Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4403 Esoteric Spirit World, Earth Spirit Race
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Chapter 4403 Esoteric Spirit World, Earth Spirit Race

Long Chen left while carrying Little Crane. When there was no one else around, Little Crane’s rainbow radiance slowly resurfaced, filling a space of several meters around her.

“Young miss is…!” Bally stared in shock, as it could faintly discern a crane within this rainbow radiance.

It had previously speculated about Little Crane’s identity, but it could never be sure. It was only when Little Crane fell asleep and the ominous aura suppressing her essence disappeared that her rainbow radiance reappeared, revealing her identity.

At this moment, it was filled with disbelief. She was a legendary auspicious divine beast, so no wonder she was capable of causing such immense changes to its body.

“Do you know why I didn’t kill you?” asked Long Chen as he carried Little Crane.

This question made Bally quiver with fear, and it hastily answered, “Because master is kind and disdains quibbling with someone like me.”

Bally naturally didn’t dare to say because Little Crane was fond of it, not wanting to incur Long Chen’s displeasure.

“You’re wrong. The reason I didn’t kill you is that you have yet to kill a human,” remarked Long Chen lightly.

Hearing that, Bally let out a sigh of relief. While it also disliked the human race, it was true that it had never killed a human before.

Bally thanked the heavens. Not killing a human had saved its life. While it had beaten a few humans who stared at it for too long, it had only given them a beating as a lesson and not taken their lives. Thinking back to those times, it felt a burst of fear.

“The human race also has good and bad people. Even if you did kill humans, it would have nothing to do with me. However, that would give me a reason to kill you with a clear conscience. You also know that Little Crane is a rainbow crane, the very symbol of an auspicious beast. Since she doesn’t dislike you and is willing to play with you, it means that your innate character is also good. You don’t need to thank me. You should thank the goodness deep in your heart, as that’s what saved you,” said Long Chen.

Bally was stunned. It hadn’t expected that the reason Long Chen didn’t kill it was due to its inner goodness.

It had wanted to give the two of them a lesson just because Little Crane had stared at it for too long. According to reason, an expert like Long Chen would directly kill it for such an offense.

“Thank you, master.”

Bally spoke to Long Chen with new respect, wishing that it could bow like a human. However, its figure was a sphere, so it was impossible for him to do so.freewebnove

“I already said you don’t need to thank me. The kindness in your heart is what saved you. However, one day, you might encounter someone else, and that kindness could harm you. It might even kill you. After all, this world is a mix of good and evil. No one knows what is truly right. It is an unreasonable world, so I have never talked reason with this world. You can go. I’ve already lifted the spiritual seal. You’re free,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Bally quivered. Standing there, it sensed that its spiritual seal was gone. However, that didn’t bring it any joy and gave it a sense of immense loss instead.

Long Chen was already walking away. Bally suddenly cried out, “Master, wait for me!”

“I’ve returned your freedom. Why do you want to stay with me?” Long Chen frowned.

“No, master, you can’t throw me away. I might not be powerful, but I have my uses! I know many things, and I can help master do many things! Also, if young miss wakes up and doesn’t see me, she’ll feel sad!” said Bally solemnly.

“But if you come with me, you could lose your life at any moment. If a real battle erupts, I might not have the power to look after you,” said Long Chen.

“There’s no need for that! Really! I might not be good at fighting, but I’m skilled at running! Just take a look at this!”

Bally suddenly split into eight identical figures. To Long Chen’s surprise, all of them were solid. Furthermore, all their auras were equal to its normal state. Such a technique was beyond rare.

“Master, as you can see, when I was subdued by you back then, I did have a chance to escape. These eight clones all possess spatial power, and even if seven are destroyed, I can still survive as long as the eighth gets away. If I encounter someone I can’t beat, I can protect young miss, and you can fight without misgivings,” said Bally proudly.

“Even the fire of your soul was split into eight. That’s pretty remarkable.” Long Chen nodded. This was his first time seeing such a technique.

“Master is overpraising me. Using this technique can cause my realm to fall, so I only resort to it to save my life. But, for young miss, I will sacrifice my life. I definitely won’t retreat without her! I swear upon the name of the Earth Spirit race!”

“Earth Spirit race? You are from a branch of the Spirit race?” Long Chen was startled.

“Yes, we were once part of the Spirit race. But…” Bally’s voice suddenly turned somber. “But later, due to participating in a bloody reprisal, we were afflicted by a fiendish curse. We were never able to rejoin the Spirit race afterward. However, we have no regrets. How could we allow others to kill us without seeking revenge?” Bally clenched its teeth with hatred at the end.

“No wonder you have a wicked aura yet retain a trace of goodness. That aura is the curse, while the good is your core,” remarked Long Chen, expressing surprise.

“Master, despite the curse upon our Earth Spirit race, please believe me. We have our own sense of pride. I won’t betray you or young miss,” Bally swore earnestly.

Long Chen nodded as he trusted it. He then inquired, “Which world are you originally from?”

“The Esoteric Spirit World. It’s an exceedingly chaotic place where slaughter can erupt at any moment. You can only survive by killing others. Our Earth Spirit race is one of the three strongest factions in the Esoteric Spirit World. These three factions are in constant conflict, like fire and water. Our leader is a powerful Saint, the protector god of our Earth Spirit race. With her presence, we are safe. But lately, the other two factions managed to recruit Saints from other worlds and jointly targeted our leader. As a result, she was severely wounded. While protecting us, she was forced to scatter us in all directions. In the end, all of us became separated. I was searching for my people when I encountered master. Master, I believe in the goodness of you and young miss. May I implore you to save the Earth Spirit race?”

Bally’s voice now contained a pleading note. Although it was incapable of kneeling, it compressed itself. This gesture was their race’s highest etiquette, akin to the human race’s kowtow.

“Your Saint has come to the Darklight Heaven?” Long Chen was very surprised. Wasn’t it widely believed that Saints wouldn’t leave their own worlds?

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