Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4404 Providing Assistance
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Chapter 4404 Providing Assistance

“Saints can leave their worlds, but due to the rejection upon arriving in a different world, their realm will drop a level. In other words, upon leaving their world, their cultivation bases will go from the Saint realm to the Eternal realm. However, this suppression is temporary. Once they return to their world, the suppression vanishes. Perhaps one day, the laws of two worlds will fully merge, and the suppression will also vanish. However, for our Saint, this suppression is extremely dangerous now. Furthermore, our enemies have enlisted countless human experts who are searching for her whereabouts.

“If she is found, due to the realm suppression, a group of Eternal experts would be able to kill her. Most importantly, our Saint is still injured and hasn’t had the chance to recover. Our elites were already forced to flee in every direction. Hence, all the ordinary members who have skill in escaping are running all around to divert attention, giving our Saint some time to recuperate. I’m not pleased with the human race since they were bought so easily. That’s why I wasn’t happy when you two were staring at me back then,” explained Bally helplessly.

Long Chen hadn’t expected there to be such a story behind that provocation. It seemed that even in the other worlds, everyone wasn’t completely united.

“Master, you can easily defeat many Eternal experts. Please… I beg you to help my Saint. Help my Earth Spirit race pass this tribulation, and we will remember your favor forever,” begged Bally.

“Are you not afraid of me turning on your Earth Spirit race?” asked Long Chen.

“No. I trust you. Someone chosen by the rainbow crane race? Such a person would not harm us,” said Bally firmly.

It wasn’t a matter of trusting its own vision; rather, it relied on the credibility of the rainbow crane race. It was only because it recognized Little Crane’s identity that it dared to seek Long Chen’s assistance.

“If you’re from the Spirit race, why not ask the Spirit race for help?” asked Long Chen.freewebno

“Master, you must not know. It is due to our pursuit of vengeance that we were cursed by the blood of fiends, and our auras cannot be purified. Because of this, we cannot live together with the Spirit race, as our cursed auras will infect the rest of them. We would rather die by ourselves than implicate the entire Spirit race,” said Bally.

Long Chen couldn’t help but develop a newfound respect for Bally’s race. He trusted Bally’s words; after all, Bally didn’t have the capacity to lie in front of Long Chen. The Earth Spirit race would rather face destruction than infect the Spirit race by seeking their aid? He admired their conviction.

“I have a deep history with the Spirit race and have received their aid multiple times. I promise you. Bring me to see your Saint,” said Long Chen.

After all, they were originally part of the Spirit race. If the Spirit race was in trouble, Long Chen wouldn’t hesitate to help them.

While the Earth Spirit race had left the Spirit race, their hearts had not changed. Hence, Long Chen still viewed them as part of the Spirit race.

Bally was overjoyed to hear Long Chen’s agreement and repeatedly thanked him. It couldn’t find the words to express its gratitude.

“Saving people is like putting out a fire. It would be better to do it early. Do you know where your Saint is?” asked Long Chen.

“I can only deduce a general direction based on the auras of my race. If we find more of my people, it will be easier to track her down. Due to her injuries, her location is a secret to us. This way, even if someone were to conduct a forceful soulsearch, they would not be able to learn her position,” explained Bally.

Long Chen nodded. That was the right decision.

“Let’s go.” Long Chen directly summoned his Kunpeng wings.

“Should we wait for young miss to wake up?” asked Bally.

“Who knows when she’ll wake up? It might be three to five years or three to five centuries. Can you wait that long?” asked Long Chen with a smile.

“I suppose not.”

Bally suddenly shrank until it was the size of a fist, expressing apologies for its rudeness as it landed on Long Chen’s shoulder. Tentacles then came out of its scales and wrapped around Long Chen.

Long Chen’s Kunpeng wings quivered, and the void instantly exploded. Space then twisted around them as they shot off.

Bally let out a startled cry as it never experienced such a terrifying speed before. The scenery was already twisting to the point that it couldn’t tell where they were. It relied solely on Spiritual Strength to sense their location.

Fortunately, Long Chen possessed a powerful violet divine radiance, wrapping it around Bally and Little Crane. Hence, even at such high speed, they neither felt any pressure nor heard the sound of the wind.

“Master, maybe you should go slower and save your energy?” suggested Bally.

Long Chen had just gone through a battle against many Eternals, and now, he was flying at such a high speed, definitely consuming a great deal of energy. Bally was worried that if he encountered enemies along the way, he wouldn’t have the power to fight.

“No need. This speed has no effect on my power,” said Long Chen.

Their current speed was only around seventy percent of his maximum, so it didn’t pose any burden to him.

Also, in the previous battle, Long Chen had only used up the power of his seven-color Supreme Blood, and it would recover in one to two days.

In the meantime, he still had the violet blood, dragon blood, and astral energy in his arsenal. Even if he was pushed to the limit, he still had Lei Linger and Huo Linger. The two of them were strong enough to deal with anything on par with the last battle just now.

In other words, as long as he didn’t encounter Saints, Long Chen was unafraid of anyone. Even if he wasn’t in his peak state, he had enough confidence to deal with anyone.

Hearing that, Bally was shocked, as well as moved. Long Chen’s power far exceeded its expectations.

It had never dreamed that it would be so lucky. The heavens actually blessed their Earth Spirit race with such a powerful helper. Now, there was hope for them.freewebno m

“Don’t let your imagination run wild. Focus on sensing the direction,” said Long Chen.

Bally hastily focused on it. Only after spreading its senses did it realize that Long Chen was going too fast. The few people of its race that it had sensed were already thrown into the distance.

“Master, to the left! There’s a large group of my race’s people! Slow down a bit!” shouted Bally suddenly.

Long Chen immediately slowed down and went in the direction that Bally indicated. They quickly saw divine light exploding ahead of them.

“Not good! My people are under attack!” cried out Bally.

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