met in the imperial palace the event lasted 5 days.

Flavio did not spend much time in the event because Hellena was repulsive to see so many nobles, he understood her so that in those days they visited some parts of the city and made some purchases.

Because Flavio earned enough gold, he allowed Hellena to buy what she could even if she only bought some clothes and some gifts for the baby on the way Julya expected, after that, they come to the palace, Flavio was called by Augustus to explain the next action point of the empire.

Once he reached the meeting room Flavio indicated on the map the region of Arabia "Grandfather, I propose that the next invasion is the conquest of these desert towns, you can believe that there is only sand and nothing but under its sands there is asphalt that will allow us to strengthen roads and The main point is to help us create a direct line of trade with India without going through the Parthian empire

with this the empire can obtain merchandise and slaves if necessary just remember that any Indian slave must become the only religion we do not want to expand other religions for the empire, that is on the one hand on the other I want to present my latest discovery"

Flavio took from his side a glass jar with content that looked like earth "This is coffee after some bribes to merchants to get the plant of the coffee and I was able to plant it in Lusitania, this is the final result after toasting and grinding the grains

Flavio shouted and his personal servant came in with 3 cups of hot water, sugar, and milk and now I will show you how to prepare a delicious coffee. "

After teaching them August and July they tasted the coffee and tasted it with milk and sugar was a drink that refreshed their minds, Flavio also he told them that it could be taken alone and without sugar or with only milk as it was taken did not affect the benefits

he explains that coffee has a substance called caffeine that helps to inhibit sleep therefore if one day they want to stay awake for work or they could not sleep well and have an emergency coffee helps wake up, thanks to the early discovery and cultivation of coffee in Rome became the most consumed beverage in Europe far exceeding any tea.

Flavio After talking a little longer with them, he retired because he had to prepare and visit the temple of Zeus (Jupiter) wanted to see if he could talk to the greatest god of the Greco-Roman pantheon

When he went to sleep he could see hellena waiting for him In their room after talking for a while about where they will be heading tomorrow they went to sleep.

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