Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4733 Guo Ran’s Forging Plans
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Chapter 4733 Guo Ran’s Forging Plans

When the door to the treasury opened, over three hundred Lifehunter Divine Crossbows appeared in front of the Dragonblood Legion. Seeing so many of those crossbows pointing right at them, even Long Chen felt a cold breeze on his back.

There were 317 of these crossbows, and in the neat bundles next to them, there were around six thousand Lifehunter Divine Arrows.

Long Chen felt a weight fall off his shoulders when he saw them. Having personally experienced the power of these weapons, he knew they were definitely not to be trifled with. If dealt incorrectly, these things had the potential to deal a devastating blow to the Dragonblood Legion.

“These things are rather frightening!” exclaimed Guo Ran as he examined one of the arrows. While he was unable to shoot it with the crossbow, by examining its construction, he could deduce its power. Overall, it was much stronger than his golden crossbow.

To his astonishment, the materials of this arrow were rather special, causing them to have a terrifying penetrative power. If struck, an ordinary Saint weapon would be instantly destroyed.

“It’s a good thing that they’re ours now. Let’s move on. You’ll have time to study them later,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen felt a bit regretful about opening the treasury here; it made him very curious as to what lay inside.

After all, this treasury was enormous, and other than the Lifehunter Divine Crossbows, there were many other good stuff, including ancient weapons and ancient battle armor that they had never seen before.

He could see many doors inside the treasury that led to different compartments. Guo Ran was also incredibly excited to see the discoveries. He directly put away the worldstone, and after one more patrol over the surroundings, they left.

Several hours later after they were gone, translucent figures slowly swelled out of the ground.

“It was a failure. Scrap the attack on the High Firmament Academy. We must await orders from the Sovereign Emperor Heaven,” an old voice sighed, and those figures slowly sank beneath the ground once more. The Cloud Rubbing Fantasy Sea returned to its eerie silence.

Hours passed, and a cloaked figure emerged. This was the mysterious individual who had tipped off Long Chen about the Lifehunter race's gathering. fr(e)

“Not bad. He did it cleanly. If used well, he’ll be a good blade,” the mysterious man muttered to himself and slowly faded into the mist.


“Boss, who gave you the information on this attack? The Lifehunter race is so secretive. How could they gain this information?” asked Bai Xiaole on their way back.

The others were also curious. The Lifehunter race’s defenses had been close to perfect, and the meeting had been of the highest order of importance, so they had locked down all information about it. Where did the leak come from?

Long Chen shook his head. “I don’t know. The fellow who gave us the information has a dislikable aura. Although his information might have benefited us this time, I don’t think he did it out of kindness. Still, we did manage to pull it off this time. Not only did we get revenge for Luo Ning, but we also fattened our own pocket.”

“It’s not just a bit of fat. I’ve looked, and the treasury is stocked with all sorts of treasures. Some I recognize, but others are entirely new to me. This is a real jackpot!” Guo Ran exclaimed with excitement.

“Don’t bother with the useless things. You have an important mission now. You have to create suitable weapons for everyone. Just now, I saw Brother Qin Feng use a hacksaw sword to attack someone. When struck by that hacksaw, they just screamed instead of dying. To let our brothers use weapons like that, it’s a loss of your face, Guo Ran!” laughed Long Chen.

“Hehe, I didn’t see that many people this time, so I didn’t feel like killing them too fast. Using a hacksaw to kill people might not be as efficient, but it’s not that bad,” laughed Qin Feng embarrassedly.

In truth, Qin Feng possessed quite a few weapons that he could have used instead. However, Guo Ran had forged this sword for him personally. Even though it was broken, it felt better than those other weapons, so he hadn’t switched it out.

As for his choice to use the hacksaw sword against his enemy, it was a strategic decision. Qin Feng aimed to prolong the confrontation, allowing his opponent to unleash more techniques so that he would gain valuable experience in countering the Lifehunter race experts.

As a result of Qin Feng's relentless hacking with his hacksaw sword, a gruesome scene unfolded. His opponent stubbornly clung to life, his flesh being torn from his body, piece by agonizing piece.

“I couldn’t forge them before because I didn’t have all the materials that I wanted. The sword embryo is still rolling in the furnace. With these new materials, our weapons will be sturdier and sharper. Once the sword embryo is complete, I guarantee that all our brothers' weapons can be finished within three days.” He patted his chest, emphasizing his assurance.

“That quickly?” This time, it was Long Chen’s turn to be shocked.

Xia Chen smiled. “Boss, with the support of your materials, Guo Ran has revolutionized his forging technique. Now, he’s equipped his furnace with eight thousand grinders. With sufficient materials, he can mass-produce eight thousand items at once by completing one smelting process. Afterward, each product undergoes fine-tuning by Guo Ran, followed by my addition of runes. The master of the weapon then imbues it with their soul and heart to nurture the item-spirit, transforming them into true Saint weapons. This innovative approach deviates entirely from the traditional forging path.”

“Of course, I can’t take full credit for this innovation. Xia Chen’s pointers and diagrams were indispensable. And let's not forget the unwavering support and encouragement from all our brothers, as well as your financial backing, Boss,” Guo Ran added gratefully.

Guo Ran’s rare moment of humility caught Long Chen and the others off guard. When did he learn how to be humble? That wasn’t his style. As a result, they didn’t quite know how to react.

In any case, this new style of forging was quite admirable, tailored specifically for the needs of the Dragonblood Legion.

“That’s why, this credit is everyone’s. My own efforts are only ninety-nine percent of it...” continued Guo Ran.


Guo Ran’s following words turned everyone’s shocked expressions into one of scorn. As expected, mountains might change, but people’s characters didn’t. After going around, they ended up right at the same spot.

“What’s going on?”

When Long Chen and the others arrived at the academy, they saw the gates of the academy were packed with people.

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